Sunday, January 16, 2011

Snow Day

Earlier this week...

I found Goro moving like a snake.


Ah, he was after a bird outside.

We can, Goro.
But you have to get dressed first.
And you can't hunt that bird.

We had a heavy snow here in Southeastern U.S.

To go out, Goro has to wear harness.

Goro, I've seen you jumping around
in that harness before. Let's go.
(He is kind of a drama queen.)

Anyway, as he is dressed properly, we went outside.

But it was so cold that we came back in 3 minutes.
It's not a good idea to go out
on such a cold, snowy day.

By the way, I haven't seen Niko...

Goro, do you know where Niko is?

After occupying the spot in front of fireplace
and warming himself, Goro went upstairs.

For a while, though, neither he nor Niko came back
to downstairs, so I went to check on them.

Maybe they are snuggling up to
each other on a bed :-)
It's a good way to warm up
on such a cold, snowy day.

.....No, they are not on a bed.

Where did they go?

I hear a noise coming from the bathroom.

Ah, there they are, dancing.

It's another good way to warm up
on such a cold, snowy day.


Snow has mostly melted around where I live
by this weekend. I hope everyone who has snow
stay warm and safe, and everyone who does not
have snow also stay comfortable and safe.



  1. That last photo is so funny! We're glad you enjoyed your snow and that you're staying nice and warm!

  2. We think that last photo is hilarious too! We're glad you didn't stay out long. And we wish our snow would go away so quickly, but it'll be here till March...April if we're really unlucky! Plus we have a windchill of -19 Celcius, which is darned cold! We think we need to teleport over to cosy up to your fireplace!

  3. ha ha! The Evil Harness does the same thing to The Baby! She claims it steals her bones.

    Pattycake is an excellent way to warm two are masters we see!

  4. Patty cake, patty cake, baker's man.
    Bake me a cake as fast as you can;
    Roll it up, roll it up;
    And throw it in a pan!

  5. he he- we are laughing over dat last picture. So funny!

  6. Dancing is for sure a good way to warm up ~ and it's good exercise. I think we can learn a lot from these two kitties! :)
    xo Catherine

  7. that was such a sweet post! yep we have snow too!! IS winter! You just aren't used to the snow! :)

  8. Y'all got a deep snow, more than Mom and I , I think. I didn't even ask to go out in that white stuff. You two boys are so funny, loved the last one,talented twosome.


  9. going out in the snow is crazy, Goro. even for if there are birds! oh well, at least you got some fresh air. :) the fire and game with Niko looked nice.

  10. Goro, you were very brave to go out in that snow! We avoid the snow!! It's way too cold!!

    We like how you and Niko are "playing" together!

  11. Goro-chan, we think you are very brave to go out in the snow! It's much nicer inside, where it is warm and dry, right?

    Are you and Niko-chan really dancing? Or maybe you are playing jan-ken-po? :)

    Have a nice day!

  12. Yep, we had lots of that too in South Carolina, yuck! I love that paw action shot!!!

  13. Great photos, especially the last one=MOL!!...We hope you handsome boys have a happy week ahead and stay warm, sweet friends...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  14. Hi Goro chan & Niko Chan,
    The snows are very heavy in your place but your bright photos with words thats fantastic
    as Jacqueline's says"how did you that?"
    Can you put it up in the cats photos composition? You made me a big smiles:-)

  15. Goro, that was an excellent little venture out into the cold, white stuff. It's good you warmed your toesies by that nice warm fire! And I luvs your dance with Niko, theese is priceless! (The three of us should have a dance party sometimes...I likes to samba, macarena and moonwalk.)

  16. The Human and I always love your stories! Theya re so exciting. My Human tried to put one of those THINGS on me once and I practically foamed at the mouth so she never tried such a thing again. I'd kinda like to go outside, but not if it means I have to put that...that...well, I just can't even say the word!