Sunday, December 29, 2013

Not a Lap Cat

Niko is not a lap cat.

Niko doesn't come to my lap.
But he comes to bed with me every night.

Goro is not a lap cat.

Goro is a slap cat.

Well, Daddy's boy Goro visits his Dad's lap,
but usually not mine.

Instead, though, he visits my legs to take a nap :-)

Niko is not a lap cat, but he is a sweetheart.
He loves his head patted so much that...

He leaps up to pat himself with my hand
(which is extremely cute!)

So Niko is not a lap cat.

Goro is a wrap cat.

Wrapped in Dad's arms.

My arm trapped under Niko :-)

I love my boys just the way they are.

Goro and Niko are not my lap cats.
But they sure are very much loved cats :-)


  1. Oh, Tamago ( did I get that right?), we just KNOW you love your babies..... Just the way they are! Even if they might not be lap cats;-)

    Hugs & Kisses,
    Ragdoll Mommy~


  2. Amazingly, only TWO of the thirteen here are lap cats! I put it down to the fact that most are formerly feral and not well socialized as kittens. Goro and Niko--what a pair of opposites! You are blessed to have such funny boys.
    Happy New Year! Trish

  3. NONE of us here are lap cats! Binga is the closest - she is a slap-happy cat.

  4. Cloon's Human: Oh what a sweet post, yes your boys are so very loved and have such a loving home with you, we are happy for you all! (Neytiri is not a lap cat and Clooney is not a lap cat but can be held and he is a big cuddler.) We wish you a very Happy New Year and a 2014 filled with many blessings including health, joy, prosperity and possibility! We appreciate your friendship so much.

  5. They're both wonderful, just as they are. Annie wasn't a lap cat, but was so affectionate in her own way. Nicki isn't a lap cat, either, and he's super-affectionate, also in his own ways. Derry IS a lap cat, as was Chumley. I've never had any expectations from them--I just accept them for who they are. Somehow it can be easier to do that with non-humans than with humans. LOL.

    Happy almost new year to you all; may 2014 bring everything you need and much of what you want. :-)

  6. cute! My cats are not lap cats too. Each one have their personality and they are beautiful exactly the way they are...HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  7. Dearest Tamago,
    Guess it is kind of rare for having a lap cat isn't that?
    Our oldest boy Barty is a lap cat and he insists to be on my lap when I need to type; hard job with him weighing on my arms!
    Bandido loves to sit in my chair, besides me and upright, pretending he is human. He does this for sharing some unsalted cashew nuts with me... Yeah, a kind of trade off.
    Tiny Tiggy Tiger has only recently taken up the habit of sitting on your lap. Her sister Sacha was dominant and never let her stay close to us... Sad fact but since she got killed by car in June, the others have changed.
    Pieter has more luck as most of them snuggle up to him! But Bandido sleeps at my feet and sometimes in-between the two of us. Spooky does so too and he pretends to be human as he stretches out as long as he is and he loves to sleep at his Papi's feet! Barty is on my lower pillow over my head. I have to nestle the pillows such that the big square European pillow is sticking out for him to nestle on. They are all so funny.
    Spicy is no lap cat at all, she loves to be pat but that's it and she sleeps on my side of the bed too. Spunky is a lap cat but she gives love bites so you have to be watching out.
    Hugs to you and another happy year with your boys. They are ALL different but they understand how to give oodles of LOVE back to their human!

  8. Guys, you´re lovely!!!!
    Have a nice last 2013´s Monday!

  9. U guys r so cute. I love lap cats we don't havd any but r cat baby sleeps on my head.
    Retro rover

  10. Our Moesj isn't a lap cat either ... but she is sweet, just like Goro and Niko !
    Love how Goro makes biscuits ... so cute :-)
    Wishing you all a great New Year's Eve and Happy New Year !

  11. We are both lap cats and Hannah is a bed cat too and sleeps with Mum.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  12. You two are so loved and the love sure shows!

  13. Niko is a Pat Cat! Heehee.
    None of us are "real" lap cats though Boomer will sometimes sit on Mommy's lap when she's watching TV. But it's probably because HE wants to be on the recliner and Mommy is in the way. MOL!
    We're so happy to see this post. We've missed you!

