Sunday, May 17, 2015




Suitcase got packed (without Goro) & furred up!

Recently, I made a trip to my hometown in Japan.

After looong 14-hour flight (or 20+ hours
door-to-door journey,) I enjoyed time with
friends & family as well as...

* Yum-yum food *

* Hot springs *

* Toilet...

Well, it didn't occur to me to take photos
while in Japan (due to nature of subject!)

So Goro & I made images to show you.

I encountered a toilet that not only
opens its lid but also lights up for you.

It's nice in the midnight, but...

Yep, I had mixed feelings about it, too.

After 5 nights in Japan (and another
20+ hours journey,) I was back home.

Suitcase got un-packed & re-furred up!

Furry mat from Japan (Gift from my Mom)


My carry-on suitcase..
(Not going back to closet any time soon)


It was wonderful to visit my hometown.
And now I'm so happy to be back because...

Yes, I'm home :-)


  1. Oh welcome back and I'm glad you had good time visiting your hometown, family & friends.

    I'll be confused of too many buttons to press in the toilet. And yes, I think I 'd feel awkward having my bum spotlighted too. Although, I am impressed with those ideas.

  2. I'm sure the cats are pleased to have you back!

  3. I have missed you! But you posted a wonderful post for me to make up for it! I LOVE what Goro and Niko are saying about the suitcase. I am glad you let them have it as a bed. Because it does have your scent all over it. What a wonderful trip you had! And they have WAY better toilets then here! Phil remarked that he would hate to have the job of changing that light bulb! I have never seen one with lights and a control pad! The Japanese people must be a lot cleaner than us. What a wonderful mat for the cats, a very thoughtful present.

  4. We're glad your Mom made it home safely! Now she can attend to your every wish.

  5. Glad you have a nice time with your family and so true about the cat ...

  6. It sounds like a nice trip! But yes, it's good to come home to your kitties. :)

  7. We missed you and glad you had a good trip! I've heard of those toilets but not ones that light up. Purrfect for night visits. Purrrrrrs to the boys.

  8. They must be thrilled your back. I've always wanted to go to Japan. Maybe someday
    Retro rover

  9. Mommy wants a Japanese toilet...she thought the little spray hoses in Finland were nice but this beats all!

  10. The toilet options boggle our human's mind. :-)

    We're glad you had a good trip and are home again safe and sound. Best of all, you brought Goro and Niko presents! Smart human. LOL.

  11. Welcome home to your mom bean! We bets you kitties were furry glad to see her and especially the presents.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  12. Good Morning Tamago-san; Oh My, what a SWEET post of your home coming♡♡♡ I LOVE the picture which Goro-chan feeling relaxed on Furry mat, your Mother's gift♬♬♬ And I really understand your boys feeling being away from you :-) Kind of heartwarming seeing the suitcase turned into comfortable bed p:-) I smiled the words on the board of your closing picture; Welcome Home, Tamago-san
    By the way, our Toilet is the same with your parent's :-)

    全く同じtoilet controller に思わず主人を呼んでしまいました、ハハ。 取り替えた時に自動で開き、流してくれる機能に慣れるのに 時間がかかったのを覚えてます。 山口市にある足湯に何度か行ったことがあります。

    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear Japanese friend in America, xoxo Miyako*

  13. Glad you had a wonderful trip home to Japan! Wow, that toilet is quite something...thank you Goro for the demonstration (so fun!)! We know that you must be so happy to be back home again with your boys and that they are so happy to have you back too, sweet pics with the suitcase! Have a wonderful week, dear friends!


  14. Our Mama thinks a glowing bum would be a bit weird too... .. and maybe there are too many choices on the actual toilet for a place that she would like to quickly leave behind! ;)

    Welcome home to your Mama! We are happy that your Mama had a great trip to Japan and that she is happy to be home too. That's always a good thing after being away:) You boys give her lots of love so that she doesn't leave again for some time now. :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  15. Welcome home, Tamago-san! We are glad you had a good time visiting your hometown. I understand about the good food -- whenever I visit my hometown, there are certain things I always want to eat.

    I remember those toilets when I visited Japan. They are very fancy!

    Hugs to you, and Goro and Niko!

  16. Oh My Goodness, I love that Goro wanted to come. That is the sweetest photo. And Niko loves his new bed.
    My Square Ones are like this too. They do not like the suitcase of evil. They also want to come. And then when we come back everything has to be thoroughly sniffed.
    So Happy they were excited to see their Mum !
    I miss Japanese toilets.

    cheers, parsnip

  17. It's always nice to visit your family...but we know you're glad to be back with your sweet Niko and Goro. :)

  18. What a great post, and I love your photos! :)

  19. What a great post, and I love your photos! :)

  20. Good to hear you had a great trip :)
    Bet you are happy to see your kitties though.
    We like the presents you brought them and we giggles at the toilet that lights up your bum :)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  21. How wonderful That you could go back for a visit. I Am sure your kitties missed you.

