Sunday, July 19, 2015

Summer Deck Time

It's hot, hot, hot.
Sizzling summer is here!

Still, Niko enjoys sunbathing
out on the deck.

Thankfully, we've been having some rain, too.
Goro loves to play with rain water.

(Awning has grommets for rain to escape)

I'm getting mosquito bites constantly.
"Mosquito magnet" is my middle name.

Mosquitoes are feasting on me.
You are safe, Goro & Niko.

Of course, we can't be too careful. Gotta
protect kids from mosquito-borne disease.

Have a safe & fun summer, everyone!



Two fur balls :-)

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Sunday with Friend

Last Sunday, I got to meet a long-time
blogging friend in person:

Dreamy image from Mariette's blog

I admire her various talent, knowledge, beautiful
home, healthy life style, kindness, generosity &
so many other things. Her husband Pieter is a truly
remarkable person as well. It was such an honor
for us (Goro & Niko's Dad & me) to meet them!

Lovely gift from them

When we got home,
Goro was all over the gift.

Especially the bag which had wine in it.


Niko got interested in the bag, too.

Goro & Niko had fun with the bag.
Mom & Dad enjoyed sweet treats :-)

Mariette & Pieter. Thank you for the thoughtful
gift and lovely time we spent together!