Sunday, September 17, 2017


We call Goro & Niko with
various nicknames.

Wonder if that's confusing to them?

No. Our smart cats can handle it.

Though, my smartphone seems
to get confused :-)

I should nickname her "Silly"!


My sweet darling boys♥

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Gift Giving

Hello, everyone.
This is Niko.

As you may know, my brother Goro
--- he is a big Daddy's boy.

One day, Goro went hunting and
caught an ice cream cone.

He brought it to his Dad.

Mom said,
"It's Goro's gift for his Dad!"

Since then, he's taken frequent hunting trips.
Always came back with his catch.

And they are all given to his Dad.

Mom says, "He is such a sweet boy!"

(Though, I could sense
a little jealousy in her tone.)

Well, Mom. They may look sweet, but
I know they are not just an innocent gift.

If I would try to steal Dad's attention?

Goro will command them, and
those ice cream cones will ATTACK me.

Yes, they are Goro's army to keep
me away from Dad!

If they refuse to obey Goro,
you see what happens...

One night, Mom stepped on a
drowned body, which made her jump.

I heard her grumbling "Goro showers his
Dad with gifts and I get a heart attack."

Poor Mom! To cheer her up,
I decided to get a little gift for her.

Mom said,

"This is the best cake I've ever had♥"

Mom's note: Goro brings various toys (mainly
ice cream cones) to his Dad, which is mighty
adorable. Niko always brings me this birthday
cake slice toy, which is mighty adorable, too :-)


Dad's video: Goro bringing gift to his Dad!

YouTube link here if video doesn't play.

Everyday with kitties is a gift!

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Remembering Kit

August 20 marks 2 years since the passing of Kit.

Time we spent together was painfully short,
but he was here with us. I'll remember
him forever and hold him in my heart always.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Fun Fountain

Goro & Niko's water fountain

Well, boys don't drink water from the
fountain. Yet we keep it because...

Goro likes to play with running water.

In fact, this is the 3rd (same) fountain
we've gotten so far. If it breaks, I'll get # 4.

I know not only fountain but its box
will be fully enjoyed.

Now, Goro will show you
how he has FUN!

Go, Goro. Go!


We are honored to receive this award
from Johnny at Pets Overload!

Thank you, Johnny and your adorable family -
Beau, Walker, Twitch, Flub & Blub! 

We wish everyone a wonderful new week!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Knolling Cat

From Sylvia's blog Cosiness, I learned
photography trend called "Knolling".

"Knolling is the process of arranging
related objects in parallel or 90 degree angles
as a method of organization."

Inspired by Sylvia's gentle, sweet, and
delightful images, I tried Knolling myself!


Goro & Niko's dental care kit

Toothpaste, toothbrush, cotton swab,
dental gel, & manuka honey


Goro & Niko's brushes 

Various brushes & fur balls


Goro & Niko's chicken snack

Plain chicken, chicken with egg yolk,
& chicken with freeze-dried giblets

As always, Goro helped me in the kitchen.

After 20 minutes in the oven...

Here is Niko enjoying snack :-)


One more Knolling!
Plush Goro, Goro, & Plush Niko :-)

Thank you, Sylvia, for the inspiration.
I had lots of fun Knolling!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

My Family

Hello, everyone. This is Goro.
Long time no see!

I hope you haven't forgotten about us.
(Well, how can you forget these sexy legs...)

But in case you have, let me
re-introduce my family!

Here is Mom a.k.a. crazy camera lady.

She is kind of a pervert, too.
Obsessed with my tummy. Watch.

See? Like a moth to the flame.

Bunny kick! And she likes it.
Well, I do love my pervy Mom.

This is my brother, Niko.

Yeah, he is a chicken head.
Look, he stole my chicken again.

All Niko talks about is chicken. * Yawn *
But I do love my chicken addict brother.

And finally --- My Dad!

He is the best Dad in the whole world.

We always hang out together.

I love his furry legs.

I make sure he knows he is loved.

Yes, I do love my Dad.

Daddy ~~~ ♥♥♥

Mom's note: Goro is such a Daddy's boy :-)


Sorry we've been missing your updates.
Everyone is well. Just busy at work as usual.
We wish you all a wonderful day!