Sunday, August 12, 2012

Award & Healthy Happy Life

We'd like to send big THANK YOU and HUGS
to Spitty from Spitty Speaks for this lovely award!!

This award wants us to tell 7 things we love and/or think
about. One thing for sure is King Spitty's gorgeous fluffy tail

Another things are of course Goro & Niko. Their health and
happiness. As bathroom activity is one of key health indicators,
single unusual drop of stool can easily be all I can think about.

Kind Warning: I drew picture of stool instead of using the real
image, but you may want to skip this post if you are eating.


As I mentioned couple of times in the past, 
Goro does not bury after using bathroom.

There are several benefits for that.

1. I can easily identify whose present it is.

2. Sometimes I find fine art.
(I've seen one poo standing proudly like a monument.)

3. I can see its condition (color, shape, etc.) clearly.

I certainly panicked when I saw 
bright orange in his stool one morning.

First, I checked Goro. He looked normal,
picking on...I mean, playing with Niko as usual.

Then I did web search.

I could rule them out for him.

Can it be liver disease?

Gotta go to the vet. Before making a call, I took
a closer look at the stool, then noticed something.

I could separate the orange part.
Its shape and material looked familiar...

I know, it's the body part of toy dragonfly!!

(Looks like the color changed in Goro's stomach.)

 Later I found the backup evidence.
Oh, Goro, toy eater...

This happened long time ago, but I remember that
scary day like it was yesterday. I'm glad Goro was fine.


Speaking of health issues, Goro recently visited vet due to
loss of his fur. Vet thinks it's an allergic reaction to something.

Long story short, after two vet visits and one grumpy cat,
we are now observing his skin condition, hoping it'll improve.

Vet warned his fur might not grow back. I hope
it will - but if not? Well, some patches mean nothing
to us as long as Goro is healthy and happy!

We'd like to share the award with fur babies who need
purrs and prayers. Wishing you all a healthy and happy life.


  1. I couldn't help but laugh the way you related this. I like when Kassey leaves it uncovered too. I'm glad it was only a toy and that he passed it.I hope his skin condition improves.
    Congrats on your much deserved award.We wish you all a healthy happy life as well.

  2. Awwww lovely Goro!! So long as you are happy and healthy but be careful eating non edible stuff! Me and Charlie are so glad the orange thing came out! LOL!! Hugs too to sweet Niko and yay for you fabulous award! Take care

  3. great post! The artistic renderings of cat poop are prize worthy! Very nice!! The chop stick dissection is priceless! It's fabulous that you can appreciate Goro's artistic expression in the litter box.

    I hope his skin heals up and grows back! That's tough not knowing what he might be allergic too.

    We too have been gifted with monoliths. Hubby is nutty enough to photograph them for posterity, no stunt poops here.
    Some cat left a poop once with a "tail" of rawhide shoelace sticking out! We thought it was a mouse until we did a little forensic dissection.
    Goro, the bathroom does NOT clean itself.

  5. I loved reading this about you Goro, even though I don't want you to have problems with your furs and skin. Admiral had awful allergies and her furs were in disarray for a year before she passed. Due to her medicines we were unable to test her to see what it was. Goro can likely be allergy tested.

    Your mom loves you boys as much as my mom loves me..easy to see. <3

    Love to Niko as well. XXOO

  6. I'm still laughing over your description of the litter box issues. Poor Goro - I'm sorry about his skin condition, but you are right - the important thing is that he is healthy.Hope he doesn't lose any more tho.

  7. Hee hee, we can relate our crazy mom looks at our poo too. She is a big old worry wort. We are glad that you guys are healthy and happy. Tell your mom our cat brother Scooter got a few bald patches on his ears once, he had a couple tests and all were negative. Mom decided to switch from a grain free fish cat food, to a grain free chicken cat food and presto the hair grew back.

    Urban Hounds

  8. Hahahaha! My Mommeh always investigates our poos, too! It is a sign of a dominant cat to leave the poopers uncovered (looks pointedly at Goro).

    One thing that helped Harley's skin condition was adding a high-quality fish-oil supplement to our foods. Right now we get a squirt of Iceland Pure unscented sardine anchovy oil. Sometimes we use salmon oil.

  9. We can always tell whose poop it is here, too. Sammy does NOT bury, ever. Moosey ALWAYS buries.

    We are glad you figured out what that orange was. We see that you use ohashi for creative things, too. MOL.

    We sure hope Goro's fur grows back!

  10. Humans and their fascination with our litter box presents - they are SO weird! I'm glad that it was just a toy part that moved through with no problem, though! Concatulations on your award!

  11. We I certainly hope you two are okay. We worry about our pals!

  12. Goro, you're like me. I don't like covering my poop either. But Wally always comes along and does it for me. So nice!