  14. doodz....bee inn loved catz iz way better N bee inn lap catz....hope ewe both hada grate holly day N yur stockins wuz filled with everee thing but burd...heerz two a happee N healthee 2014 anda munchin mackerull monday az well !!!

  15. Those are sure two handsome boys. None of us are lap cats either. Maybe one out of 22, Niko, two cute wrapping yourself around Dad's arm. Well done.

  16. They may not be lap cats, but they sure show you that they love you in other ways. I'm the only lap cat around here. Wally isn't much for laps and Zoey likes the dad-guy's legs the best.


  17. Goro and Niko are sweet and perfect just the way they are. And the love you all share is wonderful and heartwarming! :)


  18. My dog love a few minutes on hubby‘s lap every time if he see hubby sit down. And my dog not a baby any more n he big. But they both love it. Dont know why the dog only like hubby‘s lap. No one else! Happy New Year Tamago! Mei

  19. I dont know much about cat. We did have a cat in HK when we are little, my 5 years old little cousin bring home a cat he find in the street. And the cat stay with us many years. I never get close to the cat. I am worry it will hurt me. When i first have my dog, he is only 10 weeks old, take me some time to hold him. I am still not keen touching animals. But i am ok with my dog! Did want a cat in the flat with me. But no pet allow in the flat. Your two cat are beautiful!

  20. pee es...we bee bak with R copy N paste message !!


    happee 2014 guyz….heerz ta happee nezz, health, loves N hope two nite ya get sum high qualitee grazz N nip N hope ya findz a donut shoppe open round 3:18 AM when ya haz de muncheez !!

  21. slap cat.. giggle
    laptop cat.. giggle..

    what ever you are, you are cute

  22. Lovely boys just the way they are!!! Happy New Year friends :-)

  23. Boys, you are precious and dearly loved. That is your wonderful life with a loving momma and daddy. I love when you share about your sweet lives and how you spend time. You are so dear to momma and me. We have loved you since we met you.

    Happy New Year dearest Tamago family.

  24. I’m not a lap cat either but I purr for my Pop and I let him pick me up. TW can’t pick me up. Happy New Year. Wishing you the best in 2014.

  25. Dearest Tamago-san;
    How sweet to see the sweet pictures of Niko-chan and Goro-chan enjoying being close to you♡♡♡
    Haha, for me your using words of "lap and wrap" made me feel really close to my life. My students cannot pronounce these plosive sound properly ; and cannot differentiate especially 'l.r'. My husband sometimes asks me about katakana eigo or Japanese English. He took "correction" for "collection" the other day p;)

    PS>大晦日は自家製の年越し蕎麦の後、主人がボクシングと紅白を交互に。 今は元旦をno guest でのんびり過ごしてます;初詣は明日にp;)

    Wishing a Happy and Prosperous New Year from Japan to my young Japanese friend in America, xoxo Miyako*

  26. A Happy new Year , lovely friend :). Kissessssssss. Miaw

  27. Oh you kitties always make me so happy - I laugh and smile here.

    I look forward to your continued fun in 2014!

    Happy New Year to all of you my friends!

    xo Catherine & Banjo

  28. What a sweet post!...We hope you precious boys and your wonderful parents enjoy great health, wonderful joys and unconditional love throughout 2014 and beyond!...Happy New Year, dear friends...xoxo...J, Calle, Halle, Sukki, Mommy Cat, Daddy Cat

  29. Awwww, they've got you wrapped around their paws!

    We came to say Happy New Year! Wishing you lots of joy and tuna for 2014.

  30. *I* am not a lap cat either, but my Human loves me all the same and (shhhhhh--glances around) I think I sort of love her too. I do LOVE the pets ;-)

    We want to wish you the Happiest of New Years! We are so glad you are our friends!

  31. I'm not a lap cat either, but I do sleep right next to Mama! Me-Ommmmm

  32. Hi Buddies! Hope the New Year is treating you well so far ;-)

  33. I'm not a lap cat too. Mom wished I am. Love all the photos and the burrito.

  34. We are mostly lay against cats but Toby is a hip laying cat. Our newest, Einstein looks like he will be Dads Lap kitty
    Purrs my furends

  35. Aw, maybe not lap cats but perfect cats. Many good wishes for 2014!

    Thanks for stopping by with your kind words of condolence.

  36. Goro and Niko are very sweet cats and I love the way you celebrate their personalities.