Sunday, April 3, 2011

Beautiful Crime

It was found in a water fountain
on early Sunday afternoon.

Looks like it is someone's eye.

Later the body was found under a dining table 
about 5 feet from the crime scene.

Upon determination that a kitty is responsible
 for the murder, FBI began investigation. 

*FBI (Feline Behavior Improvement):
Non-profit organization whose mission is to
help households owned by a naughty cat
by improving his/her behavior.

FBI conducted interviews with toys,
but they kept silence.

FBI agent: "These toys must be controlled with fear."

But they got a solid information from
a source who refused to be identified.

(Mr. N, speaking on condition of anonymity)

FBI agent: "Bathroom! Let's go!"

They ran to the bathroom and
saw fierce act of vandalism.

FBI Agent: "Oh my gosh...
He is eating bathroom tissue."

They managed to capture suspect Goro.

FBI Agent: "No, we are going to teach you
how to behave nicely. You will learn playground
manners, table manners, etc..."

FBI Agent: "Save it, Mr. Goro. We don't take bribes."

FBI Agent: "Wha...what?"

FBI Agent: "Really?
I mean, stop right there, Mr. Goro."

FBI Agent: ".........."


FBI concluded it was not a murder but a suicide.

FBI Agent: "It was a, uh, very
difficult case. But there is no wrongdoing in this house."

This story is fictitious. Any resemblance to real
names or organizations is purely coincidental!


  1. Oh, we think that story is real enough!!! Because the same crimes are routinely committed (and forgiven) at our house, too.

    MWA HA HAHAHA! (evil laugh)

  2. OMC, that was brilliant, truly brilliant.

    We think (including the mom) that your photo-stories deserve to be published as a book. Seriously. Have you ever considered it?

    This is definitely more interesting than any crime shows on TV!

    -Fuzzy Tales

  3. Who can resist a flabby belly!?!?!

  4. Ha..Ha...Ha..Great negotiation, Goro !

  5. Goro, with moves like that, you'll always be fine! Our mom laughed so hard at this! Partly because she remembers that when Zoe first moved in with us, one of the first things she did was pull the eyes off of her mousies. My mom thinks it was Zoe's way of subtly intimidating her! haha

    Your friend, Fuzzy

  6. Bawhahahahaha ~ LOL ~ oh my stars this is too too funny!!! But really.... how could anyone, especially an FBI resist that beautiful belly!

    Well clearly that toy was playing too close to the water fountain and it's eye popped off. No one to blame but itself.... ;)

    You made my day!
    xo Catherine

  7. Goro, you sure keep things interesting in your home. Mom loves your floofy belly.

  8. Haha!! A flabby belly gets them everytime!!

  9. Yes, this is why we kitties get away with murder... and just about everything else!

  10. I LOVE your posts!! They are always so funny and cute!! MOL..this is brilliant!!

  11. Goro chan I like this post which your mum write
    about the crime story. You done pretty good jobs
    in Beautiful Crims,Goro chan:-)
    I always love to visit in here you both made me big smiles keeps it up Goro Chan & Nicko Chan.
    see you next time.

  12. Oh GORO san! I loved that story!! You are able to out-think any and every body!!


  13. Blessings.....

    That made me smile....
    Have a great week.

  14. This is an important didactic story for all cats. The belly saves.

  15. It was a great story!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  16. That was very cute, bribing with charm. It works every time!


  17. 1. This is a pawesome post.
    2. Thank you for bidding on my mom's portrait of Mario da Cat at the Art Auction for Japan Animal Relief at
    3. I have that same fountain. I hate it. I recently blogged about it at
    4. Nice to meet you!

    Cokie the Cat

  18. i agree with Kea, this post is awesome! everyone involved should win an award! :)

    except Goro, because that belly thing was very underhanded. :P

  19. Oh Goro, my boy! You outdid yourself theese time! (Gonna arrest me because I'm too beautiful? - theese one cracked us up!) Great thinking with the tummy! (Your Mom writes such priceless stories, we love them!) PS:Can you send the FBI over to our house? (It was a bad week for cat toys...)

  20. I know you had a great time, I had fun just reading about it!!!

  21. OMC, That was the best story EVER. But Niko, I don't think you should trust your "FBI" agents anymore. They are obviously far too easily bribed. And I'm afraid there's some witness intimidation going on at your house also.

    You might need to call 911.

  22. That was a great story! Goro ... you are a master criminal! :)