Sunday, June 8, 2014

Cat Shelf 2

Cat shelves in kitchen/dining area installed
in Cat shelf project # 1

Goro loves them. Niko...not so much.

I tried to encourage him with toys/snacks. But the
lowest shelf is the highest Niko has gone so far.

Well, that's OK, because...

Yes, Niko. That's your new wall bed!

Cat shelf project # 2
We got 4 new shelves for the guest bedroom.

Installation. As expected, Goro got fully involved.

Right in the middle of the action :-)

And here they are - after installation

Goro, do you like your new shelves?


Now. Let's see if we can get Niko to use them.
He looked a little overwhelmed.

An encouragement on the shelf...

Niko. Come, come.

Behind you, Niko.

All right!

Good job, Niko!

After this was not too hard. With a little help
by snacks, Niko explored all new shelves.

Cat shelf project still continues.
I hope Goro & Niko enjoy them :-)




  1. Wow! They're fantastic, truly fantastic! We're coming to live with you, please. ;-)

    It's great that Niko got the hang of the carpeted shelves, even if he did need a bit of persuasion from the treats. (Great strategy, Niko, pretending to be wary of the shelves. )

  2. Awesome! It seems like Goro likes 'em. As for Niko, some kitties just don't like high places, Anya is one of them. :-)

  3. These are wonderful. Great for exercise and keeping kitties free from boredom. Great!

  4. Those are so amazing and we sure would love some of those!

  5. I think those shelves look totally amazing!

  6. Guys, what wonderful shelves you have!!!! Soon, I hope, I will ask for specialized consulting from you, ok?

  7. I have 13 TOTALLY JELLUS cats here, wondering just HOW SOON they'll get some of those World's Best shelves installed here!

  8. Now we want shelves like those! And some chicken hearts. :)

  9. Yes, If I had cats I would do this too. Your cats live in a very special home.
    I think Niko was holding out for the snacks before he would jump up.
    Naughty but clever.

    I have put dog level windows in my studio so The Square Ones can look out at all the wildlife that moseys by. There are also doggie doors to other rooms so they can run all around the house in a circle.

    cheers, parsnip

  10. Well done! And the treats were a splendid idea! You even got pictures of them jumping across the shelves, bravo!!!

  11. What a great job you did with the catification, the shelves are awesome! Goro, you are such a great helper and we love that pic of you napping with the dangle! Niko, you are just so cute, we are glad you checked out the shelves with the help of the snacks and hope you will enjoy them too! Have a wonderful week, my boys!

  12. WOW WOW WOW! That is just amazing! Goro and Niko's very own superhighway to run and play on.

    We wish WE could have our very own superhighway too!

  13. OMG; I've never seen Cat Shelves like these♬♬♬ Your boys can be more active in the house, can they(^_^)v I LOVE the color and the wavy shape, too♡♡♡ So glad to read Niko-chan could be brave enough to explore all of the shelves. Sweet dreams in there Goro-chan and hope Niko-chan get used them soon(*^_^*)


    Sending you lots of love and hugs to my dear Japanese friend in America, xoxo Miyako*

  14. Wow, what a great play areas you have. Love those shelves. Have fun kitties.

  15. We are SPEECHLESS!! We are in super duper AWE!! We love these gorgeous shelves! WOW! Awwwww but most of all we love how mighty Goro conquered his fears and is now up there with sweet Niko having a great time! Brilliant!! Take care

  16. Wow! Your new installations are absolutely amazing!!!

    The Chans

  17. Oh my goodness! Goro and Niko you have the most wonderful mom and dad! All those shelves - fantastic. Truly...what more could two kitties ask for. So glad both of you are enjoying your wall shelves. Very fun!
    xo Catherine

  18. Dearest Tamago,
    Loved Goro helping his Dad! We go through the very same here, always there to help with whatever project.
    But how funny that Goro is a lot more adventurous compared to his brother Niko. But you do the very same as what we do; bribe them with some good treats! It works and I guess that shy Niko will start enjoying those wall shelves as well.
    Hugs to you!

  19. OMC, you boys are spoiled! In a good way! ;)

    We would lub shelves like that but we've seen what the mom bean does when she tries to install stuff like isn't pretty, MOL

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  20. So many strategic places. Seems like you are planning an attack :)

  21. Gasp, you guys are sooooooooo lucky to have those cat shelves to climb around on or nap on. I love them and am very envious.

  22. doodz... throw that BURD ta de floor N ENJOY yur shelves & wall beds !!! they iz awesum !! hope ya haza lotta fun goin frum one area ta de next....veree kewl oh yur mom & dad ta due thiz for ewe ♥

  23. These are great shelves and the carpet makes it soft and easy to grip. Enjoy!

  24. Cat, I’d love shelves like that so I can reach our 15 foot ceilings. Auncle Vince said he’d install them for me but to tell the truth, I don’t jump or climb much anymore.

  25. Wonderful!!! We think the cat shelf project is a big success, judging by Goro and Niko's reactions. :)

  26. Those shelves are so cool! Where did you get them? Glad Niko came around and realized how fun they are!

  27. totally pawsome! now we have cat shelf envy :D we need to put our mom to work!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  28. Wow! You kitties must live in PARADISE! Goro, you look so adorable all a-seepees there that the Human just squeed and squeed. Sigh. You boys are soooooooo cute!

  29. Wonderful shelves for the kitties!

  30. Oh, the cat shelves are brilliant, I must look into some for our 5, I would never have thought of that idea.
    So glad you commented on my blog and in turn led me to yours, will be popping back from now on.

  31. You know, after looking again at your shelves, I am starting to feel a little deprived over here. Now, it is true that I am not a Kitty of High Places, but these are some kick-a** shelves and I want some too. Oh Huuuuuuuuuman......

  32. too cute! their own little wall jungle gym!

  33. Looks like your little guy is eager to lend a helping hand.

  34. I'm not showing this to Bootsie, although it's wonderful, he would be to jealous.


  35. Great cat shelves. We are waiting for Dad to finish ours in the living room to put some in the bedroom. We can run all around the living room without touching the floor but want a few more levels in a couple areas. There are 7 of us so... MOL... Lots of traffic.
    Purrs fellows

  36. What a great project, all looks amazing !
    So nice that Niko is enjoying it too now ...
    We've had computer problems, I noticed I missed Goro's Birthday ...
    so Happy Birthday to this sweetie and big hugs ! :-)
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  37. We LOVE your cat shelves! You kitties are going to have so much fun on them. You have the best mom and dad ever to make your home such a fun place for you two.

  38. Oh that looks like so much fun. Good for you Niko for getting so brave and going up there. We know you and Goro are going to have a blast on those shelves. What a nice Daddy to do that for you two boys. Take Care.

  39. You two have a beautiful well deserved life. I love seeing you playing with your new shelves. And, mommy and I love you too. xxoo

  40. °º。✿✿彡
    Com certeza Goro e Niko vão apreciar as novas prateleiras.

    Boa semana!
    Beijinhos do Brasil.✿º°。

  41. talk about living in the lap of luxury!!!!

    retro rover

  42. We have been trying and trying to leave a comment on your blog for a long time. I finally decided to try another browser since Google Chrome seems to not want me to comment. I am glad the Firefox browser worked.

    Those wall shelves and beds are terrific. The sweeties seem to really be liking them too. It didn't take sweet Niko long to try them out and get a nap with the treats as encouragement. What lucky kitties they are. Hugs and nose kisses