Sunday, June 22, 2014

Three-Letter Word


They both went to the VET.

This visit was for recheck for both Goro & Niko.

Goro for blood work as his BUN has been slightly high.
Result: Still at the same level. Will keep monitoring.

Niko for heart murmur as it was detected at last checkup.
Result: Murmur still heard. Later he was taken to cardiologist.
Turned out it was innocent (physiologic) murmur. Phew!

Now we can relax until next time we go to V...


  1. Okay, that was a pretty good outcome, all things considered. We're sorry you had to go, though. We wish (and the human too) that we'd never have to go.

    P.S. Our favourite pic is the smacky paws one. Haha. Just like little kids. :-P

  2. Ugh, too bad you boys had to go to the bad-word place! But at least you both checked out okay. We had a vet come visit US a couple of days ago! Actually that was not too bad. I even came back after he was done with me to see if he was ready to leave yet.

  3. Well at least it is all over, for now! Enjoy your day!!!

  4. You two are very funny! We're so sorry you two had to go to the vet, but we're glad you can relax now.mThe pictures of you two giving each other smacky paws made us laugh, and the expressions on your faces in the PTU are very funny too. Thanks for brightening our day!

  5. Love the photo sequence and dialogue! Glad that they are both doing well. Hope Goro's BUN comes down!

  6. Well, we are very sorry about your mom and that three letter word, but we are happy neither of you have issues to worry about. Have all the fun you can before the next three letter word is blurted out, okay? Hugs and nose kisses

  7. Yep, that is a bad word for sure! So glad that all went well considering and that all is well with Niko and we will rev-up the purr motors for our dear friend Goro. That is a good smacky-paws photo! Hope you boys get lots of relaxing in this week after that trip and that you all have a nice week!

  8. Vet, essa palavra é de arrepiar os cabelos. Cuidem-se amigos, para que na próxima visita vocês estejam bem.
    Vocês me fizeram rir.

  9. We agree...v-e-t is a dirty word! But we're glad you both checked out pretty good. Aren't you glad that's over now??

  10. Dearest Tamago,
    Precious photos telling the story about the ONE thing they dread the most. What are they thinking? Ours too they freak out and cry their lungs out. We only live around the corner of the VET; thank goodness. With 4 siblings (Sacha got killed by car 06.17.13) it is quite a challenge... They all are so relieved when we arrive back home.
    Glad Goro and Niko's turned out okay and we have to keep in mind the stress factor for them!!!
    And for us... not my favorite day.

  11. They are very fortunate kitties to have such good care, even if you use the 3 lettered word.


  12. Whew! We are glad that that business with the bad word place is over for now, Goro and Niko!

  13. Nice to hear Goro and Niko are doing fine.
    I love the photos today. I keep forgetting to say how much I like the way you write on the photos what they are saying.
    The last photo is sweet because it shows both kitties using their special shelves, Even the one who wasn't quite sure about it !

    cheers, parsnip

  14. Oh Yes; they are SO fortunate having sweet caring Mom and it must have been a quite relief to know the result, Tamago-san♪♪♪ Well, I needed to check the or 'BUN'; got it p;)
    And, FANTASTIC series of photographs of them; yes, I always enjoy them (with the caption from the boys) as well♡♡♡
    I hope you are going to have a wonderful new week.

    Sending you lots of love and hugs to my dear Japanese friend in America, xoxo Miyako*

    PS> 新しいカメラ、只今奮闘中ですp;) 以前のと同じNIKONですが、オペレーターさんが親切なので助かります。 

  15. the vet is so stressful! For mom and for babies. Our cat Ernie has a heart murmur that our first vet said would significantly shorten his life, that was ten years ago. At first we did meds and checked an eKG every year and it has never worsened. After he turned ten we lessened the EKGs still going strong! I am sure you boys will be fine with your great mum!

    retro rover

    PS- five of us have to go to the vet Norbert for recheck of bladder issues, Tubby and Ping for bloodwork and Baby and Scooter for bloodwork our mom is flipping out

  16. So glad Niko's heart murmur wasn't anything to worry about. Love the smacky paws and the picture of both enjoying their wall shelves.

  17. doodz....glad yur appt at de ewe noe wear place wented fair lee well, N shame shame SHAME on yur mom for usin de V werd....itz az bad az de B werd....

    N we hope ta cod ya dinna suffer see inn any BURDZ at de VET

    happee week a head ♥♥

  18. Too cute you two. Glad you are both doing all right and just look at you sitting on your new shelves or what ever they are called.

  19. Lovely boys, glad that vet trip is over!!!!

  20. Love the conversation between Niko and Goro ... too cute ! :-)
    Glad all went well and that those sweeties are doing fine !
    Great photos ... I so love the last one :-)
    Have a nice week,

  21. SOMEBODY has to go...

    OMC, we are dying laughing here...not that you had to GO to the *expletive deleted* but the convo you had BEFOREhand!

    Glad everything is still OK.

  22. What a shame! Your mother using THAT word...tsc...tsc...ts.c...and someone has a heart purr purr then....

  23. We is furry happy to hear you made it to the ebil v e t and back without too much troubles.

    Mom bean is laughing her head off at the smacky paws photo. You guys are furry funny!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  24. how is it that if Not Me was going to the vet, you both ended up going ;-/ we know all about big buns here with our Smidgie :) we hope Goro's numbers will go down. purrs,

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  25. what a relief to have a good outcome! Looking good dear friends.

  26. Hi Tamago San!
    So Niko san who do you think is going to the Vet? I'm not going lither..You are going to the Vet.
    After a long time with the expressions both of the faces has a
    relaxing for Mom ha ha
    We has raining for a month and still
    damidesu hontoni eyani narimasu.
    Have a nice day!

  27. We're just stopping by again to thank you so much for Derry's birthday wishes yesterday. :-)

  28. oh noes.. the vet.. well at least you had a good check up!

  29. You boys. Your conversations just make mom and I VERY happy. We love being let in on your every day life and especially your conversations.

    Love you both! smoochies.

  30. I agree with all the other commenters...your discussion back and forth was hilarious! And we are happy that you two are in pretty good health; what can be done to get BUN levels back to normal? Guess I'm off to search BUN levels now...

  31. Marshmallow farm would have been a great that post and thanks for letting us know about that blog, we didn't know of other bloggers where we live! Have a great weekend Goro, Niko, Mom and Dad!

  32. Glad you got good checkups but sorry you had to go. When Autumn was around 2 years old, the vet said she had a heard murmur cos she was actually purring. She lived to be 14 and it was never mentioned again.

  33. The word 'vet' a dirty word?? Just brilliant. Hopefully you'll be safe for a while.

  34. that's too cute! :) glad both are okay.

  35. Glad both of the boys are good and that they had to go to the vet together. That way, neither has to feel left out! LOL!
    xo Catherine