Sunday, May 4, 2014

Water Dish

Goro loves to drown his toys in a water dish.

One day, I came back home and found...

It was a bit strange.

Usually there are some water splashes after
Goro plays, but not flood like this.

Hm...the bird is dry. I couldn't find any 
wet toys in the house, either. Very strange.

Goro, what were you up to?

Soon I found out.

Um, Goro...

Goro was scooping out water from water dish.

I have NO idea why.

Anyway, I was going to wipe up water, then…

Wiping up postponed.

Later Goro left, then…


Naughty or sweet, 
my boys always make me smile :-)


  1. Funny! But probably not to you when you have to clean it up. Hey, at least it is clean water. I think that a lot of cats have strange little habits...You may want to consider a cat swimming pool!!!

  2. Dearest Tamago,
    Goro just is in love with water, like our previous Spooky. He too would have made such a splash splash mess; no doubt.
    Love the photos with their tell-tale expressions. Hugs to you.

  3. We've never done that before though we have drowned a few toys. But they deserved it. ;)

  4. It's very cute when they put their paws in the water to test it.

  5. Saphira does the same thing! Lol. X x x

  6. He was no doubt just testing the water to see if it was the correct temperature. Very important !
    Both my dogs have beards (Scotties)
    so no amount of towels ever keep water flowing off their beards and dripping on the floor is ever caught.
    Do you like the first cat toy on your last Sunday post ?
    Your cats are adorable.

    cheers, parsnip

  7. Goro, you are such a cool character and always full of surprise and spunk! We have never tried to drown a toy, now we has some good ideas from you, my boy! Have a great week everyone!

  8. I have to day, that is kind of a weird habit, Goro!

  9. Goro-chan, you such a lovely mischievous boy; please do not give your mom extra job♪ But I can understand you loved to play with water as getting warmer. Oh, your toy bird is really cute, I'm sad that I have no birdie visitor to my yard yet p;)

    ps. やはり、鳥用の餌はカラスか猫に見つけられてしまいます。 Haha, give-up!
    Wishing you started a wonderful new week, Tamago-san.

    Sending you lots of love and hugs to my dear Japanese friend in America, xoxo Miyako*

  10. Awwwww gorgeous Goro!! You totally keep mum on her toes! LOL!! You are amazing!! Sweet Niko - you are so lovely helping mum mop up! Yay!! Take care

  11. what a sill kitty! and very cute too

    retro rover

  12. Goro-Chan, maybe you are just a good japanese boy and believe that it is important to have "o-furo" every day, even for your toys?

    The Chans

  13. When Nicki first was adopted, he liked to drop his toy mice into the pail of water in the basement, or into one of the water dishes around the house. He grew out of that, though. LOL.

    Too cute. Messy, but cute. :-)

  14. Cruel Goro, drowning those toys! Then waylaying the towel! We have to admit that's he's adorably cute while doing these heinous crimes.

  15. Well of course, dirty toys are no t as much fun!

  16. Haha! That is very funny! Goro, we understand about splashing the water dish ... Moosey and Zoe both do that, too. But please tell your Mom that we do not know why, either.

    Niko and Goro -- we like that you both relaxed on the towel. :)

  17. And your sweet boys sure know how to have fun. They keep themselves and you entertained. How cute they are! Hugs and nose kisses

  18. deer mom ta goro & niko....thiz bee havior iz called "act as if ther bee fish in de bowl"

    had ther been fish in de bowl, knot onlee wood ewe come home ta water on de floor but all sew looze finz & may bee sum scales.....

    sir tin fish ya canna eat de scales coz frank lee they taste like BURD = ****

    sew next tiem ya see goro///niko in de water bowl they iz fishin for trubull :) !!!

  19. We had a delightful Ginger tabby who was amazed that water came out of the bathroom taps. She would sit all day if we were to let her. Dabbling and grabbing at the stream of water.

    Your cats are so first kitty was a Russian blue..Kelly.


  20. Mystery solved ... Goro loves to play with water !
    Niko and Goro are so cute, you can't be mad at those sweeties ... :-)
    Have a nice week,

  21. Benta loooooooves to "swim" in her water dish! I don't know what they think, but to some cats it seems to be a really obsessive compulsion LOL

  22. NOW I know what my fountain is there for! Thanks Goro.

  23. Hi Tamago,
    Goro knows to have fun with everything. He plays so cute with the water fountain. What a fun for him :-)
    Best greetings, Johanna

  24. Looks like you two kitties are having some fun with your water. :)

  25. Perhaps Goro thought the floor needing a helping paw to be washed and he was just doing his share of the house work. Kitties are thoughtful like that. Sort of. Haha. Your fur kids are always entertaining and must keep you on your toes I think!!!

    Have a happy week!
    xo Catherine

  26. Oh my... Nelson makes the same thing with his toys!!!

  27. Oh my... Nelson makes the same thing with his toys!!!

  28. Goro, you are hysterical. All the cats around here would have done the exact same thing, just sit on that nice towel that Mom put on the floor. We think that is terrific. Some of us like to paw the water too. You all have a great day and just keep making that Mom smile.

  29. That is hilarious!!! Love the pictures, and that Goro is too funny! What silly kitties :) You must have a fun house!

  30. They don't think they are being naughty.. ;)

  31. So cute! I wonder why Goro was inspired to go fishing?

  32. At least he had some fun out of it.

  33. °✿彡º°。
    Goro é muito fofo mas muito travesso.

    Beijinhos carinhosos.
    ✿✿⊱.Brasil°º。✿° ·.

  34. The Human says one of the Kitties Who Came Before Me used to do that, ha ha ha! I think it is probably a pretty fun game. Maybe I'll give it a try, eh?

  35. The Toy Killer sounds like a good title for a horror movie :)

  36. Oh you are THE toy killer extraordinaire Goro. And you know what? Your furriend Admiral used to do much the same. AND she laid on the bathroom floor for example, scratching the paint off the baseboard while enjoying all the water she splashed onto the floor from her water dish. Love you boys.

  37. Silly Goro, it's fun to keep the beans guessing!

    Our sisfur Shady (she left for the Bridge in 2010), used to drown her toys too. Mom bean wishes she was still here to do it again.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku