Sunday, August 11, 2013

Raw Diet

Niko loves boiled chicken.

The other day, I introduced him to
a raw chicken neck.

That's a chicken, Niko.

He didn't like it.

This was part of my recent attempt to
transition Goro & Niko to a raw diet.

I got raw food from three different companies.
Let's see which one Goro picks as his new diet.

Above category indicates the price comparison.

(Please eat "Low." Please...)


Goro chose the most expensive one. Sigh...

None of raw foods attracted Niko. 
But he eats when mixed with current food. 
I try to make a transition slowly.

Once transition is complete, we want to 
visit Furries of Whisppy to try raw kangaroo :-)

Oh, and raw is just for main diet. I'll continue boiled
chicken for snack. Otherwise Niko will cry!


  1. Well of course Niko liked the most expensive one! Our mom has tried to get us to eat raw food but we don't like it very much either...'cept Ernie...but he'll eat almost anything.


  2. Goro and Niko, raw food is for you indeed. For us, humans, I just can think in raw vegetables.

  3. I love chicken!! It can be raw, boiled, but not alive!! Of course, the most expensive is the best!!!
    You are right, it's me in that painting, me and my mother Rutha who died last year (she was 15 and I'm 14, just a young kitty).
    Licks from Pink

  4. Haha, how funny that Goro-chan chose the most expensive one!

    Niko, we understand ... it's difficult getting used to new foods, isn't it?

  5. Cats have an instinct for price labels! Looking good there, sweetie...

  6. I bet a raw chicken neck would be awesome! My human is scared to give one to us, though, because Binga is such a hog and eats so fast that she is afraid he would choke on it.

  7. Dearest Tamago,
    That is very funny that they choose the most expensive one. We have also one feline that never touches any fish, no shrimps - nothing.
    They are all different in behavior and eating patterns; very much like humans.
    Raw kangaroo will be hard to come by here in the USA I guess.
    Cute photos and I bet that Niko knows how to cry for his snack!

  8. This is new to me! I did not know cats can eat raw chicken, I guess salmonella does not affect them like it does us? So raw is good for cats?

  9. We don't eat those awful dead animals either, Niko. :p
    Boomer says you are most welcome to try some of the Raw Kangaroo!

  10. I have read that some dogs and cats simply wont eat raw food. I have my pets on it for a while but with 8 pets it was just too much I also had the problem that hte cats wanted to drag it off to secret placed. I sometimes feel guilty about not feeding raw since I do think its very good for pets

    urban hounds

  11. Dearest Tamago-san,
    I smiled with the price comparison♪
    It seems the raw diet thing still isn't their favorite. I hope the transition for your kids will work well for your purse string(*^_^*)
    お墓(3カ所)のお掃除も終わり、いよいよお盆です。ちょっと忙しいですが、頑張ります p;)
    I wish you started off a wonderful new week. Sending you lots of love and hugs to my dear Japanese friend in America, xoxo Miyako* 

  12. Well that will teach you to offer choice! The bright side is at least he liked one of them and I can't wait to hear how the transition goes.

    Good Luck

  13. Oh my stars ~ Goro has very expensive tastes it would appear. LOL! I am like Niko. I like my food cooked. Haha!
    Hmmm... raw kangaroo... that may be a little too much. ;)
    xo Catherine

  14. Well the best for the best makes sense to me!

  15. Gradual change is best and Goro and Niko know best :-)

  16. Boys, come on over in your tunnel and mommy will feed us treats. I have a girl cave you can visit too. Mt tree is like yours!! Love and smoochies!!!

  17. deer cod N de saints above guys...say it aint sew.....oh all de things ya could pick ta eat raw, ....19,458 flavorz oh fish.....why chooze burd....baked pork chopz, sum sghetti, fresh churned butter.....donuts rite outta de oven, pizza pie dee livered rite ta yur door.....


  18. raw meat makes Mommy go "blurgh"...she gets all gaggy making OUR chicken!

  19. Dear Tamago,
    Goro and Nico are always sweet. I love to see how they act. Sweet funny boys.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  20. Goro and Niko, you two are the beat. Of course you like the expensive food. Why not. We wiil not be getting raw food. It is way out of our budget. Hope it works for you. Take care.

  21. Good luck with the transition. My daughter fed Saku raw food for awhile but the cost was prohibitive and he got really surly with the other cats when they came near where he was eating. So we gave up pretty quickly!

