Sunday, October 20, 2013

Getting Ready for Halloween

I adore markings on Goro's coat.

The other day, I noticed something strange...

Goro? Your bib is getting bigger.


Oh, whew. 
This was a bit like horror movie, wasn't it :-)

Speaking of horror movie, Halloween is
coming soon. So we went to a store.

Goro, walking his Dad

We got some Halloween-themed toys.

Halloween decoration - March of dead toys

Sadly, march of IGNORED toys is so much longer.

Goro is already working on killing the new toy.

Goro. Are you not scared of scary pumpkin?

OK, then. 

Now let's talk about your Halloween costume...

Just kidding. 
No costume for Goro & Niko :-)


  1. Goro's unnerpants look like a thong style to us!

    We have many many many many dead (and unfun) toys too! We should do a toy exchange for some fresh ones. Maybe we could discretely dispose of the costume we saw the other day, too...

  2. Dearest Tamago,
    What a lovely post! Our Barty, the eldest cat-boy (well, ex boy...) does have the very same underpants and that's it for him. Bandido has a white cross on his upper chest. They all look so funny with their markings. Goro's bib looked spooky!
    How cute he is walking his Dad! Love them in a harness but since our Spooky died of heart worm we've not been able to get another to accept a harness with leash. He always looked so cute.
    And that Nooooooo while going down the stairs is just hilarious! They do think and often speak to us with funny body language!
    Hugs to all of you.

  3. MOL! Goro and Niko, you lucked out this year not having to wear costumes. And Goro, how cool that you got to take your dad shopping. :)

  4. Whew! That last part DID scare me! Glad it was just a joke!

  5. Goro is very brave, but it's true ... wearing Halloween costumes can scare even the most courageous kitties! :)

  6. Dear Tamago,
    what a fun to see sweet Goro with his toys. And the story with the bib, so sweet. You story made my day. Have a fun day!
    Best greetings, Johanna

  7. What a cool little shopping trip you had there Goro! We liked how you pulled our paw about your "growing" bib, good one! We enjoyed the parade of the dead toys, very cool! Such a fun post and we don't blame you one bit for running from the costumes...I'll be doing some of that too!

  8. I am glad Goro will have no costume, I think cats hate them. You GOT me with the bib falling off, I thought it was REAL!!

  9. I went for a shopping trip last night too, Goro! But I wasn't in the mood to get any new toys.


    Thank goodness you aren't going to be dressed for Halloween. THAT would have been scary!

  10. Awwwwww you went shopping!!!!!! How adorable!! Awwwww and look at your gorgeous fun shopping haul!! Yay!!

    Big wave hello to you lovely Goro and adorable Niko! Take care

  11. what cool presents! We are so amazed at your leash walking. Once we put our cat Baby on a leash and she freaked out. Also do dogs leave you alone when you are on leash. All of our dogs who are cat friendly at home, will chase stray cats on walks, one reson they are NEVER off leash. We hope you forgive us for this. Im not sure what they would do with a leashed cat though, that they may be fine with. I think they think cats belong inside houses

    urban hounds

  12. That bib falling off did surprise me! LOL!
    I just love seeing Goro walking through the store shopping. That is so cute!
    I hope kitties enjoy all their new toys and that they last until Halloween at least! Ha!
    xo Catherine

  13. We are keeping all our paws crossed that you will not be subjected to the horror of Halloween costumes, Boys!

    The Chans

  14. Lol cute. You walk your cats on a leash too?

    So do I!!!!! Xoxo

    Love the new toys:-)

  15. Awesome decoration, I love that scary pumpkin :-)
    I'm sure Goro and Niko are going to have a great Halloween !
    Nice week,

  16. We love your pumpkin Goro and your look so cute - (sorry we meant scary) in your pumpkin outfit).
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  17. glad yur mom N dad dinna purrchizz any BURD stuffed any gutz oozin feather fulled with bugz attached noizee caca droppin rood stomach nastee tastin

    ....sorree..wear wuz we....

    oh yea, happee mackerull monday !!!

  18. Oh GORO! Look how brave you are taking your Daddy put for a walk!!! And fooling your mommy with that bib that came off! That shocked ME too.

    My underpants are bigger than yours I am sorry to say. Wanna see?


  19. Mommy said that I wear a bikini! Top and bottom. xoxoxox

  20. OMCthta costume is scary. Whoa! You get to go to the toy store. Love your pumpkin. I bet it tastes nommy.

  21. Goro, you walked on a leash in a store?!?!? WHOA! That's very impressive.

  22. qThat sure looks like a fun shopping trip!!! Thanks for all the purrs, I am trying to use them wisely.

  23. You really surprised us with your bib Goro! We thinks you is a furry brave boy to go to the store, but you gots new toys, pawsome!

    We wonts wear costumes either, MOL

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  24. ha ha - I always leave your bloggy giggling cuz you are so cute and funny. Now I'm really impressed that you get to go shopping with the humans on a leash and harness yet. I would be skeered to do that.

  25. WOW!Goro san!
    You are kidding it fell with fur ball toy a bit like hollor movie with Hallow ween coming going with his DAD
    You has new toy with pumpkin ..
    nothing like contume Goro san& Niko san ha ha!!

  26. Hey Handsome Mancats! I've got something for you on our blog. Please come see?


  27. You get to go to the store? Lucky kitty! How much money do you get to spend? Do you get to buy whatever treats you want? So pawesome! Me-Ommmmmm

  28. lol... love your posts as always!

  29. Thank Cod you boys are among those of us who absolutely REFUSE to demean ourselves by letting the Humans "dress us up" -- As if! they could put anything on us that would be better than our FURZ!

    Your dead toyz are skeery!

  30. Hello. Thanks for coming by!

    How old is Gorogoro and Kikoniko?

  31. MOL and we didn't know you're leash trained? That's fantastic!

  32. Thank you for thinking of us. I'm overnight at the hospital and will come home later today.

  33. Dearest Tamago-san;
    Oh, how smart your babies are (especially Goro-chan) that scared you with a fur ball p;) And even walk his dad♪♪♪ It must be SO educational let them know the Halloween!!! Or what(*^_^*)


    Sending you lots of love and hugs to my dear Japanese friend in America, xoxo Miyako*

  34. Hahahaha~~~
    Costume~!!!!! Might be might not be a good idea~~~


    I have a Ragdoll named Niko too!

    But I spell it as Nico not Niko:-)

    Have a good week end!

  36. I love this blog. You always make me smile! Does Niko go to the store too? I'm glad Goro's bib turned out to be a trick. It would have been worse looking if it had been his underpants growing!

  37. Dearest Tamago,
    Happy belated 4th birthday to Niko!
    I did not do anything at my PC due to a very nasty allergy (swollen face and all over body with burning itch...) from medication for high blood pressure. My doctor made me stop taking it and I'm so happy about that; also for saving my kidneys. Hope I get better day by day and manage to sleep and get a real good rest!
    Hugs to all of you.

  38. First, you scared me, Goro with that suspect white fur ball! Second, what is that?! Do you really take your dad to walk in a leash? If it was here fir sure people would stop to stare at you...

  39. No costume??? I wish I could see you two dressed as a KING, or maybe a samurai or even a vampire!!! Ok, I think you look better as lovely cats!
    You're so brave walking your dad at the store, was he afraid???
    I like drinking water from my swimming pool, but I don't swim. Not even Barum likes to swim, he's so fearful!!!
    Licks from Pink

  40. Goro, it was pretty scary when your bib fell off. We love that you get to go shopping with your dad. You picked out some very cute toys.