Monday, May 25, 2015

On a Chair

Have a happy new week!

Sunday, May 17, 2015




Suitcase got packed (without Goro) & furred up!

Recently, I made a trip to my hometown in Japan.

After looong 14-hour flight (or 20+ hours
door-to-door journey,) I enjoyed time with
friends & family as well as...

* Yum-yum food *

* Hot springs *

* Toilet...

Well, it didn't occur to me to take photos
while in Japan (due to nature of subject!)

So Goro & I made images to show you.

I encountered a toilet that not only
opens its lid but also lights up for you.

It's nice in the midnight, but...

Yep, I had mixed feelings about it, too.

After 5 nights in Japan (and another
20+ hours journey,) I was back home.

Suitcase got un-packed & re-furred up!

Furry mat from Japan (Gift from my Mom)


My carry-on suitcase..
(Not going back to closet any time soon)


It was wonderful to visit my hometown.
And now I'm so happy to be back because...

Yes, I'm home :-)

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Enjoying Spring

Oh, HOT!

I was referring to temperature outside.
But you are hot, too, Goro :-)

It was like summer this week.
Thought spring was ending already.

But by the weekend, it cooled down nicely.


This was a good reminder. We gotta fully
enjoy spring before it gets SIZZLING HOT!

Goro is my furry hot mancat :-)

P.S. Please forgive us as our comment
will be spotty for a while.

We wish everyone a happy new week!



Goro & Niko

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Sweet Toys

After reading CK's post about Catnip Confection toy,
I got Honeysuckle & Valerian toys for Goro & Niko.

Honeysuckle candy.
Looks and smells sweet!

I've read Valerian's scent is not so inviting,
and found it's true to reputation.

Doesn't matter, of course - because kids love it!

Especially Niko

Tastes good, too?

Niko & candy

Happy Goro (eye-kissing)

Niko's tail tends to curl up
when he is happy.

Making sweet furry doughnut :-)

By the way, I got two set for each flavor,
so that kids don't have to share.


Somehow they always end up
fighting over one.

They sure make a purrfect dessert for kids :-)

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Snack Puzzle

Goro & Niko love game involving food.
So I include it in their daily activities.

Freeze-dried meat for the game

Game Board
Scoop snack out of various modules

Snack Hunt
Find snack put at random places

Roll & Eat
Roll paper towel tube and get snack out of it

Highway Chase
Run and jump up & down to get snack
put on shelves & trees

And the latest addition...

Snack Puzzle

This is a tough one. Kids have to move
sliders, levers, balls, etc. to get the snack.

It's hiding, Goro.

My goodness, Niko. You are genius!
You figured it out already?

.....Maybe not.

Um, Goro. You are a smart boy.
You can do it.

G...good point. But no, no.

Well, kids ARE smart. I showed them how to
play, and they have become pretty good at it.

Here is the video Goro made.

Have a fun new week, everyone!