Sunday, August 25, 2013

Nail Trimming

Goro getting nail trimmed

It's been a little busy, but we had
a relaxing weekend.

I hope you had good weekend, too!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Raw Diet

Niko loves boiled chicken.

The other day, I introduced him to
a raw chicken neck.

That's a chicken, Niko.

He didn't like it.

This was part of my recent attempt to
transition Goro & Niko to a raw diet.

I got raw food from three different companies.
Let's see which one Goro picks as his new diet.

Above category indicates the price comparison.

(Please eat "Low." Please...)


Goro chose the most expensive one. Sigh...

None of raw foods attracted Niko. 
But he eats when mixed with current food. 
I try to make a transition slowly.

Once transition is complete, we want to 
visit Furries of Whisppy to try raw kangaroo :-)

Oh, and raw is just for main diet. I'll continue boiled
chicken for snack. Otherwise Niko will cry!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Least Expected Place

Sometimes Goro & Niko disappear.

I look around the house and usually
find them in one of their napping spots.

Goro in towel cabinet

Niko in cat tree cave

But sometimes they really disappear.

While back, I couldn't find Niko.
He must be in the least expected place...

(Just like when I found him in a kitty bed
which had been ignored for a long time.)

Goro, I can't find Niko.
Do you know where he is?


With Goro - that IS the least expected place!
They rarely nap together.

It sure was a pleasant surprise, though :-)

Happy Sunday :-)