Sunday, November 13, 2011

Just for a Short Time

I was preparing for my upcoming short trip.

Oh, Goro, Niko... 
I am, but just for a short time.

Besides, I make sure you are happy while I'm away.

I've got new toys for Goro to play and kill 
so that he does not get bored.

I'm leaving my clothes with my scent around Niko's
sleeping spots so that he doesn't feel lonely.

I cooked chicken for Goro and Niko so that
they can enjoy a lot of snacks.


I can't be here to stop Goro from playing with
inappropriate toys and hurting himself.

I can't be here to make sure Niko is sleeping
in a comfortable position.

I can't be here to serve snacks for them
and have fun time together.

Oh, no... Goro, Niko.


Good thing is that Dad will stay home with kids.
I'll be thinking about them all the time while I'm away.


  1. How can you leave those sweet little faces? Our Mommy hates to go away, too...but WE don't get special chikkun with love added! Somebody is gonna have demerits on their annual review.
    Goro, Salem wants to come over some time and kill a roll of paper towels with you!

  2. We don't like it when our mom goes away either. But it looks like your mom makes it extra special for you when she does!!

  3. Oh I bet you will miss your Mom huh boys? She sure does make it special for you though, even when she is away! You have a good Mommy! Sweet post. The "Happy Hour" gave us a big smile! Happy and safe travels to your Mom. (Glad it is just a short trip!) Have a good week boys.

  4. Goro and Niko,
    Don't you guys dare succumb to all those bribes. Hang on to her skirt/pants as she tries to get out of the door. Or stow away in the suitcase. purrr....meow!

  5. Oh, what a lovely post♡♡♡
    You boys sure have a thoughtful Mom. Look all these goodies she is keeping accompany with you.
    Hope you can behave yourselves with your daddy♬♬♬
    Much Love from east, xoxo Orchid*

  6. Oh, poor Goro and Niko...who will save you from suffocating when you sleep like that!! That had me in stitches...haha! Sooooo hard to part with our babies..even for an afternoon!

  7. Do you guys get away with a lot more when it's only your male human in the house? Just wondering.

  8. What is it about this week? It seems that all Moms are heading out of town... Our #1 is coming back tomorrow night. We hope your Mom is coming back soon!

    The Chans

  9. MOL...Look like your mom is professional to go away !!!
    Lucky he left daddy with you : )

  10. I know it's not very fun when that suitcase takes mom away but look at all the wonderful things she does for you before she leaves! Such a sweet mom!

    You kitties have fun with dad. I'm sure he will take good care of you.

    xo Catherine

  11. Okay, if our mom did all that for us, maybe we'd encourage her to go away. Haha!

    Have a safe trip; we'll be glad for your return!

  12. Awwwww dat'z so sad your mom go away.... we hope she come back home soon,,,,,, but what'z dat sayin.... when da catz away da mice will play .....hehehehe
    dadz are sooooo easy :))))))
    Safe trip to your mom ^..^ Purrz~

  13. We totally agree, that is one lovely post. What a great Mom you have and she knows you so very well. Great pictures and great captions. Brought a good smile to our Mom's face. Hope Mom has a good trip and you two behave yourselves.

  14. I want some of that Chicken 'n Love soup!

  15. The coming home part is always my favorite, and at least it is a short trip!!!

  16. Goro and Niko, you're so sweet to be concerned for mom. You'll all miss each other, but the prep for the trip is awesome with so many good things to look forward to, mom'll be home in no time!

    Maybe you can email your happy faces to her!


  17. Rolled cake ... MOL! Your mom sure loves you, Goro and Niko. It looks as though she has thought of everything. Have fun with your dad while she is away, and your mom will be home before you know it. :)

  18. I love to see how your mommy loves you kids and makes things all ready for you when she leaves for awhile. My mommy still thinks of me too while she's gone and wonders how I am.

    That rolled cake sounds awfully good, Goro san. I will have to try that as soon as Mommy buys me a roll. And seeing what you mommy left out for you, Niko san, reminds me of how mommy does much the same thing while SHE is gone away.

    Your mommy makes my mommy smile SO big when she comes here. We both love this bloggie.


  19. I think your Mommy has the best story-telling and picture skills EVER. BUT!!! That does not mean I think it is okay for her to go away. NO! Mommy! Do not leave your little furry boys! Who knows what trouble Daddy will let them get into!!

  20. We all hate is when our mom goes away - they just know how we like our things laid out and how we like our food cut up - now don't get us started on the smooches!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  21. You boys haf such a sweet and caring Mom. She thinks of efurrything to keep you happy while she's gone. And efen leaves you a cake roll.
    Try to haf a good time with Daddy.
    xoxo Kassey

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  23. This is a precious bloggie. Mommy came back to read it again. We especially love the cooking with love for the boys while you're gone. xoxo

  24. We bet that chick-hen tastes wonderful since your mom made it with Mommy love. We know your mom misses you as much as you miss her. We're sure your dad is taking good care of you and giving you extra love to make up for you missing your mom.

  25. Hi Goro chan and Niko chan!
    I hope your mom come back early.
    but you can enjoy a lot of things your mom left.

  26. Love this blog! Hope she comes back some and brings you presents.

  27. What a sweet post-you are going to miss your mom so much but you will be even more grateful for her when she gets back

  28. It's happy hour! tee-hee! Thank you so much for your Thanksgiving greeting! I am thankful for our friendship.

    I hope you all had a good feast-day. Sending you warm wishes! xo

  29. That is such a cute post. We thinks your Mommy loves you two an awful lot. Aren't you the most lucky kitties. Take care.

  30. Thanks for stopping by on Thanksgiving! I hope that means your Mommy got home to you in time for turkey day!

  31. Hello Tamago,
    your furbabies are truly cute. I love the little faces and their look. And your stories are so nice. Your really feel what they think. I had a lot of fun. Thank you so much for following. My cat is names Wiski and blogs every Monday.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  32. Hello, boys. We're just checking on you. And just wondering if Mom has returned.
    xoxo Kassey

  33. You both have a such caring MOM love to seen happy face.
    Tamago san,
    A month ago I made a big mess on my spaces in my blogs name which I change to one michiko, not michiko-michiko ..
    That why it doesn't shows my new post on my friends Dashboard.
    I can't go back now Whew!!
    Thank you for visit Tamago san.

  34. i hope your mom had a good trip, you guys! it was very nice of you to /allow/ your mom to leave. :P

  35. Dearest Tamago,

    This is so good to see the exact same behavior from your cats. They HATE it if we get our travel gear out... But ours are left with a sweet catj-sitter too. She feeds them twice a day and they love her. Feels good, knowing that those special fur babies are taken care of.
    Love to you,