Sunday, February 27, 2011

Niko's 1st Anniversary

Niko came to our home on February 28, 2010.
My fiance and I adopted him from a shelter because we wanted Goro to have a friend. At the first meeting, Goro did not like Niko. Goro growled and hissed at him. We kept Niko in a guest bedroom to let both of them slowly adapt to the new situation.

Three days after Niko came here, I found a bald spot over his left eye, which was diagnosed as ringworm.
Since ringworm is infectious and can be passed with direct contact or via environment including shed hair, we had to keep him completely separated from Goro. Niko had to stay in the guest bedroom much longer than we planned.

It became a daily routine to wash clothes and take shower immediately after spending time with Niko. Every time we left the room, Niko cried and cried behind the closed door. It broke my heart but we could not let him out. Goro's hissing continued whenever he noticed Niko in the room or in a carrier when going to the vet. We gave Goro a treat in front of the closed door in order to let him relate Niko to something good.

One day, I was spending time with Niko. I put him on my lap and looked at him.
His face looked strange because hair over his eyes was shaved by the vet for topical application of medicine. He was skinny and bony. His coat covering his tiny body was rough and dry. His nails were cracked. He obviously lacked nutrition, which I think was because he was stray for a long time. When the volunteer lady at the shelter found him, he was in a ditch, in a melting snow, with broken pelvis. We don't know how long he was trapped there. And now he has to be confined in this room.

Feeling sad and sorry for him, I stroked Niko's neck gently.
Then he began to purr. He looked at me and purred. It was loud and strong. This was the moment I really fell in love with him.

About one and half months later, Niko was free from ringworm. Finally it was time for him to come out of the room. But we were not sure how Goro would react to it.
To our pleasant surprise, when Niko came out, Goro did not hiss or growl at him. Goro looked at Niko with a curious look on his face and touched Niko with his paws. We gave both of them a treat.

Soon they began to play with each other, became friends and now they are real brothers. We don't know what changed Goro's mind. After all, maybe this one and half months was what Goro needed to accept Niko. Or did all the treats work as we desired? Or maybe Niko's crying behind the closed door made Goro feel sympathy for Niko and warm up for him.

It doesn't matter. We are just happy that Niko is a happy kitty now. Niko has gained a lot of pounds. His coat is soft and shiny. His nails are strong. He is safe and he stays warm in winter and cool in summer. He is our son and Goro's brother.
Thank you for coming to our life, Niko. Your happy face, cute voice, fluffy tummy, your shyness and sweetness, your everything brings us so much happiness and we love you from the bottom of our hearts. Happy anniversary, Niko.

Niko? Goro? Have you fallen asleep?
Niko...sorry it was very long. I will make it short for your next anniversary.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Away from Home

About 10 days ago...
I was preparing for my little trip.

Yes, Goro, but just for a short period.
Will you be okay without me?

I.....hope you will keep a regular bowel movement. 
You and Niko, both.

What do you mean?

Oh, no! Don't say that!

I... I always think about
Niko's and your happiness, Goro.

Now, would you give me my passport?

I did not ask you to pass me a pork, Goro.
My passport is under your tummy.

Are you trying to keep me from going away?


Later I found Goro packed himself in my suitcase.

Unfortunately, I could not take him or Niko with me.
(I wish I could.)

But when I came back,
Goro was happy and Niko had all his hair.

I don't think I'll go on a trip for a while.
It was very hard to be away from my kids.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Annual Vet Visit

It was Saturday morning, when I saw...

Goro! Stop attacking Niko.
We need to go to the Vet today.

I mean, Niko, Dad, and I need to go.
You don't have to run, Goro.

Today was the day for
Niko's annual veterinary exams.

Now, time for exam.

Niko got vaccinations and he is a healthy, happy boy :-)


Goro, we are home!

Are you okay?

Oh, Goro. It was just a regular Vet visit.
Niko is home, too.

Yes, he went upstairs.

Goro! Stop attacking Niko!


There was another time when
Niko had to be at the Vet for a while
and Goro was depressed at home.

Goro is sometimes rough but
he sure loves Niko :-)