Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Year Day

We started 2014 nice and relaxed.

Goro & I took a long nap together.

Niko and I enjoyed brushie time.

We all had fresh air out on the deck.
(Didn't stay very long, though.)

And another thing we did...

This is a pawprint kit I got couple of weeks ago.

( 1 ) Knead the impression material to
make it soft and smooth.

( 2 ) Press the paw on it gently.

( 3 ) Thank kids with treat
for letting us take their pawprints.

And here they are - pawprints in photo frames.
I love them very much!



We wish you all a very happy new year!


  1. Those paw prints are great! 'Specially if it means getting extra treats!

    Happy New Year to you all.

  2. Aw, those paw prints are very cute! Happy New Year, dear friends!

  3. Oh I love these. I love seeing the boys being so cooperative and their daddy kneading the material for them before they put their sweetest dear feeties on it.

    What loved and happy boys they are and that makes mom and I very happy to see. We are so glad Michiko chan introduced you to us. You charm mom and I every day. Xo

  4. Good idea... will do one for my dog too! Cute cat! Happy New Year to you and all your love one! Mei

  5. hee hee! I like the Crime Scene Investigation use for these kits--paw print I.D.! What a great project.

  6. Those are very cool kits! I especially like the getting a treat afterwards part.

  7. Dear Tamago,
    I had a blog break and so I have read a lot of your posts today. Your boys are too cute. The little girl you found at work, looks a bit long haired. Will become a pretty girl later. I love the idea with the foot prints. Your boys are so beloved and they give so much love back. I wish you all a wonderful New Year.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  8. Goro san & Niko san!
    You both have wonderful made from Japanise Cat Empire!
    Happy New Year to you both of you!

  9. Awwwww that's so lovely!! A special and unique paw print from each of you! Lovely Goro and adorable Niko! That's just perfect!

    We hope you stay safe and warm too! Wishing you all a happy new year! Take care

  10. It looks like you all had a wonderful New Year's Day !
    Those paw prints are a great idea,
    so special together with the photos of Niko and Goro ... love it, too cute !
    Nice week,

  11. Happy new year! We love the paw prints...Our human had one done of Annie, but that was after she had passed and at the time of her cremation. She thinks it would be nice to have one each of us while we're still alive.

  12. Oh, LOVE those paw prints!!

    I need to get one of those!

    Where did you get it???

  13. We love those paw print frames! Do they need to be baked?
    Mommy managed to get some material for our pawprints but they need to be baked after. :)

  14. Happy New Year! Love the paw print kit! Lee and Phod

  15. I think you paw print frames are just paw-purrfect!

  16. Dearest Tamago-san;
    Wow great head start of 平成26年♡♡♡ I LOVED to see the sweet pictures of Goro-chan & Niko-chan(^_^)v What a great idea and wonderful kit for your babies♬♬♬

    ニュースでアメリカ北東部では寒波だそうですが、風邪に気を付けて新年を過ごされて下さいね。雪が見たいような気もしますが p;)

    Sending you lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my dear Japanese friend in America, xoxo Miyako*

  17. Oh I love those paw print photo frames! Very fun and such a nice keepsake! And indeed good kitties get treats. A nice reward for a job well done.

    I hope you get lots of good snoozes and brushes and all other good stuff this year Goro and Niko!

    xo Catherine & Banjo

  18. Happy New Year! The paw print kit is really cool! we love how Goro's and Niko's turned out. Our mom has always wondered if we wouldn't be too squirmy to pull that off.

    psst! Goro, Niko! be careful...your folks have your prints on file now...

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  19. Happy New Year!

    Mom really likes your pawprint kit...oh, oh she's got ideas in her head, we better watch out.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  20. Happy Nwe Year 2014 and a lot of your funny adventures to us!

  21. We love your paw prints and having them framed with your photo, how special! Do you think that your Mom and Dad will figure out the counter culprit?! Happy New Year with love from us!

  22. Those pictures and paw prints came out very nice!
    Happy New Year,

  23. What lovely keepsakes.. you will cherish those for the rest of your life.

  24. And a very Happy New Year to you, too!!

  25. That paw print kit is pawesome! Gotta tell Mama about that! Me-Ommmmmm

  26. Those paw prints are just terrific. We love how you did the framing with the paw print. Our vet does this for the ones that have to go to the bridge and it is very special.
    Hope all of you have a great day. Take care.

  27. Love those paw prints. I should tell mom to get a frame and paw print for me too.

  28. Those paw prints are great - do they help you to hunt for clues as to who has stolen your breakfast?
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  29. Hey, I have a quick question I wanted to ask you about your blog, do you think you could send me an email when you get this? Thanks! Tiffany

  30. doodz !!! happee bee lated new yeerz two ewe both...we iz still knot a loud ta play online on de week oh end sew we bee way late N gettin this message oh happee nezz & health for 2014 out ta de way, de prints iz awesum !!!! sum time when yur peepulz iz gone, switch em, N see if they notiss !!!

  31. Hi there you two boys. Your Mom made a bid on the auction and I just need her email if you could ask her to send it to me. Mine is Thanks so much and hope you are staying warm.

  32. What a nice way to start the new year. May your be happy and healthy. It's smart making keepsakes when cats are alive. When Gris Gris died. I tried making the paw print but it didn't work well.

    Thank-you for your kind words of condolence.

  33. Those pawprints are so cool. Hope you’re having a Happy 2014.

  34. Wow, those pawprints are awesome!!! Hope 2014 is a wonderful year for all of you :-)

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