Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dinner Table

I am cooking now, Goro.
It will be ready in a little while.

Uh, Goro...

You have your bottom in a side water bowl.

I think you killed the water, Goro.

When serving wet food,
I sometimes sprinkle crumbs of the chicken treat
over it, just like seasoning.

Both Goro and Niko like it.

Hey, Niko.

You have a crumb of chicken on your tail.

It's okay, Niko.

Goro, you also have a crumb on your nose.

Yes, but Goro....

You are a messy boy,
messy messy boy ~

Sorry, sorry!

As an apology...

How about another chicken treat dish 
for dessert?

Oh, Goro...

I think you killed your dinner!

There is always laughter at our dinner table.

It is happiness.


  1. Mom sure fed you boys a nice dinner. We enjoyed your post. Mom says I'm messy too.
    Kassey and her Mom

  2. You guys iz SO funny, we luvs ya!

  3. Hello My Boys, my Mom would like your Mom's email address to tell her something, could you get her to email us at: clooneycreditcanada AT gmail DOT com

  4. LOL!!! Goro is a funny boy :-)

  5. Goro, you crack us up!
    Rupert would like to visit you...he ALWAYS has his nose up in everybody else's "business", and yours would have some interesting smells!
    heh heh.

  6. LOL ~ hahaha ~ oh you are too funny! What a wonderful way to start my Monday work day ~ with a good laugh! I am thinking a little kitty butt in the food shouldn't effect the taste Goro!

    Have a clean day!
    xo Catherine

  7. MOL! You both are so silly and adorable. Life with you must be very entertaining! Your mom made you a terrific dinner; we must see if our mom could get us some treats like that too, to sprinkle on our canned food!

  8. Goro, mommy and I both loved seeing you two this morning.

    Mommy's ALWAYS point out our neatness mistakes. I think they have extra eyes or something!


  9. That was too funny, what a cook you are!!!

  10. Now we are hungry!! We're gonna go eat!!

  11. Mol! Goro, Niko, you are both very silly indeed!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  12. What an adorable blog you have. I'm happy at Cloony pal told me to stop over. Nice to meet you friends.

  13. very, very cute blog!
    Your kitty's name sound as if they are Greek and I love ALL THINGS GREEK and CATS so that is reason enough for me to follow!

    I also learned about you over at my friend Clooney's blog......
    I am your newest follower! Hope you will visit me as well!
    Caren from Cat Chat

  14. Ooops!! Now that I just made a complete fool of myself! I just read your "About You" and I think your names are Japanese!! I love THAT TOO!! ((((hugs))))

  15. Goro - do you always put your butt in your dinner - although it could be worse - it could be our dinners!! haha!!

  16. Ha ha ha! You guys are too funny! I must say that for all the weird things the Human says I've done, I don't remember ever sitting in my dinner! This is an excellent story!

  17. hi, i also found your blog via Cloony's blog. :)

    this post was awesome! i look forward to reading more of your blog. :)

    btw, i think that it's awesome that you write your blog in English rather than Japanese. i know there are lots of 猫ブログs in Japanese and it might have been easier for you to write in Japanese, but your English is great. :) maybe i should write some of my blog in Japanese so i don't forget it...

  18. We are messy, messy boys too!

    Nice to meet you!!!

  19. MOL! You boys are very funny. Don't worry, we have some messy kitties here, too. :)

  20. Ooo! Those treats look jolly nice!