Sunday, October 3, 2010

Find Niko

Goro always loves to be in the middle of an action.

Hi, Goro.
I haven't seen Niko for a while.
Do you know where he is?

Do you want to stop joking
and go looking for Niko?


Compared to Goro, who actively asks for attention,
Niko is more reserved and low-key. He also seems
to enjoy his alone time. When he disappears, I try
to locate him just to make sure he is okay.

Goro, you are the only one who would go in there.

That may be because you recently chased him off
when he was napping there.

What? Niko does not go outside.

I'm very worried now, Goro.


Well, Niko is not in his usual hiding places.

Where can he be....?


Oh, Niko, there you are, on a cat tree!
I was focusing on your hideaways
and overlooked a normal place.

What are you doing, my sweet Niko?

That's nice. Though, isn't it almost your nap time?

Oh, you are a sleepy head. Take a nap, Niko.

You will, Niko. I'll come back later
to make sure you are not having a bad dream.


A few hours later, I came back to check on Niko.

Oh, Ni...Niko......

What a bold sleeping posture!

According to the result of a research on the link
 between people's sleeping position and their
personality, those who sleep on their back with
arms and legs outstretched tend to be rather
modest and prefer not to be the center of attention.

This is a study of "people," but I have to say,
it indicates both two-legged and four-legged groups.


  1. Silly Goro, playing a joke on your Mom! Of course Niko was indoors.
    Niko, the way you sleep is wonder you want your privacy when you nap, MOL!

  2. That last picture is something! Yes, we often end up where you least expect us to be!

  3. OMC, those last 2 photos are priceless! Just hilarious!

  4. Haha ~ oh these kitties ~ so much personality they have! And how cute is that sleeping position ~ love it! So glad Niko was safe and sound! :)

    xo Catherine

  5. I like my alone time too, and mum can come back hours back and I will be in the same place.

  6. Haha!! Niko, I sleep like that too!! So comfy...even though humans don't see it!!


  7. What an interesting sleeping position, Niko!

    Haha, Goro ... that was a funny joke you played on your mom!

  8. Oh Niko! That looks like such a funny position!