Sunday, January 9, 2011

Caring Goro

I imagine toys do not like being played by Goro.

I think so because Goro sometimes
gets a little rough when playing.

Soaking of a toy is often followed by tearing.

(By the way, Goro. You don't have to bring
the WET toy to us in the MIDNIGHT.) attacking necessary?

Goro tends to groom Niko during fight or attack.
(I don't understand why.)

I know Niko does not like being groomed by Goro.

I think it's because Goro sometimes
gets a little rough when grooming.

Grooming Niko is often followed by biting.

But I think Goro is a caring brother after all.
...I think.


  1. You two always crack us up! Goro, you play the same way Johnson does, with the domination move!
    We're relieved Mr. Shrimp lived to play another day.

  2. Goro, I done that to my mom..On her head !
    hee..hee...To wake her up !

  3. Goro, you are a little bit crazy! One of our brothers at the Bridge used to put his toys in the food dish when he was done playing with them. But no cat here has ever put their toys in their water bowls!

  4. Ha ha ha! My Human says when she had two of the Kitties Who Came Before, they often engaged in aggressive grooming--which always led to a giant fight!

    Sometimes I used to put my toys in my water bowl. I haven't done it in a long time, but now I might think about doing it again. Soaking made them taste and smell much better!

  5. いつもお笑いいただいて、ありがとうございます! 2人友は可愛すぎです!(笑)


  6. Yes, that's definitely domination!

    Mr. Shrimp...Well, he is a water creature, after all. You're just making sure he lives. LOL.

  7. Haha ~ such a cute little story! I'm glad shrimp gets to live for another day! It's a happy ending to be sure... :)

    xo Catherine

  8. "It's okay. I feel clean enough." Hahahahaha! You two crack me up!

  9. Great Post! We laffed and laffed! YAY for the shrimp!

  10. he he - we always end up leaving your bloggy laughing.

  11. OMC you made me laugh!!! MOL! I think the grooming is used as a distraction! lol

  12. My human mommy absolutely LOVES this bloggie and you two kitties (and your mommy)!!!

  13. That shrimp was mighty lucky...this time!

  14. This is a happy spaces Goro chan & Nikon Chan
    thats good seen always had a good entertaining
    for your friends.

  15. :D We are relieved for the shrimp!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  16. Haha! We like to drop our mousies in the water...we wanna see if they will swim. They don't.

  17. My boys like to drop their scrunchy balls into the drinking water too! Very cute I laughed :-)

  18. Ahh, my boys, you guys are very funny! If we has 9 lives, I wonders how many lives theese shrimp have?

  19. I LOVE this bloggie..just came back to say! I am smiling all over again and so is mommy!

  20. MOL. You guys crack us up. We are glad to know that shrimpie survived...

  21. You two should start a comedian show! Very funny!

  22. You handsome mancats sure keep Mom and Dad entertained and we just love your antics.
    I never put my toys in my water, maybe I'm missing the fun you boys have. Mom needs to find me a shrimp.....Kassey

    Mom says she hopes your Mom and Dad are OK in all the snow and ice.