Sunday, June 12, 2016

Bird House

One afternoon, Goro & I went out on the
deck and found something rather unusual.

There were pine needles, twigs,
etc. scattered on the floor.

And we found this!

Well, birds picked a convenient location.
Right in front of the restaurant.

However, it couldn't be worse because...

It's right inside the catio!
(What are they thinking?)

No, no, Goro. Let's go inside.
You can't play with it.

That's a bird nest.
Mama bird is going to lay eggs there.

Not a good idea, Goro.

I had to remove the nest before birds
moved in. Removing active nest is unsafe
for babies (plus I've learned it's illegal!)

We felt bad so we got this bird house.

Then set it near where
the nest was being built.

And a few days later...

Potential resident!

Maybe some day, we'll see bird babies
coming out of the house.

I sure look forward to meeting them :-)

Not "eating." Goro. I said "meeting."


We are new to bird housing. After reading more
about it, I learned it wasn't really a good location.
(Near door, not in shade, etc.) We may move it to
somewhere else if the house doesn't "sell." Either
way, I hope it gives bird family a good home :-)


  1. Those silly birds! They wouldn't have liked the new neighbors MOL! That's a cool bird house!!!

  2. We are very glad you and Goro found that nest before the bird family moved in. We hope they will use the new birdhouse you bought for them. Much safer!

  3. We hope some birds move into the house...that would make some cool Bird TV!

  4. I love the catio! Goro, you just enjoy the birds from a distance. Looks like you have a super place to keep an eye on things!!! Love to all!

  5. Such a cute post. I have many bird houses and one right out in the sun was the first to be occupied. It does get shade in the afternoon, though. I love the catio. I wish all cat owners would consider having one for their cat and keep them inside and safe. Deb

  6. Greatest post ever ! ! !
    Love Goro languishing on the stool sad that his farm is gone. Best photo ever.
    I hope you can find another place where you can set it up so The Farmers and watchtheir Food !
    I needed a sweet post today made me smile.

    cheers, parsnip and thehamish

  7. Oh my! What a predicament you had! And that looks like a little chickadee! What an awful place to build! It would have provided Goro many snacks! But you gotta do what you gotta do! Love all the pictures to go along with the story!

  8. What stupid birds, trying to build a nest on a catio! They are lucky your human was looking out for them.

  9. What a silly bird. I can understand why Goro is upset that his potential dinner is gone. lol Have a great week.:)

  10. Yes, you do have to be careful about putting a birdhouse in full sunlight!

    Hope the house sells!

    The Chans

  11. Oh my, the bird nest there isn't a good idea, although Goro thinks it is ... :-)
    Glad you noticed it and I hope they'll like that lovely bird house !
    Such a fun post, Tamago !
    Enjoy your week,

  12. Oh dear, the poor birds made a big mistake in choosing their nesting place:( Luckily you came in time!
    The catio is lovely but not for birds.

  13. Love your posts! Niko and Goro are adorable, and I am in total agreement that that nest-under-construction needed relocation. Good luck, and I know the kitties will be watching the activities intently...

  14. It's kind of your Mom to care about the baby birds. But we are sad for the mancats - y'all got just a bit cheated!

  15. oh wow you guys will have some nice bird tv but the birds may be a bit stressed the mom and dad birds definitely made a mistake

  16. That bird was not very smart building a nest inside the catio. How nice of your mom to move the nest and then for you all to get a house for the bird. It is so much fun to watch baby birds. We have watched to robin families and a third one is settling in the nest now. Happy bird watching sweeties. Hugs and nose kisses

  17. Oh Tamago, you make me laugh! What a darling post :) And I just love the solution for the sweet birds. Your cute cats will enjoy watching the birds.

    Have a lovely week! Hugs!

  18. You just made my day! I love cats and birds, and I love all your photos!!! :)

  19. doodz......uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..

    we think we iz speech lezz with yur post; onlee in that we willna rite what we wanna say, coz it bee yur blog...... & R bad werdz !!!!!!! ☺☺☺☺☺

    happee week a head guys ♥♥♥

  20. Esses passarinhos perderam o juízo? hihihi
    Bem meus amores, fico contente que os pássaros conseguiram uma boa residência e vocês uma boa distração!

