Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Weekend

Hi, Goro! 
Are you practicing for Halloween?

O...K. I will get you some. Don't do mischief, please.

Actually I was planning to serve a special Halloween
treat for my kids. Halloween = pumpkin and they love it.

I baked it in a toaster oven. Isn't it fancy?

Come on, kids! I've got pumpkin pie for you.

Goro immediately lost his appetite.

Niko was trying to eat it, but eventually he gave up.

So I gave them unbaked pumpkin.
They enjoyed it, of course...


Don't worry, kids. Children in our subdivision
usually go to the mall on Halloween night.

And I'm thankful for that because...

Niko is terrified of strangers coming to the door.

I hope everyone will have fun Halloween :-)


  1. You two boys are SPOILT ROTTEN! Weird pumpkin pies cooked in the toaster oven...your Mom is too good for you. We're coming over, let's just ring the bell, ha ha ha!!
    Actually, we love sweet potatoes best; if Mommy leaves them on the counter to cool we take BIG bites of them.
    Happy Halloween!

  2. Hello boys! Goro, I like your mini-pumpkin on the table beside you! (We wanted to find a tiny pumpkin for "Ducky" but couldn't.) It's too bad you didn't fancy the pumpkin pie, it was so sweet of your Mom to bake you each one! But it's good you got some pumpkin the way you like it, it's good for the "irregularities"...wink wink. Hope you two have a great Halloween tomorrow and Goro if you wants some action you can come over to our house, we'z having some festivities. Have a great night kitties!

  3. You kitties are so lucky - Banjo likes pumpkin too but I've never cooked it for him! I hope our doorbell doesn't ring too much tomorrow because I am always scared Banjo will run outside. He is best as an indoor kitty. :)

    Have a good week!
    xo Catherine

  4. We've never had pumpkin before...baked or otherwise! But we hear it is good for us!! Keeps us regular, if you know what we mean! ;)

    We get trick or treaters at our house...we'll be under the bed when they come!!

    Happy Halloween!!

  5. Wow, that sure was nice of your mom to try and bake you some pumpkin pie, Goro and Niko! Sorry it tasted a little strange, though. :)

    When the doorbell rings here, or someone knocks on the door, Moosey runs up the stairs and hides under the bed.

    Happy Halloween, sweet friends!

  6. Knock ! Knock !!
    I'm on Halloween day now and I'm not a pizza mancat !
    Trick no, But Yes for Treats !!!
    Happy Halloween

  7. I love your kids..I adore them. Ooops, that was mommy talking but I like the just goes crazy pants over them. Silly mommy.

    We won't have anyone here either for Halloween for the same reason.

    Maybe me and mom come and ring the bell? Ooops, this is Admiral's mom..sorry. She's about to do her blog.

  8. *I* do not approve of visitors at the door either, so I am verreh glad we don't get trick-or-treaters! They all go to a nearby street that goes crazy on Halloween, with treats and decorations and haunted houses and all that.

    Oh! My Human forgot all about kittehs lovin' the pumpkin! She used to give it to her Boys Who Came Before--maybe she will buy me some? (And then I probably won't like it, ha ha ha!) Gotta say: Those little pies looked TERRIBLE!

  9. Mom recently started giving me pumpkin and I love it!

    Happy Halloween!

  10. Hmm now you are the first two kitties dat I know dat has your own pumpkin pie - errr - lumps! Apparently it wasn't a hit.

  11. Wow, we didn't know that cats liked pumpkin!!! My boys aren't thrilled with the doorbell either so we sit on the porch and shell out the candy before there is any doorbell ringing. It gets a little chilly though and we have to take turns going inside to warm up or make hot chocolate - LOL!!!

  12. I've heard that pumpkin is good for kitties' digestion, but I've never heard of any humans baking pumpkin pies just for us! And maybe there is a reason for that!

  13. I am impressed they ate it, our cats are so picky, they usually wont eat anything but their favorite brand of cat food

  14. Neither of us will eat pumpkin, raw or cooked, but we know it's supposed to be very good for you.

    Happy Halloween to you all -- we aren't giving out treats either, as Derry also is terribly frightened of people coming to the door and he doesn't need the stress to perhaps trigger another bout of cystitis.

  15. Happy Halloween everyone, I am glad you enjoyed you special treat!

  16. ewwwww!! I have to say I don't blame the cats for not eating that after it was heated in the toaster oven lol!!!

    They are right, right out of the can is best!

  17. We have never tried Pumpkin pie. But we won't eat pumpkin raw either. But we do like sweet potato and they say that is good for you too. But that sure was nice of Mom to try to give you something good. So have yourself a great Halloween. Take care.

  18. My two are just the same... I make an effort and get all excited about letting them have it and they just go 'yuck what the heck is this'? It works for the same for expensive food, expensive treats, expensive toys, expensive furniture.. hence my house is full of unsightly boxes and smells of tinned cat food :)
    Happy Halloween my lovely kitties!!

  19. MMmmmmm! Tiny pumpkin pies! Pumpkin pie is good for the pooper. Er, so I heard. Happy Halloween!

  20. Fun photos...We've never had pumpkin before, but it sounds yummy!!...Happy Halloween, handsome boys...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  21. I'm sorry the pumpkin pies didn't turn out so well, but pumpkin is yummy! :) Your babies are adorable. I hope you all had a Happy Halloween!

  22. Aunty Tooki was seriously considering your Mom's pumpkin easy pie but it's a good thing you guys warned me about it....hahaha! I think Coco and Wawa will have the same reaction...:)

  23. awww.... what a shame that you guys didnt like the pie that your mom baked for you. it was such a great idea that i wish i had thought of it! glad you liked the raw stuff, though. Fae likes it too. :)

    OHNOES! D: @ the doorbell

  24. Hi, this is Orchid from Japan.
    Oh, you two didn't care the pumpkin pie Mom chose especially for Halloween!!!
    Well, she learned it, haha.
    Yes, I hate the strangers as well and maybe kids with costumes on would be more scary.
    I hope you two had a nice quiet Halloween with Mom♡♡♡
    Love and Lots of Hugs to you, Orchid*

  25. I'm just blogwalking and stop here. Also, you has a great blog. Dont forget to visit me back. Thankyou.

  26. Seems that they are no gourmets :o). But if I where them I'd prefer pizza too :o):o).
    Take care

  27. We like pumpkin too! But the fresh ones that Mom puts in the steamer. We hope you guys had a nice quiet Halloween (we don't like it when our door bell rings either).

    Sorry we're late but Mummy was not well and couldn't help us visit and comment on our friends blogs.

  28. Glad you guys had a nice, quiet Halloween. It was very kind of your mom to make something so special just for you...but that's how kitties are, huh? Not always grateful :)

  29. Dearest Tamago,

    This is so funny... Cats are great characters. You know what ours demand when we have our afternoon tea? Some Trader Joe's vegetable tortillas. They kill for them. Not all seven though but four of them. Three of them also kill for avocado. We eat one half avocado each norming for breakfast. It is healthy and good for burning tummy fat (our youngest feline needs that!)...
    We only had two kids ringing our doorbell for Trick or Treat and I gave them a big apple. No use for buying sweets that we cannot eat ourselves. I had plenty of oranges too but nobody came. Our felines also scoot out when the doorbell rings, they don't like intruders into their cat-haven.

    Love to all of you,


  30. We don't like people coming to our door - we always run and hide.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  31. So funny the boys like it right from the can rather than cooked. Well that makes Mom's job easier!

    Hope you had a happy Halloween.