Sunday, September 25, 2011

Goro's 2nd Anniversary

Cheer up, Goro.

We are going to have chicken for dinner today.

September 22 was Goro's 2nd Gotcha Day.
We celebrated with special chicken dinner.

My dear son, Goro.
You make me smile every single day.

I love you so much and  I do anything
I can to make you happy.

Happy anniversary :-)


  1. Yum, yum!! Chicken is the bestest ever! That last picture is adorable, melts your heart. Hugs and nose kisses

  2. That made me just smile and so did mommy. It's easy to see how much Goro is loved and cherished and his sweet face resting there on your hands...makes mom's heart melt.

  3. Happy 2nd anniversary Goro san,
    You love the chicken though my memories a back in japan we used to feed a fish for the cats:-)
    Admiral's said for me that all I wanted to write in here....
    hope goro san and Niko san enjoy with your lovely MOMMY today.
    Tamago san, you are lucky to have both healthy cats.

  4. Happy 2nd Anniversary, Goro! oh, it's too bad those birds were teasing you but it looks like you had the last laugh :) It looks like you had a special celebration. Your and Niko's adventures make us smile too :)

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  5. Happy anniversary, those birds must have been tempting

  6. "Untouchable"!! Goro, your Mommy is funny!
    Happy Anniversary, handsome man--and enjoy that chicken!

  7. Goro-san,
    Happy Gotcha Day you handsome birdie eating feline! pssst...I can teach how to open birdies' cage. purrr...meow!

  8. Looks like you had a terrific Gotcha Day Goro - hope you at lots of chicken! :)

    xo Catherine

  9. Happy gotcha day, Goro! You showed those birdies in the end!

  10. Happy Gotcha Day Goro !!!!!
    First, I'm so happy you had chicken for Birthday Day Meal : )
    and I just want to tell you, not just your family love you so much, Me and mom love you so much too ! You always make me laugh and laugh.
    Luv You

  11. Aw, at least you got your chicken in the end! Those birds were horrible for teasing you. Just like that darned Tweety Bird. Hope you had a great Gotcha Day Anniversary!


    this was a really nice post! :D i'm glad you enjoyed your special dinner and i hope you enjoyed your special day! i'm so happy that your mom gotcha'd you, Goro. :)

  13. Happy anniversary Goro, gotcha days are the best!!!

  14. That last photo is just precious, so, so sweet.

    Happy belated Gotcha Day, Goro. We're glad you have a wonderful forever home!

    BTW, our neighbour's DECLAWED cat is always catching birds and leaving their partially eaten bodies by our mom's front step, so birds certainly aren't untouchable. Ha.

  15. Happy Gotcha Day Goro!!!! I just love that last picture of you snuggling with your mum, it is beautiful and sweet :-)

  16. Happy 2nd Anniversary Goro!!! This was such a sweet post!

  17. Happy Gotcha Day, Goro ! Mom always smiles here reading about your cuteness. At least you got bird nommies.

    Mom would like your Mom to haf the Sunshine Award acause your blogs always give her Sunshine.
    xox Kassey

  18. Winner winner chicken dinner!!
    Happy 2nd Gotcha Day Goro :)

  19. Happy Anniversary. We sure like that last picture. That is so heart warming. Also love the picture of you riding around in the cart. Take care.

  20. Happy Gotcha day to you, Goro!

  21. Oh, that was so funny! Happy Gotcha day cute Goro!

  22. Oh my dear bro' Goro, Happy 2nd Anniversary my boy! I'm so glad you got a special meal of chicken...and that you ended up with that special Mom of yours. Have a great week buddy.

  23. That is just lovely! Happy belated 2nd Gotcha Day, Goro!!

  24. We've just told mum off cos she missed this post - belated anniversary wishes Goro. You just can't get the right staff these days!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  25. Happy Anniversary, dear Goro! We are so glad you found such a wonderful loving home with a family that loves you so very much. Big hugs and purrs to you, Niko, and your mom and dad! :)

  26. Happy Gotcha Anniversary, dear Goro. Love the last photo..

    Tom & Julie

  27. What a great post! The last picture is priceless.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  28. Oh Goro, we're sorry we're late to wish you a happy 2nd gotcha day!! We both think gotcha days are the BEST - even better than birthdays!! We hope you had a really great day and that Niko let you have the biggest portion of chicken. And we hope that WE get chicken when we celebrate Zoe's 2nd gotchaversary in a couple of weeks!!!!!!!!

    Love, Fuzzy and Zoe

    P.S. We finally got our mom to post the award that you gave us a while back - the post will be up on Thursday! Thank you again!!!! <3

  29. Happy Gotchas! Hope you enjoyed your chick-hens!

    My Human is all melted into a puddle on the floor now looking at the last picture.

  30. Happy belated anniversary Goro! I see you hum when you're happy!

    Love to you!

    That is such a special last photo!

  31. A bit late, but still from heart: Happy birthday, dear Goro!
    I love the picture where I looks in his water bowls... that really looks funny :o).
    Have a great day!

  32. Mommy here: I love your blog...and you are just one of the first I go to.

  33. I are a bit late, but I wants to wish my dear mancat look-a-like friend, Goro, a very Happy Gotchaday. I bet it was great, chicken and all!
    Love, TK

  34. Two happy years. This made us very happy!

  35. Happy Gotcha Day! Purrs from four mancats.

  36. Dearest Tamago,

    Oh what a joy those two years have been; for both ways! Happy felines and happy 'human parents' that do truly LOVE them. Wish more pets would find such unconditional love.
    They are always so cute!
    Love to all of you,