Monday, April 1, 2019

Sweet Biscuits

Niko loves making biscuits.

These kitty cushions are his favorite dough.
He has three of them.

Niko kneading his dough...

Still purring.

And nap time!

On nice days, I bake a dough in the sun
to make it warm & fluffy.

And put it in Niko's favorite tree cave.

Making biscuits :-)

Enjoy your nap, Niko!

I love Niko's sweet biscuits. His
purrs & biscuits always make me smile :-)

Monday, March 4, 2019

Niko's 9th Anniversary

Back in 2010...

Goro, we are thinking about getting a kitty.
You'd love to have a sibling, right?


Goro, good news!
We decided to adopt a kitty!

And finally...

Goro, we are going to the shelter
this weekend!

So on February 28, 2010,
we welcomed Niko home!

Goro was NOT happy.

But with time and efforts,
and lots of snacks...

Goro & Niko became good brothers! 

Hanging out together

Goro taking care of Niko

Niko "sharing" a snack

Ready to play game!

We are so happy Niko became our family.

He is our precious baby
and Goro's sweet little brother :-)

Happy Gotcha Day, Niko!

Monday, January 14, 2019

Happy New Year!

Is it 2019 already?

Christmas and New Year have
come and gone in no time!

I got this rocking play mat thing as
a holiday gift for kids.

...which Goro showed no interest in.

I feared it would be one of (many) failed
toys. But then came Niko.

With a cloth and a furry mat, now
it's Niko's little cabana!

Meanwhile, Goro is loving his tunnel,
which was a Christmas gift from his Dad :-)

We wish you all a happy new week!