Monday, March 25, 2013

Our Anniversary

Recently, Goro & Niko's Dad and I 
celebrated our wedding anniversary.

He cooked seafood dinner for the special day.

I set a romantic candlelight dinner table
with flameless candles.

And garnished the dish with homegrown cat grass...

Yes, all for Goro & Niko 

Kids, how do you like your candlelight dinner?

* I blame daylight savings time

Well, I guess they don't care about decoration
because they are boys, but...

I love sharing celebration with kids :-)

* We did have a candlelight breakfast (Oh, dark!)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Last week we took Niko to the Vet.

After technician came, door was closed.

Searching for an escape route.

The window is closed, Niko.
I don't think you can break it open.

At his annual checkup in February, his blood
work showed slightly high BUN. Therefore
recheck this time. I was hoping it was false high...

On Monday - His blood and urine tests came
back with normal values! We sure keep monitoring,
but I am so relieved to see good result this time :-)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My Dear Hunter

Goro is a very good hunter.

He brings his hunting gifts to us, too.
Glad they are not breathing kind...

This brings me back a memory of
one of my girls over the Rainbow Bridge. 


My beautiful baby girl.

She always gave me her hunting gift - birds, lizards,
etc. Yes, they were breathing (or used-to-breathe) kind.

I remember one particular night
when she brought me a LIVE MOLE. 

Under panic, I caught it and threw out of window.

The image of mole vanishing into darkness
 is still clear in my memory...

I'm sorry I had to let go of the hunting gifts from my
dear girl. But I cherish the gift of happiness she brought
me every day and happy memories I will never let go.


By the way, I highly doubt Niko is a good hunter.

Goro. For hunting gift,
please stick to a non-breathing kind.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Still Cold

March has come!

But it's still cold, so we lit a fire in the fireplace.

...on TV.

It feels warmer.
Doesn't it, Goro?

I hope spring will come soon!