Sunday, April 10, 2011


I got this toy the other day.
Kitties on a box looked very happy, and
I wanted my kids to have fun.

As expected, Goro came to check out the new toy.

Thank you, Goro. 
But I don't think I need the instruction.
It's pretty easy to put together.

No, I didn't mean it's ready.
Let me put the ball on a platform.

Goro, you are supposed to let 
butterflies fly out of the ball.

Now you can play. Go!

Yes, yes. You can dance, too.
Like the kitties on a box!

Don't you want to dance, Goro?


...It turned out the toy had a
sleep-inducing effect on Goro.

His reaction was different from what I expected. 
I think he enjoyed it, though.

Niko ran away from the toy.
(It was kind of expected as his first reaction.)
Maybe I will report back when 
he decides to play with it.


  1. That looks like a very fun toy! Funny kitties ~ I guess they should look at the kitties on the box to see how it's done! Perhaps they just need a little time to figure it out. ;)

    xo Catherine

  2. What a cool toy! We wonder if we would like dancing butterflys or it would put us to sleep too?

  3. Uh-oh! I hope this toy does not wind up to be a dud!

  4. We saw this toy at the store, and wondered if our cats would like it. We look forward to seeing if Goro and Niko start enjoying it. :)

  5. Ha ha ha ha! My favorite thing is to psychically encourage my Human to buy me a nice expensive toy and then completely ignore it!

    That does look kind of fun. It doesn't seem like the butterflies got very far though? The other problem is that "someone" (not the cat!) will have to go around and find the *#$($% butterflies are they have "flown the coop" so to speak.

    I think my Human should get me one a those things. I'd like to see her try to show me how to dance around and maybe take a picture of her demonstrating. Hmmm.

  6. ha ha ha! hypno-butterflies!

    You know, they ALWAYS photoshop happy kitties on the picture on the box, actually, they were sleeping too.

  7. HA..HA..HA... COD ! Goro,you got me laugh all the time, I visit your blog.
    You look like wear space helmet in the #3 picture : )
    Thanks for good HA..HA..HA

  8. It looks interesting I wonder how we would react?!

    Purrs (goro-goro.....)
    The Beebs

  9. wow, i've never seen this toy before. it looks really cool. :) hopefully Niko will warm up to it.

  10. hahaha, Goro, you seemed to have more fun wearing the toy on your head! Well, at least it helped you sleep well :)

  11. Oh Goro you are such a card! I thinks you got a bit hypnotized by theese dancing butterflies huh?

  12. Ha! I never thought I would see a toy that made Goro relax! I might need one of those for Harley...

  13. Don't give up too quick, looks like lots of fun!!!

  14. Wow, what a cool toy!! I've never seen anything like that before..Oh, sweet Goro! Playtime can be hard work!

  15. Wow! Looks SO awesome!!!!! Might be a bit scary though with those things coming out and flying at you...

  16. That sure looks like a fun toy and Goro, you sure look like you might enjoy it. We haven't seen anything like that before but it is always fun to have something new. Take care.

  17. ha ha Goro chan aren't you lucky cat's..
    Your mum spoil you and Niko Chan? or try to keep it up you both figure to not getting fat:-)
    The butterflies is around fast there Goro Chan has dizziness ....
    Hope Niko Chan joint with you next time
    though would be wonderful time to see both together:-)

    Thank you for visit and leaving kind comment.
    I'm not good at write about everyday it took me a ....times:-)
    Enjoy your day with your family,

  18. This sure looks fun. Kassey seldom plays with bought toys, but she might like this. Goro was so cute sleeping after playtime and putting his head in the toy.
    I'm curious about Niko and the toy.

  19. My mommy buys me things all of the time. I never let her know which I will accept and play with until it's too late. She just spent 10.00 + tax on a soft stuffed BIG rat..full of catnip. I reached out once and that was it. hehehe. :-)

  20. This is a great post. I can't wait to see what happens next!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  21. What a fun toy! People in the cat toy biz are getting really creative..
    now what to do about going to sleep!?