Friday, January 21, 2011

Goro's Toy

Goro is an adorable boy.

But his true identity is a serial toy killer.

Victim #1 Big bird
Stuffing is coming out, not foaming at the mouth

Victim #2 Rat
Face is eaten. Too graphic to show without mosaic.

Victim #3 Feather toy (Left)
Same toys: Right is new, left is after being attacked.

They are just the tip of an iceberg.
Goro is looking for the next victim,
and toys are trembling with fear.

"How long will this toy killing spree continue?"
"Who will be the next victim?"

Meanwhile, Niko is enjoying his kneading time.

*Kneading song "Holiday Biscuit" written by Niko


Niko? Is something wrong?

I hope Goro knows Niko is not a toy.


  1. MOL!! We love this post! Some of those toys look like Zoe got a hold of them! And Niko's biscuit song - that was so cool! hahaha, you boys are great!!! :)

  2. Such a great post! We laff N laff! Go Goro GO!
    I would like some turkey biscuits!

  3. Goro, Now I know why no one dare to be your boss..hee..heh..hee

  4. Goro - maybe you could come to my house and murder a few of my toys so I'd get new ones. Niko - you certainly are a professional when it comes to making bread. M wants to know if your hire out!!

  5. Goro! You stone cold toy killer...we salute you.

    Niko, Mommy thought we were purring when we make biscuits, now she knows we're singing biscuit songs!

    pee ess: you could make an ice cream filled biscuit...

  6. MOL! You are so funny! Goro, you really know how to wear out those toys, don't you? And Niko, you are a great biscuit maker! :)

  7. BAWHAHAHAHA ~ oh you two kitties always brighten my day. Such fun it must be to live at your house!!!

    May all the toys rest in peace... :)

    xo Catherine

  8. MOL MOL! I LOVE you boys' adventures!!! Your mommy is so clever!!! Mom is still laughing.

  9. MOL, the mosaic over the rat's face made me laugh so much! He may be killer, but he's still awfully cute! Bib! ♥

  10. You two are always having such a great time!!!

  11. Haha! Niko, you are a pretty good biscuit maker! And I should know, because I am a pro-biscuit maker...or so my mom says!!

    And Zoey is a serial toy killer around here...she drowns the mousies like you, Goro...and she eats the feathers off of everything!!

  12. You two always crack me up. I love the biscuit song!

  13. Goro - we hope you're not a serial killer.

  14. I like Niko's biscuit-making song!!!

  15. We love that you deaded those toys. Good job Goro. And then put it in the water. Too funny. The kneading song is terrific too. Well done. You two are something else. Have a great day.

  16. Goro! My little friends Aggie and Wally have started pulling the guts out of their toy mice. Their dad was horrified and thought they were being awfully violent but my Human told him that probably they would not try to gut HIM, MOL!!!

    The Human and I love your little stories!

  17. We think Goro and Niko are just beautiful. Sam looked at me and said, "Hey, their toys look just like ours!" (Eaten is what he means). Sam has a mouse that looks like he does and mine is black and white like me. Sam has murdered them both and I can hardly bear to look at them. It's ok; I wait behind the doors in great anticipation for Sam to round the corner, hehehe.
    Good to meet you! We have lots in common :D

  18. MOL!!!!! Toy serial killer.......biscuit making two are very fun!!!

  19. Serial Toy Killer--haha! It's always the cute ones you never suspect. This post was almost too graphic for me! :)

    Thanks for following me! It's fun here!

  20. Oh my Boys, what great stories your Mom tells! We looks forward to them each week. You two gives her such good material. Goro, I don't thinks there's any harm in making sure your toys are clean by giving them a good dunking...and Niko, Neytiri would like you to give her some lessons in biscuit making, she's says you'z more interesting than Martha Stewart.

  21. Your cats are beautiful, and you are a great story teller, on their behalf. :)
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving your comment.
    Have a great rest of the week.
    Dianne :)

  22. omg Niko, you are so cute! :3

    atleast Goro has fun with his toys and destroys them instead of furniture etc! i hope.

  23. Good Morning Kitties! Please come and see your Stylish Blogger Award on my page this morning. ♥♥

  24. Goro Chan, your mum is clever lady that she gave you destroys the toys to your stress free?
    As we human need to do something like that too:-)
    Nico Chan has a good mood to make biscuits with singing along that Awesome!

    I always wondering about your mums blogs name is TAMAGO? Does she likes an eggs?
    It is nothing wrong just thought I could be my name DANGO which I love very much ha ha ha

    By the way I watched the Tennis on TV for last two weeks(Australian Open Tennis) also still holidays time in here and all works people & the school children are back to normal from next week.
    Thank you for visit.

  25. We just wants you to know, that even though you misses our comment-a-thon, we purrs fur Goro and Niko when we gets your comment today.
    Love, TK and Squashies

  26. Goro and Niko, we want you to tell your mom, Tamago, something for us. Tell her that we thought she had a Stylish Blogger Award on her page and we don't see it now. Tell her (not ask, tell) to come to our page and pick it up and put it onto this page. You are sooo deserving and we want to see it here. We are passing it on to you.

  27. Your just cheeky! I loved this post - made me laugh

  28. Hi! I saw your comment regarding my book review at Caren and Cody's place and wanted to drop by and say hello. I can't believe I haven't been over here! You're quite funny!

  29. Heyyyyyy, boys! Just stopping by to say mewww on this lovely Saturday afternoon :D
    Tell your Mom that we saw that our BFFC (best friend forever cat), Admiral, had bestowed the Stylish Blogger Award on you right before we did -- but we still don't see it on your page. Come grab it up! You are SO stylish and we think you should wear the award with pride :D

  30. You boys must need some new toys. I never thought about drowning them. You boys are so cute.
    We were going to pass the Stylish blogger Award to you, but 2 furriends are ahead of us.