Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My Dear Hunter

Goro is a very good hunter.

He brings his hunting gifts to us, too.
Glad they are not breathing kind...

This brings me back a memory of
one of my girls over the Rainbow Bridge. 


My beautiful baby girl.

She always gave me her hunting gift - birds, lizards,
etc. Yes, they were breathing (or used-to-breathe) kind.

I remember one particular night
when she brought me a LIVE MOLE. 

Under panic, I caught it and threw out of window.

The image of mole vanishing into darkness
 is still clear in my memory...

I'm sorry I had to let go of the hunting gifts from my
dear girl. But I cherish the gift of happiness she brought
me every day and happy memories I will never let go.


By the way, I highly doubt Niko is a good hunter.

Goro. For hunting gift,
please stick to a non-breathing kind.


  1. The cat before me was also a mighty hunter! But she did not usually bring gifts to my human because she learned early on they were not appreciated. So she saved them for herself.

  2. Once Baggy caught a mouse in the house, and while he was proud (and I was glad the mouse was gone), I don't think I fully appreciated it!

    Happy Hunting!

  3. We love to hunt too. But since we're inside kitties, we only get to hunt the non-breathing things...or the occasional bug that makes it way into the house.

  4. When the peeps had the house, their cats used to catch mice. We don't have no vermin here.

  5. I love see cats hunting~~
    Goro just amazing, and so was your lady cat, the gift means their truly precious heart, so I really do love it!!!

  6. Dearest Tamago,
    How pretty your white girl was and how endearing that they do bring us gifts! For my birthday this year I got a little snake...
    How Goro is lecturing Niko about the bug; precious!
    Stay well and enjoy your two boys; different but both sweet!

  7. hehe i love neko with ladybug pic. love your post!

  8. Those are lovely photos of the boys and your Angel girl. We laughed out when we read about her bring home a mole and you throwing it out the window. Wonder what the mole thought as he was airborne. A flying mole. LOL.

  9. OMC !!! She rock ! But your mom waste all of her hard works!..especially , LIVE MOLE !!!!

    I think that's poor mole have too much experience !
    Been caught by kitty and then fly out off the window..MOL

  10. Happy memories are the best :) Laughed my tail off at the backside of the mole drawing BOL!

    That's so sweet of Niko to want to make furiends with bugs - Mom probably wouldn't appreciate sleepovers with them butt - hey each to their own ;P

    Goro, mighty hunter, we should team up - between the two of us I bet we could totally decimate the stuffie population heh heh heh ;)

    Waggin at ya,

  11. What a pretty girl. I grew up with a cat who was an AMAZING hunter, my parents let her live outside which I dont approve of but it certainly honed her skills. She was able to kill rabbits, whch was depressing, because they were baby rabbits. She was a very sweet cat though Personally I prefer indoor hunting in the stye of Goro and Niko

    urban hounds

  12. Awwww Niko!! You are a gentle soul and like to be everyone's friend!!

    Lovely Goro! You are amazing!

    We think your angel sisfur is beautiful. Take care

  13. Banjo is not much of a hunter...he's more of an eater... LOL! Yes, please stick to the non-breathing kind Goro!
    You kitties have a terrific week!
    xo Catherine

  14. goro N niko....sew like if ewe bringed yur mom a gift oh say.....looze 50's ore 100's...what cha think her wood due !!!

  15. She surely was a beautiful hunter!

  16. We have one of these poles with a bird on the end, we change it sometimes to a mouse or dragonfly. Ella calls it The Catting Pole, because it reminds her of a fishing pole. The mole image will stay in my head for quite awhile, I can see it all! And I love the little whimsical mole drawing to go with the story. I hope our cats will be chasing bugs this spring and summer, they already love to chase the flying kind.

  17. What a funny memory of your sweet angel hunter. It made me laugh to think of the mole flying through the darkness!

    Moosey is a good hunter, but he is so sweet that I think he would not really harm his prey.


  18. I remember the hunter I had years ago. He had a bit of a mean streak as he liked to bring them home slightly injured so he could play with them.

  19. What a gorgeous and skilled huntress, foever in your heart. Fake purple moles are more pleasant. Odin is a live mole a day kind of kitty *sigh*

  20. Your little girl was a loving one to bring you home food for your table. My Robin used to do the same. Almost every day. She made a huge contribution to our welfare, my sons and me.

    Now Niko-san, you precious dear boy..if my mommy were there she would ask you premission to kiss and kiss you. Goro-san would be tolerant of that request perhaps but allow only one kiss. Maybe. :-)

  21. Dearest Tamago-san,
    Oh, they really are awesome hunters, aren't they(^_^)彡☆
    Your beautiful baby girl look SO beautiful and elegant (I think still do un your heart)

    二人とも仲良くしてて、安心しました(*^_^*)とても素敵な彼女だったんですね。ギフトのイメージがとてもLovely p;)

    I hope you all are having a wonderful new week.
    Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  22. What was your beautiful girl called?

    Goro the Hunter and Niko the Lover. What a combo!!!

    The Chans (玉ちゃん、清ちゃん、ビビちゃん, 源ちゃん)

  23. OMG you have such beautiful fur babies...I am also a mom for 4 kitties that I simply adore :)> So happy I found you :).

  24. Love your memories of the beautiful girl before...Goro, we are impressed with your keen hunting skills, handsome boy!...Niko, you are such a sweetie!...Happy weekend, precious friends!...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  25. Niko is too sweet and gentle to be a good hunter!

  26. Happy St. Patrick's Day from Pope Keisha.

  27. We hunt like Niko does. Sometimes we play with them too rough though. Our mommy laughed at the thought of you finding your dear girl playing with a live vole.

  28. Tamago san!
    I love both Goro san & Niko san
    Niko is a good hunter!
    Goro san For Hunting gift Boy!
    Otosan to Okasan ga itumo happy time.
    Hontoni yokata koto omimasu.

  29. Before we came to live with Mum all the cats who lived here were mighty hunters. One brought a live rat home once and Mum's late husband saw it jumping at him in the garden and ran out and grabbed it - it sank it's teeth into his hand and he had to smash the rat to death (gruesome) on the garage wall before he could prise it off his hand. He then had to go to see the doctor and have a tetanus jab! Ouch!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx
    ps we don't hunt cos Mum feeds us tastier meals than dead mouse or bird.

  30. The Human had a kitty a long time ago named BooBoo who was an outside kitty when they lived in the country. BooBoo was a little female who the Human swears killed something EVERY DAY and brought it to the door....and sometimes BooBoo had not quite finished deading it yet....ICK!

  31. And thank goodness for good hunters! We wouldn't even want to think how deep the mousies would be around here if not for our hunters! Purrs...

  32. Niko, you are such a wise kitty to be friends with the Ladybugs, they are very special. And Goro my boy, good hunting with that purple mousie for sure! Thinking of your Mom as she remembers her sweet baby girl...
    Good thoughts to all of you this week.

  33. Hi Tamago,
    your Baby girl was a beautiful cat. I am sure you taught her a lot of cute things. All cats have so strong personalities. I love to see the news about Goro and Niko. Goro might be a good hunter, but Niko is a philosopher. Very cute both.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  34. What a great 'hunting' post !
    Your Baby girl was so pretty !
    Wise words from Niko to Goro ... oh, they both are so cute :-)
    Nice week,