Sunday, September 27, 2015

Goro's 6th Anniversary

Goro's ice cream cone toys

He loves to carry them around.

So the toys travel throughout the house.

On stairs

Under the bed

Niko's favorite napping spot...

But they always, always come back to
one place: under the table in a living room
- and I know why.

Because that's the table his Dad
spends his time at a lot.

Goro is such a Daddy's boy :-)

Lately, his line of gift items expanded.

And the best gift of all...

On September 22, we celebrated
Goro's 6th Gotcha Day.

He has brought so much
laughter and happiness into our life. 
Goro is truly a precious gift for us!

Sunday, September 13, 2015


Snack for Goro & Niko

Here you go, Goro. Enjoy!

No, nothing special. I just
love you, and you are so handsome.

...and you are going to the Vet.

It's just a regular checkup, Goro.
I had to have one last month as well.

No...I wasn't rolled in a towel like burrito because
I didn't threaten people in the exam room.

Oh, Niko.
You are going to the Vet, too.

We all went to the Vet this week.

Goro for annual checkup
Niko for dental & heart murmur check

It's OK, kids. You'll be fine.

Some "burrito making" happened but
the checkup went fairly well.

Kids having special snack after Vet visit

I'm happy to report that both Goro & Niko
 got good results. Hopefully we don't
have to go back until next regular checkup!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Thank You

Thank you so much for your kind words
and sympathies at loss of our Kit.
Your support really meant a world to us.

Kit's ashes
He looks smiling in this picture

Goro was attached to me during the 
1st weekend of Kit's passing,

Niko's concerned eyes always followed me.

Thank you, boys. I'm better now.

To show appreciation,
I made a new snack for them.

Boil Goro & Niko's bonito flakes in a pot

Strain out the flakes

Freeze the broth & serve!

What a great summer treat.
Here you go, Goro.

Well, that failed spectacularly.....


Along with ashes, we received lock of Kit's fur
(which was unexpected and made me cry..)

We decided to keep his fur in a frame.

He was a truly precious kitten.

Sunday, August 30, 2015


Last Wednesday, I met a kitten.
He was found at my work and had nowhere to go. My husband and I decided to take him in, but only temporarily. We will find him home later. We called him Kit, which was short for kitten.

Kit looked very weak. Vet said he was severely dehydrated besides having other health conditions. After receiving a fluid therapy, he perked up a little. I heard his sweet purring. Let's get better, sweetheart. But next day, something looked wrong with him. We rushed to the vet. They tried to save Kit, but his body was giving up. I could only cry and stroke his body. He was gone.

Kit was only about eight weeks old. Why couldn't I save him? I hope my tears help his innocent soul. My husband suggested that we adopted Kit, so he didn't die homeless. I agreed, Kit is our family. Brother of Goro & Niko.

Thank you for reading this story, and knowing that he was here. No life is meaningless. With his tiny body, Kit fought for life bravely. Although the time we spent together was way too short, we will remember him forever. 
This week we received Kit's ashes. He is home.


Sunday, August 16, 2015

Pretty Face

Looking down, and I saw...

Goblin attacking the leg!

No, that's Goro.

He likes wrestling with his Dad :-)

He is too pretty to be a goblin. matter what :-)

Still, Goro wants to show you his
"classic pretty face" shot.

Niko says hi, too.

Have a happy new week, everyone!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

8 Photos of Happiness

Thank you, furriends from Kitty Cat Chronicles
for tagging us to share 8 Photos of Happiness!

I picked 4 each for Goro & Niko with one of
the things they love. (Some photos are reposts)

Goro : Box

Niko : Making Biscuits (Kneading)

Kitty Cat Chronicles also gave us awards.
Thank you, Emily, Delilah, Sampson, Sophie,
Sassy & Caster. You are fantastic!!

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Creative Blogger Award

Now I'd love to tag 2 friends to share
8 Photos of Happiness.

Cosiness : Gentle and sweet images by Sylvia
make your heart smile :-)

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beautiful writing by Jen brighten your day!

We wish you all a happy new week!!