Sunday, February 24, 2013

Niko's 3rd Anniversary

While back, I moved one of Goro & Niko's
carriers to near the window.

Since then, it has become Niko's favorite place to hang out.

So I put a blanket for him. 
Then he began to hang out there even more often.

I was happy as Niko was happy :-)

But I didn't know something terrible 
was about to happen...

Niko, I'm sleepy. Let's go to bed.

What...SAY WHAT?

That's right! Niko didn't come to
bed with me as he usually did!

And night after night, he slept there.
My bed was cold like winter without him.
I had to do something.

Plan A: Take away the blanket. (When he is not
watching, so that he won't hate me for doing that.)
No, can't do. That would make Niko sad.

Plan B: Sneak Goro's favorite toy on blanket.
Lead Niko to believe it's Goro's bed now.

Sorry, Goro. This plan is too evil.

Fortunately, after winter comes spring.

About 2 weeks later,
Niko decided to come back to bed in the night.

My bed is warm again :-)

Having Niko in life is like having spring in heart all year long.
On February 28, we will celebrate his 3rd Gotcha Day.

Now, look at this gorgeous graphic by Mr. Puddy's Mom!

We were one of the lucky winners of her special graphic.
Thank you, Mr. Puddy and Mom, we love this so much!

Happy Gotcha Day, our sweet Niko :-)


  1. Happy Gotcha Day, Niko! We love you! And we are glad you decided to go back to sleeping on the bed with Mom and Dad! :)

  2. Happy Gotcha Day Niko !!!!
    Have a wonderful day, and Fantastic time !
    and MOL...I think your mom is pretty smarty pants ; )
    Me and Mom are glad you like the card !
    ((( Happy Hugs )))

  3. Niko, I bet you will have a very awesome gotcha day! I can tell your human must have big plans for you!

  4. Happy Gotcha Day Niko. I pull that not going to sleep in your bed routine every now and then with M. Then all of a sudden I hop back in there again. She says she misses me too. One night she put me in bed with her and I promptly left again and went back to where I wanted to bed. Dang humans!

  5. Happy Gotcha Day, Niko! You are so loved by your mom...what a great home you have! oxoxox

  6. Niko, Happy Gotcha Day! What an utterly sweet post. We think your Mom AND you are purrfect for each other.

    Our Mommy sometimes has to get up and look for us if we don't show up at night--it's a great way to keep her in line.

  7. Dearest Tamago,
    Happy 3rd anniversary for cute Niko! Both are so loveable and I love Goro's nose; so pretty!
    Oh, they LOVE their cozy spots and will not easily give them up.
    Hugs to all of you.
    Hope we will not get as much rain tomorrow as yesterday... Disaster; again our basement got flooded. We ran 2 wet vacs all night and didn't sleep much as we need to empty them every hour. Spooky was so scared too. They must sense a certain danger of water... Bad luck, I drove to Emory in the dark and in heavy rain on Friday. Awful but I got there in time and safe. Pieter drove us back home and almost no rain.
    Hope the renovation of our office and guest bedroom closet will finalize tomorrow or else on Tuesday... always takes up more time as promised.

  8. Happy (early) Gotcha Day, Niko! We're glad you decided to go back to Mommy's bed before she did something really terrible. ;)

  9. Your cats are so pretty. We have three, and yes, one is overweight. How on earth did you get your cat in mid-air? That is an impressive shot! Mine are Sunny&Cher and Simba. I come from Ann's blog, where her guest poster mentions you.

  10. Wow! Imagine not sleeping with you?! Happy Gotcha Day, Niko!

  11. After Niko san Golo has pan cake want
    to sleepy night Niko san going to Goro's sleep with had with his toy?
    Goro san sukoshi sabishi des...
    Happy time...

  12. Awwwww sweet and adorable Niko!! Happy happy happy gotcha day! Awwww you have two wonderful beds - one with mum and one with your favourite blankie and toy! Yay! Hugs too to gorgeous Goro! Take care

  13. Niko will eventually always return to his mom, no matter how comfy the blankie! Happy Gotcha Day soon!

  14. Happy happy gotcha day! What a wonderful day for you and your mom you are so lucky to have such a wonderful family

    urban hounds

  15. Happy almost Gotcha Day! We like the idea of celebrating all week...with extra treats every day, of course.

    Our human likes it when Derry cuddles up with her at night, and misses him when he doesn't...but she also sleeps better when he doesn't wake her for cuddles at 2AM. LOL.

