Sunday, May 18, 2014

Steamed Chicken

Niko loves chicken.

I boil the chicken for Goro & Niko's daily snack.
They eat it every day, every single day.

Yet Niko's passion for chicken never seems to fade.

Recently, though, it occurred to me 
that boiling may not be the best way to cook.
Doesn't it boil nutrients away?

So I tried steaming. Hope kids like it.

It was a love at the first bite.

Niko swallowed steamed chicken so fast that he horked
it up later. (Happened only this first time. Phew.)

Happy Niko :-)

Goro likes chicken, but not as passionate as Niko.

Well, of course, it tastes great 
when served by Mom personally :-)


  1. You get this EVERY DAY!? I am lucky if my human brings me a chicken thigh from KFC every couple of months.

    Can I move in with you?

  2. It boggles our mind that your mom cooks for you every day. She doesn't even cook for herself every day. Heck, she doesn't cook for herself every week!

    Steamed chicken, huh? Maybe we should move in with you!

  3. We mean our own human doesn't cook for herself every week, let alone every day. (Just to clarify!)

  4. Yummmmmm! Dat really sounds good. I'll have to tell M to do that for me.

  5. Now this is love. Your kids are very very loved and so are you, the parents.

  6. you guys have the bestest mom ever

    retro rover

  7. You know, I never thought of that. I know when you boil vegetables, the nutrients stay in the water, so I always try to make some kind of sauce with the water. But usually I steam it. But I don't think you have to worry, they will get plenty of nutrients in their cat food.

  8. Those are some spoiled kitties! ;) My gang loves chicken too. They get raw chicken livers sometimes - their favorite. Enjoy your chicken, Niko!

  9. Sweet Goro and adorable Niko!! We are salivating at your yummy chicken - steamed and boiled!! Yay! Take care

  10. Steamed chicken does sound super yummy! Hey, I love the mouse head photo!

  11. Ok, Just stop everything! Is there a bedspred with pictures from Goro and Niko???

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  13. Uau vocês tem uma dieta deliciosa!
    Niko parece que você tem uma velocidade super rápida para comer o seu frango e ainda beliscar no prato do Goro hehehehe

  14. Looks like they enjoyed it. :-) Have you ever tried giving it to them raw? I hear its really good for them that way; but of course you should check with your vet before trying this, if you do that is.

  15. That steamed chicken sounds like a big hit! How come we never get it? Oh mom.....!!!

  16. Steamed chicken? EVERY DAY? Goro and Niko, can we move in with you? :)

  17. Niko, All chicken is yours, Yeah ?...MOL
    Poor Goro :)

    I luv Chicken TOO !!!!
    Anything which is not overcook, I luv it.
    But seriously, My mom is the same as Fuzzy Tales...MOL
    Once in the blue moon, I probably got it

  18. Oh you kitties have it GOOD! Mom is always looking after your health. Fresh chicken every day. That is why you kitties always have lots of energy and love to give back you your mom.
    Kisses on the nose for both of you!
    xo Catherine & Banjo

  19. Your babies have really caring Mom♡♡♡ Must take a bit of time for it, but mother's love♪♪♪
    It was so adorable and sweet to see stuffed mouse on Goro-chan's head and eating from your hand.

    ps> 二人共、栄養たっぷりできっと健康ですね☆☆☆ 我が家の旦那様はsnackを楽しみ過ぎて太り気味(^^;) 歩行(足の障害で)の為に軽い方が良いのに。。。  お天気の良い、忙しい週末でした(外回りetc p;)

    Sending you ots of love and hugs to my dear Japanese friend Tamago-san, xoxo Miyako*

  20. What lucky kitty cats, enjoy your chicken. Wish I could get tuna every day. :)

  21. You are such lucky boys! Ad it looks like you get to eat "sasami"!

    When #1 prepares chicken for us, she bakes it in the oven with a little water.

    the Chans

  22. Dearest Tamago,
    Oh ours are just like Niko; boiled chicken is their all time favorite but I do it only once in a while as they get their canned food with dry food. But it is never ever enough chicken for them.
    It makes one happy to see them enjoy it SO much!

  23. We all loved that chicken too and go crazy when the Person cooks some. We get very loud meows going. Glad you have that Mom all trained to cook that chicken. Have a great day.

  24. Meowser! You is two lucky kitties with real live dead chick-hen efurry day. Your mom gets the prize for best kitty momma!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  25. doodz.....ewe canna bee seer eee iz.....deer cod say itz knot sew....knot BURD......we can see why ya hurled niko....we wood hurl if we had ta eat BURD two ......we could hurl thinkin bout eatin BURD.....yea, fried steemed mouze iz de best way ta go !!!

  26. We love chicken too, the quicker it can cook the better!nomnomnom...

  27. I just wanted to thank you for your blog. I work in crisis mental health which can get intense often. Your blog is one of those I sit down and look at when I am burnt out and over stressed.

    Just a few moments checking in with Goro and Niko allow me to destress and smile. This allows me to go back and be my best to serve my clients in a better frame of mind.

    I usually don't comment but I felt moved to say that your family and blog helps me to serve people who are often in the worst period of their life. Thank you so much for that. Cheri Linehan

  28. Niko, and Bootsie should meet up, preferably over a nice big plate of

    Boot's is enamored of chicken, and any other kind of meat.


  29. Wow--your Mom COOKS for you? Pfft. I'm lucky the Human opens a can once in awhile! Well, to be fair, she *has* sometimes offered me a share of Human foods she thinks I'll like but I never do, MOL!

  30. You boys have such an awesome Mommy and you are awesome too! We love how much Niko loves chicken! And Goro, that is such a cute picture of you and the mousie but somehow we don't think your Mom will be serving mousie anytime soon! Have a wonderful week everyone!

  31. We cook turkey and put it through a grinder so the consistency is just like pate canned food. The two inside cats don't really like it, but the three friendly ferals eat it up!

  32. That steamed chicken must be so tasty, I love seeing Niko and Goro enjoy it !
    Have a nice week,

  33. of course the woman who feeds her own cats raw food is wondering why you don't just feed it to them raw..


  34. I love human chick-hen but won’t eat chick-hen cat food.

  35. What a good kitty momma.
    Goro looks very cute in the scratch lounge. Is that a quilt with photographs of Goro and Niko in the first picture?

  36. He looks like he is really enjoying his meal. I guess the steamed chicken was a huge success.

  37. the 'mouse' made me smile! so cute that you spoil them rotten!

  38. I read that raw chicken is the healthiest as it contains enzymes for better digestion.

  39. What a sweet and thoughtful mom you have, but as sweet as you boys are we can understand why she would cook that yummy chicken for you. Hugs and nose kisses

  40. Hi Boys, Hope you had a chick-hen filled Caturday and are looking forward to an Easy Sunday and a good Monday holiday! No reason for the Human staff to do anything but cater to your every need all weekend long, right??

  41. Oh I love chickies! I love, love, love chickies!

  42. I've missed some blog posts.
    The Square Ones love chicken. I get a whole chicken almost every week and chop it up to add to their dry food. Hamish is diabetic so he has to eat before his shot.
    I also make chicken jerky and yam jerky for their snacks.
    Love the photos of the chicken loving kitties.

    cheers, parsnip