Sunday, April 20, 2014

Food Game 2

Goro & Niko loves to play food game.

They (especially Niko) have become pretty good
at it, so I thought about trying something new.

OK, Niko. I put a snack in this box.

The box is light, which makes scooping snack difficult.

Niko successfully got it!

Now, turn for Goro.

Haha, it may be frustrating as box keeps moving.


Oh, no! Goro's face got stuck in the box!

I rescued Goro from the box.
Snack fell off and Goro was happy to eat it.
I'm glad the incident didn't seem to scare him.


It may have scared Niko out of his furs.

Mom's note: Goro & Niko always play food game under
supervision and bad box is now banned from the game!


  1. MY mommy puts snacks or even my dry fuss in my wooden puzzle box. She drops it through the holes and I fish it out. I love doing that. Niko san and Goro san, do try that too. xoxox

  2. Oh, I am sorry, how in the world I forgot. You DO use your puzzle box. xxoox

  3. We thought Goro and Niko were having fun. Have a wonderful Easter!

  4. Oh my goodness - perhaps a bigger box is in order! LOL! Looks like you kitties have to work hard for your treats. That's good exercise!! Which means you can have more treats. ;)
    xo Catherine

  5. Whoa! That is a very tricky box, Goro and Niko! We are very glad you both got the turkey treat, though. :)

    Hope you had a great Easter, dear friends!

  6. I like treat games! Binga gets mad because she doesn't want to work for the treat. Boodie is kind of dumb and can never seem to get the treat.

  7. Dearest Tamago,
    Lovely post and it looked like a great idea to use that empty box but as it turned out it could have been a very big scare. Goro and Niko always are so cute and I love their expressions!

  8. Yikes, you have to watch out for theese boxes my boys...they look tricky! We like Goro's "bring it on" attitude! Hope you had a wonderful Easter holiday weekend, sweet friends!

  9. See, I knew there was a good reason to be a-skeered of boxes! Yikes--stay away, Niko!

    Hope you all had a Hoppy Easter!

  10. What a fun game, poor Niko being scared like that. :)Happy Easter.

  11. Yikes. That was a close call! That sneaky box had such a HUGE mouth! MOL.

    Maybe your Mommy could use a slightly larger box and make round holes of various sizes in them (just big enough for paws to go through). Then it won't be able to try to "eat" the kitties but still provide a slightly more challenging time to get the treats out?

  12. Awwww adorable Goro and sweet Niko!! Next time you both will triumph over that evil box! And get tons of turkey treats too! LOL! Yay! Take care

  13. Dearest Tamago-san;
    Lovely difference of reaction again♡♡♡
    So sweet to see their expressions (Niko-chan; fur stood up, scared face and Goro-chan's handsome, brave face). Makes me wonder what your idea for next food game for your boys :-)
    They are forever heartwarming pair, aren't they(*^_^*)

    午前中に従姉妹の家に寄って、その後そこから近い市の公園を1人で散策。曇っていましたが、久しぶりに長時間歩いて refresh a bit, p;) 晴れると、車の中はもう暑い季節になりました。短い春を楽しみたいですね☆☆☆

    Sending you Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*

  14. Think I've got to get one of those puzzle boxes, to see if Angel and Chuck will play. They'll do anything for a kibble!

  15. Hahaha! Sorry, but we couldn't help but laugh over the box trying to eat you. :-p

    At least you got your treats out of it!

  16. Muito legal!
    Que pena que a brincadeira causou medo no Goro.

    Bom início de semana
    com tudo de bom!

  17. That sure looks like a fun game with that silly box!

  18. that looks like a really fun game

    retro rover

  19. My Square Ones adore the word chicken and what comes with it.
    Love the food games.

    cheers, parsnip

  20. doodz...forget bannin de box...yur mom kneads ta ban de nasteee stooooooooopid TURKEE BURD treet...happee week oh head...hope its filled with fish ore steaks !!! ore both ♥♥

  21. he he he.. I am loving the fur standing up from excitement

  22. Those food games look like so much fun! Such cute pictures!

  23. We was excited by the smaller box, thinking maybe cheapo mom would get us one but we don't want a box to eat us.

    Enjoy your treats!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  24. Love seeing Niko and Goro playing food games ... and enjoying their treats ... :-)
    So exciting with that box !
    Have a nice week,

  25. Hahaha quase que a caixa devorou o Goro!
    Parabéns meninos foi um bom jogo.

  26. Goro and Kiko, you are the best food players I've ever seen! And that box, well...just to keep attention, you know, maintain reflexes in shape LOL

  27. I don't really think it is Right to make a kitty WORK for a treat. Treats ought to just be freely given, don't you think?

  28. Poor Goro-Chan! But we're glad you both got the treats n the end!

    The Chans

  29. We are sure happy your mom got that box off Goro before it ate him. lol Cute pictures and looks like you all were having fun. Hugs and nose kisses

  30. I've put Boo's treats into cereal boxes and the like, but never thought to try a box with holes.

    Great idea.


  31. We have a nice square like you do that Dad puts treats into. Great fun. That box put the bitey on Goro!

  32. Isn't it amazing how two cats respond so differently. No harm done and treats for all :-0

  33. All this exercise is good for kitty brains and morale. Goro and Niko are fortunate to have a mom like you.

  34. I love it how his face got stuck in the box. Aren't all cats the same for that matter? :-)

  35. Hi Boys, Hope all is well with your guys and your Humans--do the Humans ever have to work for *their* treats I wonder??? Ha ha meow! I bet they don't get boxes stuck on their faces though ;-)

  36. OMC! I’m not allowed to play with my food. HAH!

    Thank you for the Get Well wishes. I’m hoping that this asthma is history for this year.

  37. That is a bad box for biting Goro. But it does look like a fun game. What a fun post. Hope all of you have a great Sunday.

  38. What a norty box. I'm happy mom will get rid of him - he should be banished forever. he he - good job.