Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sleep Kneading

Niko and I go to bed together
every night.

Biscuit making :-)

Good night, Niko.

What a sweet baby :-)

Sometimes, I wake up at Niko's purring during
the night. He always makes me smile!

Well, he breaks my heart when...

Niko, wait! Where are you going?

Once in a while, Niko decides to sleep
somewhere else, leaving me all alone.

But I know he eventually comes back :-)

Yes, my darling!

During the day, this is Niko's
favorite napping spot.

Biscuit making :-)

Here is the video. You may not be able to hear
purring, though, as audio isn't good.

My sweet sleep-kneader Niko.
I always wish you sweet dreams!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Smooth Movement

My dreaded tea time

* Sip *

Ugh. It tastes so bad.

This is my herbal laxative tea. Works great
when I'm constipated but the taste is awful.

Oh, you don't, Goro.

Goro has a smooth movement every day.
So his tummy is always happy.

Niko is not as regular as Goro.
A bit of pumpkin seems to help, though.

By the way, each of laxative tea bag
comes with a different message.

Profound (?) message
for those who are constipated.

While I empty myself in a bathroom,
Goro fills me with entertainment.

Goro. Can I have toilet paper now?

Happy tummy makes happy day.
We hope you had a smooth movement today :-)



Sunday, March 8, 2015

Weekend Nap

On weekends, I take a morning nap.

Usually Goro joins me.

Breathtaking tummy view :-)

We hope you had a relaxing weekend!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Niko's 5th Anniversary

On February 28, we celebrated
Niko's 5th Gotcha Day.

He loves chicken.

And he loves coconut oil.

So on his special day, I made a dish
combining those two.

As usual, Goro helped me cook :-)

After 20 minutes in the oven,
baked coconut chicken is ready!

Glad both Goro & Niko (especially Niko)
loved it :-)

Was it good, kids?

Happy Gotcha Day to our sweet Niko!
Darling baby, we love you!!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Bacon Mystery

It happened early in the morning.

Mrs. Eggs, housewife in suburban Georgia,
found her bacon gone missing.

Mrs. Eggs:
"It disappeared while I was in a bathroom."

As cat paw prints were found at the
crime scene, FBI began investigation.

*FBI (Feline Behavior Improvement):
Non-profit organization whose mission is to
improve naughty cat behavior

FBI agent: "Paw print matched one on our
database. We have a suspect."

FBI agent: "Goro. We found your paw prints
at the crime scene."

FBI agent: "You kidnapped the bacon.
Where is it?"

As FBI couldn't find evidence to link Goro
to kidnapping, they asked CI for help.

FBI agent: "That's it! We'll follow
Goro and catch him when he barfs."

And later...

FBI agent: "Goro, freeze!
We are gonna inspect that barf."

FBI agent: " just barfed cat grass.
But then, who took the bacon?"


Later that evening

FBI agent: "FBI!"

"Put your paws up, Niko!"


FBI agent: "Here is what happened."

"Niko is the one who kidnapped bacon."

"Then he conspired to frame Goro."

"Knowing cat grass would upset Goro's 
stomach, Niko provided disinformation."

FBI agent: "But he couldn't fool us.
Mrs. Eggs, here is your bacon."

Mrs. Eggs: "Um, that's an interesting

"This is not my bacon. It's a toy."

FBI agent: "What? Then, where is the bacon??"

Mr. Eggs: "Honey, I'm home."

Mrs. Eggs: "Oh, darling, glad you are home."

Mr. Eggs: "What's going on?"

Mrs. Eggs: "My bacon went missing and..."

Mr. Eggs: "Oh, yeah. I took it for snack
when I left for work this morning. I
was gonna ask but you were in bathroom.
You didn't mind, right?"

FBI agent: "Uh-oh..."


FBI agent: "We are so sorry,
Mr. Niko, Mr. Goro."

FBI agent: "Um..we'll make up for your trouble.
How about nice, non-salt turkey bacon for you?"

New FBI protocol:
"Always suspect human before accusing feline"

This story is fictitious. Any resemblance to real
names or organizations is purely coincidental :-)