  22. I've read that raw diets aren't that good for cats. OTOH, boiled chicken is the best.

  23. lol.. typical cat right? :)

    Cats learn when they are very young what foods are food. If their mother brings it home than it is food and if she did not than it must not be food.. so as they get older they get more set in their ways and become stubborn about trying new smells and textures as food.

    You can work around this instinct by placing some of the new food along with the old - but only if it doesn't turn the kitty off the old food.. You can mix it if you want, but it is better to just be put on the side. over time they will associate the new smell with food because they associate it with the old smell of food. Some kitties will take to it immediately some need much more time. raw meat smells nothing like cooked meat... to help them get to raw you can cook the outside of the food and leave the inside raw.

    I'm not sure where Cathy Keisha read that raw diets aren't good for cats, because most of the new research coming out about cat foods (not done by cat food makers) says that raw food is very good and healthy. Obviously straight up chicken breast is not a balanced diet, but it is fairly easy to make a balanced diet, especially if you rotate recipes or diets or meat sources.. (for what it is worth, I don't rotate much at all)

    If you are looking for interesting meats to feed, you can find things such as ground mice, goat, llama and many other protein sources from

  24. The Human doesn't know what I'd make of raw foods--she's tried to give me bits of (cooked) Human food and I will not go near it (no steak or chick-hen or shrimp or nuffing). I like my cat food. End of story.

    Still, the Human wonders....maybe she'll try a bit of raw? I might like better than cooked?

  25. My little Avalon adooored fresh chicken. I think he loved it even more than he loved me.

  26. Oh boys, it will be great if you do get on a raw diet so we hope it does work for you. And if Niko can still have his cooked chicken, that will be fantastic! Have a wonderful week my boys! (Psst...will you still be allowed toasted marshmallows?)

  27. please let us know how it goes, mom was thinking of getting me on raw too. but i love my dry foodz! i love my dry foodz more than my wet foodz too... don't know how that would go down.

  28. :))) The most expensive option :)))....he does have very exquisite tastes in meat

  29. Meow a great idea Tales from the foster kitties!
    Dad tried us on Raw and even bought a grinder. We said DO NOT WANT
    We will eat cooked chicken cat food that he makes. It really helped with our Rumpies poopie problem.
    This is Dads blog. Ours is better but...

  30. Aha, I knew it ... Goro is a gourmet !
    Good that Niko still has boiled chicken snacks :-)
    Nice evening,

  31. All together now: "Bleh!!!!" to raw food!
    (Thats'..including the mom)

    It's good to see what you've been up to. We've missed you and wanted to come by and thank you for your kind words when we lost Tom.

    Angel Tom, Mom Julie, Tinker & Anastasia

  32. We won't eat raw meat or chicken or any type of fish be it fresh or fish cat food. We both eat chicken and turkey cat food, Lucy will eat duck too. Hannah's favourite is freshly cooked chicken - Lucy only eats that if there's nothing else!

  33. Harley and I used to love our raw food diet, but now we're back to eating canned food. And I agree, most expensive is always best!

  34. Chopping the chicken neck into inch chunks makes it easier. We tried raw but it wasn't for us.

  35. I love chickies. One of my fave aside from tuna nom. Momma tried feeding me half cooked chickies. I loved it. I think momma is slowly transitioning me to raw food diet as well.

  36. Cats have expensive taste :-)

  37. You have such a great mom who makes sure you two have the yummiest and healthiest meals. We look forward to seeing how you two like the raw diet. Our mom considered giving us a raw diet cat food, but read that it required extra diligence to make sure the food doesn't sit out at room temperature more than 30 minutes. She's afraid she might forget to clear away any uneaten food and we might get sick if we eat raw food that sits out too long. Basically, our Mommy is too lazy and forgetful to feed us raw food.

  38. Kangaroo?? Really? Well, it might help your leaping ability, MOL!

  39. Xeti loves chiken too but kangaroo? That's so extrange! (we are new meowfriends)

  40. You make me smile with your cats Tamago! Very funny...

    Happy life with two happy cats! :-)

  41. Hi there Goro and Niko, I need your person to send me her email so I can have it for the auction that she bid on. Ours is Thanks a bunch.

  42. HAHAAHAHAHAHA Intelligent cats!