Sunday, February 24, 2013

Niko's 3rd Anniversary

While back, I moved one of Goro & Niko's
carriers to near the window.

Since then, it has become Niko's favorite place to hang out.

So I put a blanket for him. 
Then he began to hang out there even more often.

I was happy as Niko was happy :-)

But I didn't know something terrible 
was about to happen...

Niko, I'm sleepy. Let's go to bed.

What...SAY WHAT?

That's right! Niko didn't come to
bed with me as he usually did!

And night after night, he slept there.
My bed was cold like winter without him.
I had to do something.

Plan A: Take away the blanket. (When he is not
watching, so that he won't hate me for doing that.)
No, can't do. That would make Niko sad.

Plan B: Sneak Goro's favorite toy on blanket.
Lead Niko to believe it's Goro's bed now.

Sorry, Goro. This plan is too evil.

Fortunately, after winter comes spring.

About 2 weeks later,
Niko decided to come back to bed in the night.

My bed is warm again :-)

Having Niko in life is like having spring in heart all year long.
On February 28, we will celebrate his 3rd Gotcha Day.

Now, look at this gorgeous graphic by Mr. Puddy's Mom!

We were one of the lucky winners of her special graphic.
Thank you, Mr. Puddy and Mom, we love this so much!

Happy Gotcha Day, our sweet Niko :-)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Diet Time

Goro and Niko often fight while I prepare their meal.

Kids! Dinner is ready. Stop fighting!

A peaceful time...
*They do seem to have sides. Most of the time when 
they eat, Goro is on the left and Niko is on the right.

Goro always takes over Niko's bowl.

Goro, aren't you eating too much lately?

That's true. It makes sense for active boy like Goro
to eat a lot. (As you can see, he flies all the time.)

However, at his last check-up a couple of month ago,
Vet told Goro not to get heavier.

Weight was "satisfactory" but "heavy side of normal."

Goro, I have to cut back on your snack.

It is not terribly hard. I simply give him less amount.
Also when it comes to snack (= chicken) time...

*Again, Goro is on the left and Niko is on the right.

Niko always takes over Goro's plate :-)

P.S. Thank you for your good wishes for Niko's Vet
visit from my previous post. His blood work showed
a bit worrisome numbers. We will go back to the Vet
for recheck in March. I hope my baby boy is okay.