Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Chicken in Cottage

Goro & Niko get plain meat as regular snack.
But from time to time, I like making
new treats by mixing other ingredients.

Goro is always helpful in the kitchen!

Although many cats are lactose-intolerant,
occasional cheese in small amount
seems OK. (Note: it's just my view.)

This time, I picked cottage cheese.

Goro offered to do a taste test :-)

How is it, Goro?

After 20 minutes in the oven...

I call it Chicken in Cottage Cheese Cake♥

Also made Crispy Giblet-chip Cookies.

Here comes Niko.

While Goro is a great helper when cooking...

Niko is always helpful in cleaning dishes!


  1. Those treats look so tasty! Maybe our mom could make some for us.

  2. OMC, both those look so tasty! I wish my human was more creative in the kitchen... maybe she can at least steal a couple of your human's ideas.

  3. That's nice that they test your plates !
    Two of my cats love cheese, and even steel it when I leave it on the table !

  4. What cuties! They love your special treats. Hope you all have a fun day.

  5. Lucky kitties to have a good chef. :)

  6. All the kitties here want to move in with you two with all that good cooking going on. You have such a good mom to cook such great stuff for you two boys.

  7. You are so lucky to have a mom who cooks for you.

  8. Those treats look super yummy! We will have to see if our mom will make us some!!!

  9. Does that smell good, Goro?

    My parents' last set of cats would from time to time get a bit of Gouda cheese.

  10. YOu are two very lucky kitty cats. Skipper might have to come for a visit. :) Have a great day and enjoy your lovely treats.

  11. Your posts always crack me up! Love your photos, and everything...plus you've got two cutie kitties!

  12. so yummy lookign i bet dogs and cats would love it

  13. The new treats look great ... and as Goro did the test it has to be delicious, he's a good assistant ! :-)
    So nice to see how lucky Goro and Niko are ...
    Enjoy your week, Tamago !

  14. Whoa! I'll take the chicken tenders please! They're my fave cut of chicken. Those treats look tasty too.

  15. doodz....sure & enuff de cookiez & de cakes look total lee awesum & it waz way kewl oh yur mom ta make em for ewe both...but look what de poor cheeze haz ta stix bye !!!!!! ☺☺☺

    ♥♥♥ happee week two ewe both

  16. Dearest Tamago,
    Haha, let me give you a hand... Oh, our babies LOVE raw chicken! They always love to get a taste and they also love it when its cooked.
    Your special treats look perfect and your two boys are spoiled and blessed with such a devoting Mom!
    Our four siblings have their 9th birthday today and it is a beautiful sunny day that makes them happy. They get cranky when it rains for days like Easter weekend.
    Sending you hugs,

  17. That looks so delicious! You boys are so pampered by your Mom, such lucky kitties :)

  18. What a delicious post today. What lucky kitties you are such a good Mum.
    I have to say all their food sounds good for me to try.
    I adore the second photo of Goro giving you a hand.

    cheers, parsnip

  19. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
    Those treats look yummy!
    Wish mum did that for us.
    We do get cheese though.
    JJ is the biggest lover of chedder.
    Julie likes it a bit .
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  20. That is such a nice home made treat, you two such are lucky!!!

  21. Mom Tamago, those snacks look delicious! Goro and Niko seem to give them paws of approval. :)

  22. You two are so lucky to have a Mama who cooks yummy things for you! Our Mama is so lame she some times forgets to feed us! Seriously! ;p

    the critters in the cottage xo

  23. now that is a recipe for treats I can totally get behind! So many have flour in them..

  24. wait, can we come live with you? We NEVER get a personal chef. EVER!

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  26. Boys, you have the best mom EVER! And that you know it and help her as she cooks for you is so wonderful. Um, may I drop over? My mom needs assistance and I can learn from you both. xoxox and smooches.

  27. You are lucky kitties to have such special treats made for you- those look good.

  28. Dearest Tamago-san; Wow, special and yummy looking treats 'Crispy Giblet-chip Cookies' for your loving boys♡♡♡ I never knew the word 'lactose' and cats are intolerant. Happy (and helping) boys having such a caring and creative mother♬♬♬

    本当に優しいMomとboys (*^▽^*)~*☆ Goro-chan のtasting も必要不可欠♪
    実家に考慮中の買い手のあることが分かって、色々又手を加えたりでバタバタと p:-)
    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear Japanese friend in America, xoxo Miyako*

  29. Bem Niko, alguém tem que fazer o serviço da limpeza certo? hihihi
    Boa semana meus amores!

  30. What awesome snacks your Mom makes for you Goro and Niko and what great helpers you both are, both of those snacks look so yummy, sweet post and pics! Have a wonderful week!

  31. Goro san & Nico San You both are special mixing of cooking time for Chicken and Cheaese Oishi Yummy food all the time your loving boys..Tamago san working very hard to your children. Okaradani kiotucate kudasai with your family.

  32. Tamago San! I was very happy to hearing from yours and Katie san was always Ogenkini nagaikio shitekudasaimase! Anata to gofugin sama.

  33. What a good Mom! Goro and Niko know how much they are loved- no matter how many bath time pictures you take.
    Maggie, Mickey Mouser, and Rufus the Red

  34. Those treats look really yummy! Goro and Niko seem to really enjoy them :)

    Rosa @ Cat Lady Confidential

  35. They look so yummy! Love to try one myself! :-P
    Thanks for your comment other day, Tamago!

  36. ༼❀ه° ·.
    Que delícia!!! Pratos totalmente limpos!!!

    Bom fim de semana com tudo de bom!!!