Sunday, November 6, 2011

Turbo Track

I finally got the Turbo Track for my kids. I've seen
this at many blog friends' pages and always wanted one.

While I was assembling it, Goro kept me a company.

All set! Goro, you can play with it now.

Goro seems to enjoy Turbo Track very much. 
This toy was a good choice.

But soon he returned to the box.

Is it me or is Goro enjoying the box more?

Later in the evening...

And day after day, Goro continued a
good relationship with the box.

* "I love my box" song written by Goro

Until he began to eat it. 
We had to throw away the box.


But don't worry - Goro has moved on to another
box (and is ignoring the Turbo Track. Sigh...)


  1. Haha! Nicki eats boxes too, by the way. :-)

    But Nicki also likes his turbo track, will go at it every now and then. Derry doesn't see the appeal at all and completely ignores it.

    Maybe Goro will decide the Turbo Track is fun later on. Maybe.

  2. Ha..Ha..Ha...Turbo box is better than Turbo Track : )

  3. oh you had me laughing!!!!

    Just like a little kid! Priceless!

  4. We did not get much time with our Turbo Track box. I think we were cheated.

  5. I am LAUGHING! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this blog!!!

  6. Typical. Why humans persist in perfectly good boxes with strange toys (and other things) is a mystery to us. The box is fine, as is!

    pee ess: That is NOT flab! A guy needs slack to stretch, for Cod's sake...

  7. Sigh. Now this is why my Human has resisted buying me a turbo track--not tht I'm really a box guy, but she has a feeling I would not play with the toy. But I say, Bring it on and let's see!

  8. Oh my boys, congrats on the turbo track! Well, we really likes your song Goro, it is awesome and your boxes are pretty cool too. I wonder if Niko will approach the turbo track? Have a wonderful week kitties!

  9. I want one too! Maybe I should picked outside Mama's bedroom door. purrr...meow!

  10. haha, best love story and love song ever! Now I know what to get for my sister's/brothers' cats - lots of boxes where I work. Why waste $$...^_^

  11. Hello Guys, (this is Orchid)
    Wow, your Mom keep indulging you two p;)
    But, sure look fantastic toy you can play with!!! haha, have more interest for turbo-track than its box. Yea, how about Niko.
    Have a lovely autumn new week, xoxo Orchid*

  12. Oh. I was hopeful Goro and Niko would love the turbo track coz I've seen it around and have been very tempted to get one for my cats. Guess I'll have to settle for boxes instead. ;)

  13. Isn't that always the way? You buy the kids some lovely new toys and they insist on playing with the box. Hopefully the boys will warm up to the Turbo track. I was thinking of buying Banjo one for Christmas. Perhaps I will just buy him a box... ;)

    Happy Monday!
    xo Catherine

  14. Too funny! That's why Mumsy don't get us kitties one...we are box lovers. Yeah! Goro is a box lover too. Keep that Turbo around though just in case Goro wears out all the boxes he may play Turbo until another box comes. Hugs and nose kisses

  15. M says dat's why she hasn't gotten one for me either. She's afraid the same thing would happen. I only like to play when my oomans play with me - then I mostly like to watch dem play! he he Guess you could say I'm lazy.

  16. Goro and Niko, humans are funny, aren't they? Boxes are *always* the best part of a gift, right?

  17. LOL! I'll send all boxes your way Goro!

  18. We ignore ours for a while too and then we give that turbo a good work out!

  19. Wow, your Turbo Track is prettier than my green one! I'm going to have to drag that toy out again soon.

  20. Oh Goro, those boxes are fun. But I bet you get back to that turbo track soon. We all love ours. We like the color of yours too. Ours is green also. Love the pictures as usual. Take care.

  21. Y'know, we'd much rather have the box than the turbo track too. We ignore our turbo track no matter how much our mom tries to get us to play with it. But put a box down, and you can't get us out of it!

  22. Hi Tamago! Can you please email me at catsparella(at)gmail(dot)com?? :)

  23. You guys are so funny! Seems like we've all gotten into boxes lately. A lot of posts about our irresistible urge to play and nibble!!

    I haven't gotten a turbo track yet, but if the box is as good as the toy, I can't wait! hehehe


  24. We think boxes are usually more fun than the toys that are packed in them.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx

  25. It always take a few days for my cats to play with a toy. The love boxes and bags though. Their favorite are the bags from whole foods, but like Goro they start eating them

  26. Haha i love it... he really was having a lot of fun with that box! We were all excited last christmas to treat our kitties to an expensive toy which was battery powered with a fishing rod that whizzed around, i think they call it a cheese chaser. They enjoyed it on Christmas Day but by Boxing day... well... they just wanted the box!! =^..^=

  27. Goro, we love the song you wrote. Your turbo track (and your boxes) look very fun.

  28. It figures, you buy kitty a toy and he likes the box more, LOL! :) I hope he will discover how fun the Turbo Track is soon! ;)

  29. Dearest Tamago,

    There is something about boxes as they ALWAYS attract cats!!! Sometimes a gift is not received the way we intend to. What can we do? goro's song was hilarious too.
    By the way, did you ever check this blog?
    Johanna writes each Monday (German time) about her cat Wiski. Funny too.

    Love to you,


  30. Boxes are just more fun for us kitties than the toy. Mom thinks it may become a hidey place later. Goro, that's a nice Turbo track. Mine is a small round one and came without a box.I only play if Mom helps me.
    xoxo Kassey