  21. The cats would have enjoyed having flying lunches inside their catio.

  22. aww!! so adorable!!!

  23. Whoa! You guys should team up with Ashton so you can supply the birds for her restaurant. Grow your own food sounds like fun and something I'd like to try.

  24. Dearest Tamago,
    Oh my, your boys had quite an adventure in their catio. Indeed not a safe place for those birds!
    Let's hope the birdhouse will see some first residents and that you can enjoy them.
    The boys will love watching them too.

  25. A pity for you, but for the birds better, lol ! Very cute !

  26. Oh you made mine and mommy's DAY! I mean Goro did. But you too, Momma of the boys. You and Daddy of the boys are making sure birdies have a home and also that the boys get entertainment. xoxoxo

  27. In home sales, location is so important :) Sorry you don't get to eat any birds Gordo.

  28. You made our Mam laugh out loud! What was that bird thinking, building a nest in the lion's den as it were? Too funny! So nice of your Mam to get the birdhouse. We have birdhouses in our garden and it is nice to think birds can keep dry and warm when using them :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  29. We are so glad that the Mom took the nest away and gave them a nice house. We had some birds start to build a nest on our porch and it was a disaster for the Momma bird. Goro, you sure are a funny boy. We love your talking to your Mom.

  30. What an exciting event. The birdhouse is a perfect solution! I hope you get some tenants soon for excellent birdy tv.

  31. Dearest Tamago-san; How WONDERFUL to have Bird House♬♬♬ I DO hope your cute Potential Resident will become long-term one and have babies some day there♡♡♡ I7m crossing my fingers for you♪ I remember mine which my husband made for me didn't work at all p:-)
    Your babies will enjoy having guests (including babies) and observe♡♡♡

    本当に可愛い雛が見れると良いですね(♡^.^♡) 2人もきっとお仲間に大喜び♫♫♫
    家の旦那様は、だんだんと手を伸ばして 階段 雨戸や網戸 カーテンレール etc まで綺麗にし始めてしまいました(^^;) 感謝なのですが、苦労が報われるのかどうか、ハハ。
    此方は梅雨の真っ最中ですが、夏に向けてお二人もbabiesも 体力を付けておかれて下さいネ♡♡♡
    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear Japanese friend in America, xoxo Miyako*

  32. Those birds chose the worst spot for their nest. The bird house is a great idea and I hope you'll get some residents soon!

    Rosa @ Cat Lady Confidential

  33. i hope you get some takers in the safer location.

  34. Dearest Tamago- San
    What is wrong with Goro-San-- Now I can see nice bird house some days have babies I will thinking of good baby soon!
    Have a beautiful day! xoxo Michiko

  35. Wow Goro...that was an exciting event...hope that you still get some good Bird TV and that was awesome of you to get the birdies a house...we hope they move in soon.

  36. Goro san, how is your new man made Bird Farm doing? XXOO

  37. As with LP, you and your brother Niko san made MY momma laugh out loud. But you boys always do when you start to tell your parents what you need or want. I love your negotiations! <3

  38. The birds may have got uptight about their neighbors haha Hey, if they come back every year, you'll have your own yearly food supply.

  39. This is cool

  40. Creative cat photos and love how you integrated the captions ~ very creative!

    Wishing you a happy week ~ ^_^

  41. Goro, we had a similar experience at our balcony. So nice of your mom to get a birdy house! Hope you'll see baby birdies near you one day!
    Momo & Pinot

  42. What a heartwarming series of images :) I am hoping to see some baby birdie pictures eventually!

  43. Bird nests are misteries...some people say that if we touch it birds leave it cause of our...scent...dunno...but you're right: what they are thinking? Birds love danger?

  44. ه.♩♪♫
    O pássaro não escolheu o lugar certo para o ninho, Goro não tem culpa!...
    Bom fim de semana!

    ♫♪ه° ·.

  45. I saw eggs in my little wooden boat back in the house, hubby did mention it before a while back... looks like mummy left the eggs, run away! just like me... don't understand! Anyway, hope you and family are keep well. I been away from Blogging for a rest. I need cut down my time with my laptop, to keep fit a little! :-)

  46. Amazing story and hopefully a good ending. Birds make nests in strange places. For placement of the birdhouse think of all the seasons and direction of sun, high enough without access to climbing predators. Good luck!