Sunday, December 19, 2010

Award & Christmas Tree

I'm very excited and happy to say that this blog
received a special "One Lovely Blog Award"
from a very famous celebrity,
Mr. George Clooney the Cat in
Clooney's Num-Num Fund !!

Mr. Clooney is a handsome, successful, and
very brilliant cat. Please check out his blog.
It is so funny, cute, and will take you into a unique, 
creative world. Also he looks like our kids :-)
I feel so honored that Mr. Clooney chose our
blog for the award out of many other wonderful
blogs. Thank you very much, Mr. Clooney!

* * *

Now, here is updates on my boys.


Last year, when Christmas was coming...

Goro was still a small, innocent child.
Niko was not with us, yet.

We have a small artificial tree in the house.
Goro helped me decorate it.

When we turned on lights in the Christmas tree,
it was so beautiful.

Goro was looking forward to seeing Santa Claus.
(He fell asleep before Santa came.)

We had a wonderful Christmas together.

This year.....

Goro, Niko, Christmas is coming soon.
Let's decorate the tree together.

Oh, no!
Kids, stop eating the tree!

(Their dad said "stop taking pictures and
do something about the situation.")

Hey! Someone chewed off the cord!
We can't light the tree.

(Fortunately, it was not plugged in.)

Kids, no Christmas tree this year!


Goro, you ate the Christmas tree.
I know you chewed off the cord, too.

What are you going to say to Santa
when he comes to see you? don't believe in Santa any more?

(I can't tell if he is still an innocent child
or just pretending to be innocent...)

Goro is right, though. And even without a tree,
we will have a wonderful Christmas.
What is important is that we are together :-)


  1. I've had years without a tree, because of the cats of course. This year I dared to put lights on it, but wrapped the cord in tin foil (suggested on another blog). I have the tree tied to a ceiling plant hook with some heavy-duty string, and I never put any breakables, hook, or garland/tinsel on the tree. So far, they've been at it a bit, but have been pretty good about it. Maybe next year you can try for a tree again! :-)

  2. Aren't you two boys wicked! It looks fun though! Hehe.

  3. We like naughty boys! hee hee!
    We don't have a tree at our house either. We'll go for the love, lots of it.

  4. Christmas trees are so much fun, we should keep them up all year. Congrats on the very nice award!

  5. he he- you two crack me up! You are doing a good job of keeping your oomans on their toes tho.

  6. I think the two of you are the best and you look pretty innocent to me! Yes you are right the important part of the holidays is that you are all together!

  7. You two are so funny! Mommy and I both love reading your blog and what you are thinking. My mommy finally allowed us to have a small 3 foot tall tree. NO ornaments.

  8. Concats on the award! We sure enjoy reading about Goro and Niko's antics!

    Love your innocent expression, Goro :). You are right, you don't need a tree for Christmas. Purrs,

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  9. Congratulation on Award Goro Chan & Niiko Chan.
    You both are not interesting the christmas tree
    that okay, enjoy bottle of wine that I can seen in the photo:-)

  10. Congratulations on your award!!!

    I'm glad no kitty was hurt by chewing through the Christmas lights. Oh well, no tree needed to have a happy Christmas when there is all that love in the house! :)

    xo Catherine

  11. Our mom puts up the tree and we climb it and whap the ornaments and she says she will never put up a tree again...but we know she will put it up again...and we'll climb it and whap it!!!

  12. Thanks for all the compliments my boys! Right back at ya! Too bad about that tree, good for all that LOVE though...And Goro, you'z highly intelligent, you know that even if Santa Claus DOESN'T exist, you'z getting presents anyhow...BRILLIANT!!!

  13. my cat tries to eat our fake christams tree too. :( thankfully she hasn't chewed on any cords (i think)... that's too bad about your tree. :( but like you said, i'm sure you'll still have an awesome christmas. :)

  14. I love your boys and they are a lot like Kassey. She only gets a tiny fiber optic tree with balls.She shows no interest. We are glad the wire wasn't plugged in when it was chewed.
    We thank you for the award, so honored that we were given it. Have a Happy Christmas with all the love there.