  13. It's always so worrisome when our fur babies are not as healthy as they should be. Banjo has to go to the vet on Friday. He has had an upset tummy for too long. Maybe he ate something he shouldn't of too! Silly kitties!
    xo Catherine

  14. Whoa! Loads of poo I see here. I had some pee problem not too long after by big brofur Tom ran away to the Rainbow Bridge. I know my Mama must have lost loads of hair then. I'll go check if she has bald patches. Maybe the v-e-t needs to look at her instead. har har har *evil laughs*

  15. Dearest Tamago,

    Congrats for the award!
    Funny of the not covering up in the litter box. When we got Barty, his other brother (not by blood) Spooky II who raised him, did block the exit of the litter box and sent him back. That was hilarious and it WORKED! Guess, cat language is more to the point.
    Talking about Goro's bump and patches. Our Barty (8.5 years) had a big bump in his neck, a bit lower than Goro and really thick. It grew slowly to a point that I worried. So we made an appointment. The vet cut it open and pushed. Black stuff did come out, up against the wall with force. But after he healed; it was all gone! We're very happy. He got an antibiotic shot and was fine.
    Spooky III is at the moment fine with healthy fur and shiny but he had terrible bare spots on his entire belly and his legs. It can be over grooming, stress, and don't forget they vie for attention. All felines love to be 'the' darling of their human parents. Probably the one is more sensitive to that as the other... Glad our boy is okay now!
    So yours might turn out the very same as well.
    Hugs and love to you and the fur babies.


  16. Holy cow, some bright orange in the poo box would have scared me too!!! Sadly with five cats here it is hard to tell who is responsible for what unless I happen to be present at the time the gifts are left. We are glad it turned out not to be serious :-) Goro we are purring that your fur grows back soon!!!1

  17. We think you should contact TOTO and suggest they make a special litterbox with "output analysis" function, just like they do for human toilets!

    The Chans

  18. LOL! You should see Mommy sift through our poop like it's diamonds or something.
    Once, when Felix wasn't himself for almost a week with no output, she was so relieved to finally see him in the box but almost had a heart attack when she saw that the output was bright red! Then she realized it was a bright red string cord that the silly boy swallowed that made him sick.

  19. Our mom inspects our poop too. So far we haven't had any toys come through.
    Our cat Lucky had some hair missing from some cuts that he had and it took forever for the hair to come back but it did so maybe Goro's hair will come back. We have something strange going on on Orange boy too.
    Anyway, take care all of you and have a great day.

  20. We saw that you won an award and we just had to meet you! Our brother Harry is a handsome steely grey kitty too... something about that look...

    We hope Goro's coat gets better, itchy skin is no fun.

    Harry, Dexter and Tipp

  21. Olá.
    Gostei muito do blog,parabéns.
    Quer fazer parte do Portal Teia,se quiser é só nos fazer uma visitinha.
    Te espero lá.

  22. Oh boy this is fun and weird and at the same time very proper. Fun post! And concats on the award.

  23. It's okay Goro--Lots of verreh Handsome Men has teh bald spots! But prolly you will grow some furs.

    Or maybe you can has a toupee??

    That was a funny story about the, uh, ::shhhh:: poopies! It's fun to freak out the Humans ;-)

  24. Dearest Tamago-san,
    素敵なスミレの"THANK YOU" award おめでとう御座います♬♬♬
    Goroは本当に心配させましたね,少し笑ったけど,p;) 良くお腹壊さなかったなぁ。。。
    Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  25. We both cover our poopsies up - sometimes Mum says there is more cat litter on the floor that in the tray when Hannah gets going!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  26. Dear Tamago,
    you made me laughing with this post. What a luck is the result of this investigation. May be the patches are part of an allergic reaction for eating toys? I wish your cute cats, that everything will be o.k. again.
    Goro looks so unhappy after the vets visit.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  27. That must have scared you seeing the orange poo! Glad things are better and what is Goro's diagnosis?

  28. Oh Goro, me sends you big purrs that your skins gets all better and your magnificent hairs grow back.
    Your furend, TK
    PeeEss- me not buries either! A mancat should be proud.

  29. Hi Boys! Bout time for your Human to help you tell another story! Ha ha ha--the Human LUBZ your stories and she is always checking for new ones! :-)

  30. That's a funny story with a happy ending. My girl cat Grace Lillian does not bother to cover her poo. She has two boy cats who do it for her.

  31. Goro, it's nice that you have an outlet for your creative talents by creating works of fine art in the litter box. We're glad your mom recognized the dragonfly toy so you didn't have go to the vet. I had a loss of fur in the exact same on the back of my neck. Mine was an allergic reaction to a vaccination that was injected in that spot. We hope your fur grows back soon.

  32. haaaa....i hv discovered bits n pieces of a balloon in wawa's stool...

  33. Goro that was some pretty bright orange poop! Glad it was just some dragonfly tail. Maybe next time you want to indulge in orange poop art you could just eat some cheetos? ;) Glad you're okay pal :)
    Hope your vet figures out what's causing your allergies! No fun to feel itchy. Crossin paws for ya :)

    Waggin at ya,