Sunday, January 18, 2015

New Old Bed

We got this cat-shaped cat bed
long time ago.

Goro was all over it for the first 30 seconds.
Niko was a bit scared.

Then, the cat bed was mostly ignored.

But it stayed as a bed for toys.

Recently, though, that changed.

For some reason, Niko started making biscuits
with the cat bed, and within no time...

The old cat bed has become Niko's
new favorite napping spot!

Biscuit making :-)

Of course, when Niko is using the bed,
it becomes new and bright for Goro.

Fortunately for Niko,
Goro lost interest in 30 seconds.


  1. Oh, that's cute!

    My parents' last set of cats would have their favourite spots for napping. It would last awhile, a few weeks or months, and then they would favour other places for a snooze.

  2. That's how we were with our hammick, When we first got it, we ignored it. Now a couple of years later, we love it!

  3. Dearest Tamago,
    That is so precious and how they can re-discover something and claim it as their own! Niko is always very precautious, no matter what but ones he feels it's safe he is all for it. Happy boys and that makes us, cat-parents happy too!
    Sending you hugs,

  4. I always love the way you have the cats talking. Cats seem to be like that. My friend got a very fancy fountain for her cat, and he loved it! Then one day he never drank out of it again. So she gave it to me! Simba loves it! Cats do seem to love things and then get tired of them. But then so so we...

  5. I think that bed looks awesome - all us kitties here would have been on it immediately!

  6. Mine mine mine mine not yours !
    OK maybe yours but it was mine first.
    If I ever want it again it will be mine not yours.
    Mine mine mine.
    yert !

    cheers, parsnip

  7. That's so cute! Cats are funny, I read somewhere that if you want to get them to start being interested in old things (toys, beds, etc), then you're suppose to hide it somewhere and then bring it back out for them in a few months or weeks. My Nico was like this.

  8. We kitties are sure interesting characters! We are so happy Niko isn't scared of the cat bed anymore and that he actually now is loving sleeping in it...and Goro you are too funny! (Neytiri and I love certain beds then all of a sudden never sleep in them Human can never figure it out.) Wishing you lots of good naps in your comfy bed this week Niko!

  9. All cat love the bed room but Niko San making biscuite with in bed, also Niko san New favorite napping sport.
    That Biscuit of course Niko san in the Bed.
    Goro san Nikol sans sniff has lost interest in sleeps in 30 second your bed in safe.
    Hugs and Tamago San!

  10. One lovely "new"warm cat in the house .and they dont mind ..

  11. Enjoy your bed and glad it's all yours Niko. :)

  12. What a snuggly little bed. Hopefully you have sweet dreams in it Niko!
    xo Catherine

  13. I've got to ask you, how do you put words on your photos? I'd love to do that on my blog, but haven't figured it out yet. I love that cat bed!

  14. Dearest Tamago-san; What a Lovely and Cute cat-shaped cat bed♡♡♡ And I am happy for Niko-chan being comfortable in there with sweet face. Kind of funny it took long time to lore his interest p:-)

    午後電気屋さんが注文してあったLEDを取り付けに来て下さいました。 PCの事を話したら一応T 社を褒めようと行ってらっしゃいました p:-)  今ちょうど12:00です。 Niko-chan♡のようにゆっくり休むことにします。 Night Night♪♪♪

    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear Japanese friend in America, xoxo Miyako*

  15. Boo does that also...right now he is totally enamoured of his nylon cat tunnel. The one that he would't touch before....go figure.


  16. Oh Niko, that is so great that you decided that the bed was A OK. I bet that bed is so comfy. That does look like a nice bed even with those big eyes.

  17. New old beds often turn out to be just right!

  18. So nice to see how Niko decided the old cat bed is his favorite napping place ! :-)
    Cute post !
    Have a nice week,

  19. Aw, that is so cute! We have some of those beds at PAWS. Isn't it funny how a bed that is ignored for so long suddenly gains favor? We found Gracie curled up in the "crown" bed the other night. It has been many months since that happened. :)

  20. Isn't that just like a cat! We have a beautiful cat tree. Only recently Mickey Mouser started hanging out on it all the time. He ignored it for the first 5 years of his life!
    I'm glad Niko has discovered the cute cat bed and Goro isn't interested... today at least!

  21. Kitties… they are curious creatures! Their "spots" change so often. Glad the cat bed is getting some use. It is super cute!!!

  22. Whoa! That bed looks like HHGutt! TW had gotten me a bed like that but it was a tiger. I never went in it. It went to the shelter.

  23. Niko san, that bed is MADE for YOU. No Goro san need apply. MOL. Mom said she has never seen a bed like that or she would have bought it in a quick minute. xoxox

  24. Both of your cats are very interesting. They have very different nature. Goro seem to be the impulsive one or shall we say the daring one. Niko seem to be always hesitant trying new things but it looks like he wants to make sure of his safety first before getting involved in any. I guess that's fine, letting Goro disciver and try things first then when it's OK, there his chance goes :)

  25. Funny boys! I love this kind of recycling and I noticed you moved it from one side of the bed to the other.

  26. ⋰˚هჱܓ
    Passei para cumprimentá-la.

    Eles são eternas fofurinhas que me encantam.
    Beijinhos do Brasil.

  27. so cute! isn't it funny how they can ignore something then all of a sudden 'this is the coolest thing, ever!' :)

  28. The cat bed looks really nice and cozy.

  29. Enjoy your bed Niko, because I'm sure at some point Goro will decide it's a good place to nap too!

  30. Niko você fica adorável amassando os seus biscoitos, muito fofo!!

  31. Seriouslies, Niko, don't you hate it when a sibling wants what you have?!? (heee!)
    Looks like a VERY cozy bed to make biscuits in, too!

  32. doodz....ya noe, that bed wood make a grate place ta store samiches...we wood knot place cheez on de samiches tho or like any may o nayz ....coz it mite be hard ta get off de furz.....but it wood still be a grate samich storage serv all ♥♥♥

  33. O... makes me dream now... I want a cat in my flat! Happy New Year of Sheep! Tamago!