  22. The boys look adorable on (and in) your suitcase. They must have missed you very much!
    I'm glad you had a good trip and I'm glad you are back to blogging.

  23. It was food of your Mom to leave you for only a few days, even though the trip was so long. When our #1 went to Japan last month, she was gone more than three weeks!

    The Chans

  24. It sure looks like you had a great time! Those homecomings are the best though!

  25. doodz...yur mom pulled a fast one coz we coulda had de houz trashin partee oh de YEER while her wuz gone for 5 dayz... ??? but her dinna tell uz..... !!!!

    any way, we noe ewe R happee ta have her home N we noe ewe R happee her leeved de toilet ther...

    sounds like her hada grate time; itz nice ta go two home townez & visit...hope all iz well anda happee week a head ♥♥♥

    YAY for suit case bedz & gram maw mattz !!!~~~~~

  26. Welcome back ... so nice you had a wonderful trip to your hometown !
    Niko and Goro are very pleased for sure ... great suitcase and toilet story! And the furry mat looks really comfortable !
    'Home is where your cat is' ... love that ! :-)
    Have a nice week,

  27. WOW! Sounds like you had a great trip, but coming home to one's cats is the bestest feeling in the world!

  28. Mowzers! We bet you had a pawesome trip but it *is* nice to return home! Our mom left for a week too, to visit her family. But t was just down to texas (although it FELT like halfway around the world to us three kitties!)

  29. That was a short trip, but it sounds like it was a good one. That's alot of flying isn't it? I've heard of those toilets...very interesting.

    The kitties look like they are grateful that you are back, treaties or not.


  30. Um banheiro com luz, acho que não me importaria, mas os botões do controle... iiiiiiii sou péssima com essas modernidades hehehe
    Os meninos estão felizes com o seu retorno.

  31. What an innocent cat doing things pretty good...

  32. a long, exhausting trip, i am certain, but so glad you got to visit home and family! it is important to do it when you can. glad the boys were happy to see you home again. :)

  33. Yes, visiting friends and family is a heart warming, but long journeys, OMG, I really don't like them (and so my back after hours and hours on a chair)

  34. MOL! We are cracking up at the lighted toilet! So… strange!!! That's nice that you were able to visit your home of Japan and visit with friends and family. I bet 5 days wasn't enough! That's how I always feel when I visit home, and it's not nearly that far away! We are bet your boys were happy to see you when you got home :)

  35. Dearest Tamago,
    First off, welcome back home! That was a very intense and short journey. Wow!
    Haha, all of my six students had to go back and forth to those toilets in Tokyo and trying out all the features. We used to have such a toilet seat, imported from Taiwan but in this home we have not installed it anymore.
    Cats HATE/love suitcases and we nowadays put them inside the dining room for packing fur-free. They sense that we go when these come out. Also when Mami does a lot of laundry for having all hampers empty before we travel; they get nervous... Some unusual family rituals they absorb and understand the cause and consequence.
    And than the sniffing; it is to them like for us reading a book or watching a movie. How sweet of your Mom to give such a soft loveable gift for them.
    Sending you hugs and I'm also juggling many things at once. Life is going down the fast lane at a pace that we not always like.

  36. Lovely to visit your hometown and see all the friends and family. And yes, the yum yum food from home. Don't know when is my turn, been a long time! Love how you use your photos and words with all your post. They make me smile nearly everytime I come here! :-)

  37. Welcome back home. Those light up toilets are funky. I bet Japanese food in Japanese is nothing like the Japanese food we get here except the really pricey restaurants. Sme with other ethnic foods.

  38. Hi Tamago san!
    Nico San went back with Mum'd to Yamagochi but takusanno jkanga kakarimasune....
    But sometime was Yam Yum dango choyudarla..Watashi wreisku omoimashita.
    Golo san ni toilets ha ha
    Have a enjoyed to be home!

  39. I saw something recently with a picture of a cat and the caption said: "I don't want the toys in the box, I want the box!!!" LOL! :)

  40. WHAT a delight to see and read. I am so glad your mommy got to go home for a visit. That is good for her heart <3 and that in turn is good for you boys as she will tell you tales about her adventures there and your other relatives you have not met yet.

    Lots of love to all of you.

  41. Glad Mom had such a good trip home. and we just know she was so glad to see her two boy cats. Good job boys getting the suitcase all furred up. Have a great Sunday.

  42. sounds like you had a lovely trip, I bet the boys are happy to have you home again