Monday, September 2, 2013

Supervisor Seat

Kitchen counter is a restricted area.

Daddy's boy Goro steps off the counter
when his Dad tells him to.

I, a typical cat's servant, have
difficulty in fur-child discipline department.

So this stool has been a big help.
We call it Goro's "supervisor seat."

Goro can watch kitchen activity from the stool.

This satisfies his curiosity and keeps him 
from jumping on the counter.

Goro also gets snack on the stool.

So Goro is a happy boy.
And a good boy on his supervisor seat.

Well, not always.


  1. You get a stool in the kitchen? Wow, that's pretty much the best seat in the house! (Not counting the catio.)

    You're amazingly helpful and hard-working, Goro. Snoopervising takes a lot of energy!

  2. Goro, you are amazing! Your self-restraint that is...we, on the other paw, are terrible, defiant kitties, resting our hotcrossbums on the counters ALL the time.

  3. Goro, I see you know when to follow the rules - and when to break them!

  4. MOL, nice try Goro. That was sneaky being so good and then getting on the counter.We like that snooperviser Stool. Take care.

  5. HA! I totally agree, you are not on the counter!!!

  6. Hey you are absolutely THE best Goro San! You have my and daddy wrapped around your sweet paw! How about Niko san? Does he rule with you over the household? xxxooo

  7. No, you're not "on" the counter. The kitchen is a good place to do your snoopervising.

  8. Wow, that's such a good idea! We think we need stools in the kitchen. But we still think we'd get on the counter too.

  9. Wow! You have a stool in the kitchen? That's very cool. I jump on the dining table if i want to see what's going on the counter. Tee hee...

  10. We need a stool in the kitchen too! Although we probably won't stay on it. MOL. Mommy doesn't mind us on the counter but we jump right off when we hear Daddy!
    You were most definitely NOT on the counter in that last picture, Goro. Hahaha! Thank goodness for long limbs. :D

  11. MOL...that's my friend ;)
    I hope your pawrents didn't see the last shot..don't worry I won't say anything ; )

  12. Goro is the best supervisor !
    And a clever one too ...
    the last photo is great, made me smile :-)
    Big hugs,

  13. Goro, you're really a good boy. The idea of a supervisor seat is great, I love to give them high spots to...supervise

  14. Dearest Tamago-san,
    Goro-chan looks so satisfied with his supervisor seat♡♡♡ How lucky he is to have such a comfortable and close to you two seat.
    Oh you gave me smile "have difficulty in fur-child discipline department". You sure must be a sweet warmhearted young lady♬♬♬

    ここ2,3日の雨で朝晩とても涼しくなりました(^_^)v  ところで,昨日は埼玉で竜巻の被害; 最近まで竜巻はアメリで起こる物だと思ってました。。。

    Wishing you are having comfortable weather and wonderful new week.

    Lots of Love and hugs from Japan to my Japanese friend in America, xoxo Miyako*

  15. P.s.: why grey cats have that wide-eyed look? Benta is known for the same stairing eyes!

  16. Dearest Tamago,
    Lovely photos and especially about the supervisor stool!
    We did teach them that the counter is restricted but Sacha, the one that got killed in June, always managed to jump on our Miele ceramic cook top. It starts beeping when something is on top... She did reset the time programming several times and it took us quite some time to undo! But they are very cunning and it is very hard to catch them in the act!
    LOVE the Whoo hoo photo. Any box intrigues them.
    Hugs to you,

  17. questshunz a bout it....frum R view point which is just a wee bit ta de left....yur left buddy....ewe iz knot on any counter in any part oh de houz....N we haz proof....coz niko said sew its de WERD...kinda like de LAW onlee better :) !!! enjoy~~~~~~~

  18. ha ha- here we thought maybe you were the purrfect boy and would behave totally like your mom wanted you to. It's nice to see you still have a mind of your own.

  19. Oh my dear Goro, I love your "supervisor stool" and you are such a good helper for sure! Have a wonderful week my boys!

  20. Beautiful Goro!! You are not only a good boy but a great snoopervisor of mum and dad's culinary endeavours!! You deserve your throne and treats! Yay! Hugs too to sweet Niko! take care

  21. what good helpers you are, we love to snoopervise in the kitchen too

    urban hounds

  22. You are the best supervisor Goro. Our cats just sleep on the counter, but they are old. Lee and Phod

  23. Oh Tamago, you made my day. I am so laughing about Goro. Sooo super sweet. I will share that on google+.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  24. I love to snoopervise the kitchen too!!!!

  25. Haha. Yes, you are not technically on the counter, Goro. You are so very clever. :)

    Don't feel bad, Tamago-san. Moosey takes direction ("no no") better from me than the mom, too.

  26. Oh Goro you are such a clever boy and so good sitting on your supervisor stool!!!!

  27. MOL!!....Goro, you are a smart and good boy=love the big stretch, sweetie!!hehe...Happy weekend, dear friends...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki, Mommy Cat, Daddy Cat

  28. Goro, you're the best supervisor ever!!! I love those pictures, they should be advertising photos for good food! Can they cook sushi??? I love sushi...
    Licks from Pink

  29. I love this idea of a snoopervisor stool but not close to the stove if grease splatters. Purrs from our boys to yours.

  30. ♪♫° ·.
    Ele é um fiscal muito charmoso... fiscalizando para ganhar um petisco.

    Bom fim de semana!
    ♪♫° ·.
    º° ✿✿ ·.

  31. MOL! the last picture, hee hee! too right :D

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  32. What makes the Humans think they should tell the kitties where the kitties are and are not allowed to be? Huh? Tell me that! I think the Kitties should be the ones to decide where the Kitties are allowed to be, which of course is anywhere they want to be.

  33. Hahaha! Oh you are too funny Goro!!
    Banjo does not seem to pay attention to the 'no warm cat bums on the counter' rule. LOL!!
    Happy Sunday kitties!
    xo Catherine

  34. Meow you have a Stool!
    I WANT one too!
    So cool

  35. I get up on the counter all the time. But I would still enjoy having a Supervisor Seat!

  36. I snoopervisor stool? We want one!

  37. People say cats are not trainable. That isn't true. Goro knows "down" (he complains while he is complying), "up", "come", "stay" (he has his limits with this one.), he even plays his own take on fetch. (human throws toy, goro chases toy, goro waits for human to pick up toy and throw again.)

  38. You're so good with your cats Tamago. Reading your story, I feel a lucky cat too living in your house. Wish I can be a cat!With no worry... a nice dream! :-)