Sunday, June 12, 2011

Goro's Table Manner

Hello, this is Goro.

Today I'm going to talk about a quality mealtime.

As we all know, plenty of
tasty food makes your tummy happy.

Example of happy tummy

However, a good manner is important to
fill your heart. Here are some table manner lessons
I'd like to share with you.

Lesson 1
Use your paws when eating dry food.
It's more fun this way.

Lesson 2
When you are offered a beverage, drink it.

Lesson 3
Don't be afraid to make a mess.
Floor will clean itself.

Lesson 4
Bury your left-over food after you finish eating.

Lesson 5
In case you don't like your dish, just sit on it.
You will get a fresh food - I guarantee it.

If you are already using these table manners, great!

If not, I hope my lessons will help
you enhance the quality of your mealtime.

(Niko...not the lesson 5...
Please don't take the lesson 5...
 - by your Mom.)


  1. ha ha- we are laughing so hard over here. You are right on with everything except maybe sitting in your dish!! It can't be very comfy!

  2. Thank you for the lessons! I know my kitties have Lesson 3 (Make a Mess), down pat! I love your happy little tummy, Goro!

  3. One of the Kitties Who Came Before used to lie on the floor and scoop his food out with his paws! Ha ha ha. Me, I'm too tidy for that! But I do "bury" my leftovers too. I don't think I have sat in my dish yet. Hmmm. Have to give that a try!

  4. Every cat that has owned our mom has done at least one of your rules, Mr. Goro - except #5! We did enjoy your lesson, and as always, we laughed a lot! Especially at the part where the floor cleans itself! hahahaha!!!

  5. Hee hee! You've given us some pawsome ideas, Goro! we took notes :)

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and HOllie

  6. These are great etiquette tips, Goro! My human's boyfriend accuses her of following rule #3 a lot, so she has something in common with us!

  7. Ha..Ha..Ha..Goro, You are a legend !
    Great Lesson, Mom and me almost die because can't breath enough when Laughing . We love # 5...Cool Lesson ; )

  8. We've done most of those, Goro, 'cept #5...we've never sat in our dish. But we think we will start practicing that, 'specially when we don't like the foods we get.

  9. LOL ~ oh you two always make me laugh! Those are some mighty fine table manners. I think you are ready to eat with the King & Queen!!

    Happy Sunday Niko & Goro!
    xo Catherine

  10. Thank you for the table manners lesson sweet Goro. You made us laugh really hard when we saw you sitting in your food dish. Now that is a new one on us. Hugs and nose kisses

  11. I think mom laughed more here than ever! As with everyone else she loved it all, and number 5 is the one she hopes I will forget.

  12. Mommy wants to move in; she wants floors that clean themselves.

    Goro, do we HAVE to sit in our gooshy fudz? Or is it optional?

  13. MOL! Thanks for the excellent etiquette lessons, Goro-san! Number five ... we have to try that one! :)

  14. Goro-san,
    I think you can open your own finishing school for felines. I'll enrol. purrr...meow!

  15. hmmm.... i don't know, i find some of those lessons to be a little... off. :P but thanks for sharing you guys. ;)

  16. LOL! Excellent table manner lessons, Goro! We especially like #5, have never tried it...yet.

  17. Great lessons! I love your happy tummy :-)

  18. LOL♡ Such a great lesson and loved all of your picture, Goro♫♫♫

    Thank you so much for encouraging comment for me. Really appreciate it.
    Love, xoxo Orchid.

  19. It was fun to read those the table manner lessons Goro san! specially #5 so cute:-)
    Always look forward to coming in here to read yours post and both of you are very good entertaining that everybody think so too.
    hope this post comments is okay???
    Please don't disappearing:-)

  20. Hahahaha! I know a lot of those lessons, except for the sitting on the food part. I'm going to try that! I think you are right, floors magically clean themselves!

  21. Thanks, I've got lots of new things to try now!

  22. I love this. I came back to see it again. Your sense of humor is fabulous!!!

  23. Ah Goro me boy, your etiquette is most excellent! Theese are great tips, I'll have to try the #5! I'm so glad you told us that the floors clean themselves, now I can be even a messier eater! Have a great week boys!

  24. Dearest Tamago,

    Your Goro looks so much like our Spooky. They must be oriental. We did rescue the Mama cat in Acapulco at the Hyatt Resort. There was a huge botanical garden, three pools and several restaurants. BUT management did only allow 2-3 cats on the premises we were told. They would kill them if there were more. Right on the beach it was cat heaven of course. We did take our Spicy home with us, after paying for all the shots (by law necessary to enter the US) and flew her home. We had no idea she was pregnant. So we kept ALL of her 5 babies. Spicy was so silky and so svelte, long legs and long arms, long tail. This Spooky got the svelte look from his Mami but he's solid black, she was a tuxedo black with pure white. Bandido is solid black too and very silky; what a fur. Than there is one tuxudo girl with a kind of ocicat pattern and two other females just the same fur but no white. We had two cats from the Humane Society already but we love them all. However our precious Spicy, the mama cat has vanished. Guess she got stolen because of her rare beauty. SAD and it took me years to get over that... it hurts. I still miss her, she chose us and was so affectionate and so special with very good manners too. On my blog, below to the side there are tags. Our felines gives you more insight into our cat-stories.
    But you got precious ones and I love the funny stories. They can be hilarious. We had one male cat that did hide the dry food. Pieter gave him a special low-calorie food as his belly started drooping. But he didn't like the tast of it, so he hid it under the carpet, close to the French door. Only when he ate all he got some of his favorite food! When we got our wooden floors, the carpet came out and we died for laughing when we found a whole row of kibblets being hid there. Cats can be very smart! Like humans, they too come in different IQ sizes... Ha-ha.

    Lots of love,


  25. Well our Mom fell off of her chair,she was laughing so hard at your lessons. Little Bit does cover her dish, so she has one down pat. Also our floor doesn't clean itself, it just stays messy. Not fun. (Just kidding) But we do need to try that sitting in the dish. Take care.

  26. haha! Goro you should write a book! You are the "Emily" Post of cats!

  27. Excelent advice Goro!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  28. You guys eat in a very elegant spot. Here we actually attempt, not successfully, to have the 3 indoor cats eat on the FLOOR! Not the kitchen counter. But you know how that goes with strong-willed, starving cats.