  16. Sometimes for a few nights in a row, Banjo decides to sleep somewhere else too. But he always eventually comes back to hog my bed! LOL! Maybe kitties just like a little vacation once in-awhile too. :)

    Have a happy week kitties!
    xo Catherine

  17. Oh - and have a Happy Gotcha-Day sweet Niko!!


    xo Catherine

  18. Happy Gotcha Day dear Niko!! Sorry I am late.

  19. meowloz G & N !!!

    pleez stop watchin burds

    hope ya both haza marvelous minnow monday

    happee earl lee gotcha day niko !!

  20. #1 always tells us that on the nights one or other (or both) doesn't come to bed with her, she feels really lonesome! Of course, Tommy is always faithful at the foot of her bed!

    Bibi and Genji

  21. Niko san, you are the darling of mine and mommy's hearts. We love BOTH of you but there is something extra special about you and your sweetness.

    HappyGotcha Day dearest little one. Many more to come and I am so glad you and Goro san have a loving mom and dad. xxxoooxxx

  22. I have to say,
    it's really normal what you did!! If I were you, I will do many little plan to let my cat stay with me on the bed again!! Hahaha~~

    I love this post!!! So fit my heart!!!! Niko, your mommy really loves and adores you~!!

  23. Whew! I'm so glad for the happy ending. That blue blankie could never replace MOM! (Well, it could for ME of course, but I am not a sweet boy like Niko. I am a Bad Cat.)

  24. Oh my dear boy Niko, Happy, Happy Gotcha Day! We love you buddy! That spot does look very comfy-cosy so it must be tempting to sleep there but I'm glad you're back to sleeping with your Mom again as it makes her very happy (I sleep with my Human too). Hope you have an awesome day on the 28th and get spoiled with lots of chicken! We enjoyed your cute and funny post so much! Have a great week kitties! PS: Gorgeous graphic from Puddy's Mom!

  25. Aw Niko I'm glad you're back snugglin with your Mom again :D

    Great graphic for your Gotcha Day pal! Happy pre-Gotcha Day to ya! Bet your Mom has some really fun things planned :D

    Waggin at ya,

  26. Daerest Tamagos-san,

    Wow, what a beautiful and gorgeous graphic it is (v^_^v)  I enlarged the picture and SO impressed♡♡♡

    本当に暖かい雰囲気でいっぱいの、素敵なグラフィック♬♬♬ Lucky You for the winning!!! 素晴らしいお友達をですね(^_^)v これからも、ニコちゃんと暖かくして have a sound sleep, my Japanese friend. (hehe, mixture of both languages) 

    Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  27. Adorable! Happy Gotcha Day Niko. We hope lots of treats will be coming your way! Purrs...

  28. Sweet Niko, we love you and send big purry wishes in advance of your Gotcha Day.

  29. Oh, sweet Niko ... have a Happy Gotcha Day !
    Big hugs to Niko and Goro :-)
    Nice week,

  30. After Catherine's interview, I finally got around to coming over to check out your blog. Everything she said about it was true :)
    Thanks for stopping by.
    Happy Gotcha day to Niko too

  31. Congratulations on winning this pretty graphic! Niko is very beautiful and he somehow looks like he would be very sweet and never naughty! I am glad you never got around to hatching your nefarious plan!

  32. what a handsome boy Niko kitties would adore him :).

  33. Oh Niko, we are so glad you went back to sleeping with the Mom. Our Mom misses us when when we don't come to bed. Happy Gotcha day a day early. Make that Mom give you extra treats tomorrow. Take care.

  34. Happy Gotcha Day Niko! I used to sleep on my carrier when there was a towel on it too.

  35. Our Mum hates it when we don't go to bed with her so she puts our blankies on there for us to snuggle on.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  36. We came back for an extra smoochie for your Gotcha day.

  37. Happy GOTCHA Day Niko! You're a Good Boy and you make your Mommy happy ;-)

  38. We hope you had a nice Gotcha Day sweet Niko and got extra treats. Your mom must be so happy that you have gone back to sleeping with her. You are such a sweetie. Hugs and nose kisses

  39. Happy Gotcha day- I'm a little late. But I always smile when I visit Niko and Goro, so I'm happy every day that you two sweet boys were gotched.

    I sympathize with your Mom's plots to coax Niko back to bed. The best thing about our cold Winters in the Northeast is that every night is a three cat night.