Friday, August 13, 2010


It is Bon in Japan, now.

It is the special night when Japanese
people go out and eat boiled octopus.

....No, Goro.
It sounds fun, but it does not mean that.

Bon (or Obon) is a Japanese traditional event to
commemorate one's ancestors. It is generally
celebrated in mid-August although it varies from
 region to region, and it is the period of praying
for the repose of the departed spirits.

Back when I was living in Japan,
I had three beautiful girls.

Many years have passed since they went to
heaven, but I still miss them so much and yearn
after the happy days when we were together.

I wish and like to believe that they
are at peace and happy in heaven.


  1. They were very beautiful and that was a nice way to remember them. Thanks for visiting me today, I really like new friends!

  2. Thank you for visiting us! We love your blog! Your three girls were very pretty. We are sure you will be together again.
    We hope you enjoyed your Octopus. Was it tasty?

  3. We are sure your three sweeties are waiting at the bridge for you, happy together.

    Thanks for visiting me today too.

    Poppy Q

  4. Kitties that we have loved live on in our hearts even if they have gone to heaven :-) They wait for us there.

    I like the picture of your three sweet girls!