Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Farewell to Squirrel

Goro & Niko used to enjoy squirrel TV.

But we installed kitty enclosure on the deck
last year. So they go outside more often.

Although we always clean enclosure and accompany
kids while outside, it's safer to keep squirrels away.

We decided to shut down the squirrel TV.

So I got a recipe to repel squirrels..

.....which failed spectacularly.

Then I found this squirrel-proof bird feeder. And
it worked! Squirrels eventually stopped coming!

I think birds are happy as
squirrels will no longer hog their food.

I am happy as Goro & Niko can be outside
in safer environment.

I hope they are happy, too!

P.S. Squirrels still get food at a place
away from deck. We just want to avoid
inviting health risks that they may carry.


  1. Oh yeah...we're sure they're happy! How could they not be??

  2. With that awesome enclosure, how can Goro and Niko NOT be happy? :)

    You made us laugh, Tamago-san, with the part where the squirrel enjoyed the spicy new seed flavor! MOL!

  3. Dearest Tamago-san
    Wow, you sure know how to deal with these things. For the birds sake; but personally, I would love to have a visit from these cute squirrels as well p;)

    羨ましいな、鳥やリスの訪ねてくる環境って素敵ですね♡♡♡ How relaxing♬♬♬ 春になって、二人共外を楽しめてますね(*^_^*)

    I'm happy for your lovely baby to have you as Mom(^_^)v

    Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  4. It's too bad Squirrel TV got cancelled, but having the outdoor enclosure MORE than makes up for it!

  5. we're with Sparkle :) the boys sure look happy!

    Pip, Smidgen, minnie, Hollie

  6. I hope this keeps working for you. We got one of those bird feeders that will slam shut if the weight of a squirrel is on it, and it works really good....looks like yours.

  7. Those squirrels are a persistent bunch huh? So happy my boys are safe and are enjoying their outdoor enclosure, very cool! Have fun with birdie TV, boys!

  8. the recipe must burn his butt..MOL
    And his poot can light the fire...Ha..Ha..Ha

    I'm sure you both love outdoor area : )

  9. Everyone needs some spice in their life...squirrels too! MOL.
    Mommy would love for the squirrels to visit. They are so cute. We never knew squirrels were *dangerous*?
    We're so happy to see Niko out and enjoying the enclosure. :)

  10. They look very happy. Im impressedyour squirrel repellent worked

    urban hounds

  11. We love our little red squirrel and put food out specially for him!

    The Chans

  12. I'm also impressed the squirrel-proof bird feeder actually works. Those little guys are cute but hard to deter!

  13. Gora and Niko are two very lucky kitties having such loving parents. How could any kitties not be happy with that lovely enclosure and all the bird TV they want. Yup, it looks like a very good deal to me!
    xo Catherine

  14. Goro and Niko are lucky cats!

  15. Dearest Tamago,
    As for squirrels, it is tough to outsmart them! But it worked for you and it looks like on both sides of the fence everyone is happy. Your kids are safe and that's what matters.
    Our Spooky has run away again. We started letting him outside, just before breakfast and supper. That worked fine but this morning at 5:30 AM when I let him out (he was noisy and jumping all over us on the bed...) he has vanished. Later I need to retrieve him again, armed with the wicker pet carrier. Let's hope it will work again. Always something with eight felines.
    Hugs to you and your two special boys (three!).

  16. Wow, you handsome boys have a cool hangout and such great parents for making it just for you guys!!...Great whiffin and awesome Bird TV too=that is just purrfect!...Happy Hump Day, precious friends...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  17. doods !!! yur catio iz way awesum...we noes ewe both loves it....sorree de ewe noe what showed up at de end oh squirrelz tee vee.....stooooooooooopid rood burds canna even get ther own channel....


  18. It looks like Goro and Niko enjoyed watching the squirrel's acrobatics !
    We have a squirrel family here, they always eat our hazelnuts :-)
    I'm sure Goro and Niko are very happy, big hugs to them,

  19. I say they are thrilled, what a fun place to hang out!

  20. We're chuckling over the squirrel's NON-reaction to the hot seeds! We hope you boys will get plenty of birdy action instead. Look at it this way, it'll be a birdy BUFFETT!

  21. Whoa! They sure should enjoy their outdoor enclosure better than Squirrel TV.

  22. Awwwww squirrels are so amazing and adaptable so they're bound to find somewhere else to frolic!! Hopefully there will be plenty of fabulous birds to come visit now!

    Awwww beautiful Goro and Niko!! You two are so adorable! We love your enclosure and look out posts to watch the world go by!

    Take care

  23. Dearest Tamago,
    We had rain in the late afternoon and mid afternoon I went out for Spooky and called him as usual, near his two girlfriends (although he is harmless!)... No response. So for once I thought, let's take his little sister, Tiggy Tiger with us in the Rose Suite where we sleep already for months. But guess what? Before I went to bed, a wet Spooky came into my office, crying for supper (+missed breakfast...?). I picked him up and took him downstairs to the laundry room where we prepare the food at the counter. I thought let him sleep in here, using Tiggy-Tiger's litter box. But this morning we gladly did swap them as Tiggy-Tiger is way too hyper. She keeps jumping down from her perched cat bed in the window onto the bed at least twenty times. She cannot be quiet. No wonder she stayed so tiny... But I am sure glad that they were home; all eight of them!
    Hugs to you,

  24. It's win and win for cats and birds. So nice you will enjoy outdoor time!

  25. Hi Tamago,
    those squirrels look so cute. I know they steal the birfds food but I am not sure if your cats loved the squirrel TV more. I think thaey are like children, they love TV with action.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  26. How could they not....they look ecstatic :)...such a brilliant idea/

  27. chickies... err... birdies are better.

  28. The squirrels may be gone but the birdies are really good to watch.

    They look like they love it. Dad is thinking about making us a nice outside porch this year. Tough as we are on the second floor.

  29. Oh that is so great that you have a enclosure outside. What fun. When I had bird feeders, I had a terrible time with the squirrels. But then I accumulated so many cats, I don't feed the birds any more. Bye Bye squirrels. Too funny.

  30. Boys, you have a wonderful enclosure just for you two. No squirrels need apply! You both look fabulous and handsome. I love to see you out there enjoying the day. Love and snuggles. XXXOOO

  31. Bird TV is fun too :) That SQ was trespassin into your special catio? Yap, he had to go! Your new TV looks like one of those ones that spins the SQ around and flings him off when he steps on it - Oh how I would luv to see a flyin squirrel! :D

    Glad you two are safe and happy :)

    Waggin at ya,

  32. Such a wonderful place for Goro & Niko!!!!!

  33. My cat Eugenia has recently given birth to only one baby cat...and we sooo thrilled, I shall soon post the first photos with him, his eyes are about to open. Kissesssssss on the whiskers.

  34. Oh Boys..I am back again to see all of you..including Mr Squirrel. xoxoxoxox

  35. That is so cool having an outside enclosure. Those squirrels sure can be tricky.