Sunday, July 31, 2011

Belly Check

Goro has got an athletic body.

Niko is more like fur ball.

Anyway, Goro likes to keep himself busy. And
by being active, he has been in pretty good shape.


Have you gained weight?

I think you look a little flabbier these days.

Especially your belly...

Is it? 
OK...maybe. If you say so.


Um... Hey, Goro. 

Look, your belly is hanging!

It's definitely flabbier.

(FBI: Flabby Belly Inspector), no. I am saying it's not just your fur.


Oh, Goro...

It is growing. Growing towards the ground.

As their mother, I have to make sure
my kids keep a healthy weight.

(Personally, though, I'm very fond of flabby belly.)


  1. i LOVE that GB. Lots of kissies allover that belly! His manly arms, shoulders and chest more than outweigh a bit of runaway fluff.

    pee ess: Goro san, pack your bag..the car will be waiting for you around the corner..we will go to Michiko san's home with me and
    Miyuki and maybe mom. Be ready.

  2. Ha..Ha..Ha...Goro !!! You always got me and mom laughing so hard and non-stop ! Me and Mom is dying with 2 last photos, so funny !!!
    and I love when you say " What, Are you FBI ? " ..MOL
    Love You Goro !!!

  3. Poor Goro you are just gonna have to stretch out real long so the FBI can't see your cute tummy. Hugs and nose kisses

  4. Goro, I get the same thing from my mom! I tell her there's just more of me to love!!

  5. Goro, don't worry! Our mom and dad say the same thing to us, too! FBI - MOL. :)

    Your pals,

    Sammy and Moosey

  6. We call that being a little "short for your weight." Nothing wrong with that.

  7. Goro! How can she stand there and insult your manly physique? Anyone can see you are fluffy, not flabby!! I say, It's time somebody got a little smacky-paw.

  8. Love how you talk to you cat! :-) It's funny!

  9. Hey Goro, my boy you are LOOKIN' GOOD! I thinks having a busy routine like organizing the sock drawer helps keep your physique in tip-top shape! If Niko wants I can help him build up his biceps (I found theese program on the interwebs.)...Your Mom is a good FBI though! Great post!

  10. Hahaha. Go tell Mummy it's called GRAVITY, Goro! It has nothing to do with being flabby. MOL!

  11. Goro, your belly is definitely round in those photos! cute, but round. perhaps you should lighten up on the treats? :)

    p.s. i missed reading your blog!

  12. Well, Goro♪♪♪
    You should take a look at my hubby's belly. You don't want to have one like that p:)
    I laughed a lot with the "FBI: Flabby Belly Inspector"
    I should be the one for my husband. He always have snack after dinner^^);

  13. Goro, do not listen to your mom. Flabby schmabby. I (Nicki) am a lean and muscular and I have the same kind of belly....Derry is short and compact, about the same weight as I am but chunkier--and he has the same kind of belly too! :-)

    The mom says never mind about her belly (but yep, it's flabby too!).

  14. Honestly! How rude! We think you are just perfect, Goro!

    The Chans

  15. Goro-san,
    It's just fluff isn't it? Tell your mom "flab is fab"!!!!! purrrr *giggles*

  16. Haha ~ well I am thinking there is just more of Goro to love ~ no? :)
    Happy August!
    xo Catherine

  17. You need all that "extra" to stretch out long! Felix has what Mommy terms a "Flab Purse" and we call an "udder"...ha ha ha!

    FBI--We cracked up! Goro, A mancat needs weight to throw around.

  18. LOL! My Mommeh loves soft, squishy cat bellies, too!

    Niko, rather than delicate arms, I think you just have the strong, wiry sort of build!

  19. Hey, you had better be careful, that's how I got stuck on a diet!!!

  20. Yup Goro you better tuck that tummy in or you will be on some horrible diet. We all have the hanging bellehs too, well some of us do anyway. Tell that Mom to leave you alone. Have yourselves a really fun day.

  21. I think tummy flab is cute! :3
    But you better watch out.. I've heard diets aren't so fun.
    -Luna Kitty

  22. Handsome Goro, we think you are a very sexy mancat :)=we know that is just your awesome floof hanging over everything!!...Happy weekend, sweeties...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  23. Hi Goro san,
    Your Mom worried too much as human Mom does that too for their kids:-)
    I thought that much better than thin down??
    Admiral's calls me to says that a whole families get together with celebration for Admiral and her Mom's recovery from their bad times.
    What a good idea to you came to my home.

    Miyuki(Admiral's Mom's cars)she is a good driver and I'm proud of that she never has an accidents before.
    you and Admiral's just sit back and chatter way down to come here.
    You tell your Mom not worry too much okay.
    We will have fun time with both families that
    I really looking forward to seen you Goro san.
    Big Hugs,

  24. Beautiful cats-and I dont think your too chubby, just stretch yourself out and no one will see the tummy

  25. I came back to read again..BIG smiles here!!1.

  26. Dearest Tamago,

    That is so funny and it helps me by seeing your two already are different. We have seven and Spunky is a bit like Goro, she loves to eat and sleep and to take it easy. Our youngest one from the Humane Society was so cute (still her face is!) but she is a fat-bellied devil now. Like Goro, re-organizing the socks, she got up at night to empty our shelves inside the closets. She opened those folding doors herself! We solved it now and one day I will do a post about it. No fun having sweaters all over the floor and empty shelves - she really worked hard during her night shift.
    The faces of your two cat-boys are precious and it's like they really 'speak'. They do; we can understand them very well.

    Lots of love from one cat-mama to another...


  27. Goro and Niko, you always make Mom laugh. I have one of those hanging bellies too, just an extra loving place.
    xoxo Kassey