Monday, September 9, 2013

Tea Time

Goro & Niko's catnip

I made a tea with it.

Goro, would you like a cup of tea?

Wait, where are you going?

How about you, Niko?

Since the catnip tea was rejected by
Goro & Niko, I got to enjoy it.

It was not bad!

So this was my tea time.
Relaxing afternoon, with fresh catnip tea.
Some of my favorite sweets.

And a good company :-)


  1. I've made mojitos with our catmint when I didn't have any of the regular kind! DELISH.

  2. So the cats didn't like catnip tea? TW used to buy it in the health food store. When she gets migraines, she actually eats my fresh nip. Isn't that disgusting?

  3. Dearest Tamago,
    Lovely photos; especially the one with Goro on top of the chair where he's no longer thirsty...
    Oh, they are so picky in what they eat and drink!
    Glad you enjoyed it yourself.

  4. what? Goro and Niko tea party poopers? :D

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, HOllie

  5. We would be really upset if the mom used our fresh nip to make tea! ;)

  6. Oh my goodness, you drank catnip tea? Does it have any effect on humans? Where did you get the mug, it is beautiful and I would love to buy one.

  7. I had NO idea humans partook of the nip! Fortunately it is not a habit my human has - that means more for me!

  8. This is news to us....that beans like nip too! Oh, oh we better not let mom see this post....go away mom!!!

    Oh yeah, we needs her to tippy tap. We hope Goro and Niko gots some fresh nip of their own, MOL

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  9. Did your Mom roll around on the carpet after she drank the nip tea, boys? MOL.

  10. well ive never tried it but maybe! When we had a cat nip plant inside our cat scooter went a little too crazy and so we moved itout to our deck where it promptly attracted a lot of poor stray kitties. I was afraid they would get drunk on it and get hurt so dry cat nip is it for us

    urban hounds

  11. Mmm, catnip tea and those sweets ... looks delicious,
    too bad Niko and Goro didn't want some ... :-)
    And what a pretty mug !
    Nice week,

  12. Our human has never tried that, either. Maybe it would help her relax--she's too stressed all the time!

  13. I LAFFED at Whisppy's comment! Did you?

  14. Awwww amazing Goro and lovely Niko!! You prefer yours raw! Yay for keeping mum company while she sipped her nip tea!! Take care

  15. Goro and Niko are in the raw fashion. When I read mom was about to drink catnip tea I got concerned about some kind of addiction (rolling on the floor etc.), but no, as a tea lover I found that

  16. OH no...not good company.....THE BEST company...

  17. *giggle* So now I am picturing Goro and Niko having to hide their 'nip stash' so mom can't keep making tea out of it! LOL! I did not realize you could make tea out of catnip! But you are right, tea is always better with favorite sweets and good company!
    xo Catherine

  18. time pleez ta tell yur mom ta leeve de waters off de nip and get a few dozen donuts out...... her will bee a mazed at yur offer ta stay N..... partake !! :) heers ta a ton oh trout twozday~~~

  19. Catnip tea, and the company of Goro and Niko? That sounds wonderful to us. :)

  20. Well at least onenof you enjoyed tea time!

  21. Oh you just had the purr-fect afternoon! Lindt chocolate (my Human's favorite too), catnip tea and time with your wonderful boys that is just awesome. I am rather in awe of Goro and Niko's catnip plant...ours didn't grow. Have a really nice week everyone!

  22. Catnip tea fir humans? Interesting. Hmmm... What if mom tries that... Haha! Sorry, i have a wild imagination.

  23. Catnip tea now that sounds quite delightful. Fancy Goro and Niko not liking it!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  24. Hi Tamago,
    what a fun you made catnip tea. I suspected Goro would love to canoodle with you after you drunk his tea. Funny that he has not more interest in. But they looks always very charming. So cuddly!
    Best greetings, Johanna
    P.S: Thanks for your visit and the sweet comment.

  25. ¸.•°❤ ❤⊱彡
    Muito lindos e fotogênicos!!!
    Eu também não gosto de chá, gosto de café... sou como eles.
    ¸.•°❤ Boa Noite! ❤⊱彡

  26. I never thought of making tea from nip. Too bad Goro didn't like it. You could have had a tea party.
    Sometimes I look out the window from my kitchen and I see strange cats rolling around in my garden.

  27. I has no idea..Goro san or Niko san drank with tea, after was Mum having a beautiful sweet tea...

  28. Huh. Well, I gotta go with my Homies--the tea must be no good. Maybe a nice salad?

  29. Dearest Tamao-san,
    "catnip tea"♬♬♬  Oh My, they are not so fond of it(^^;) At least you could enjoy it with a good company♡♡♡ I wonder how it taste p;) By the way, I love your mug with birds' design very much. So sorry for my belated comment.

    私はティーカップが好きで少し集めていますが、no more space です、ハハ。 オリンピックの件ですが、プリゼンがとても好評だったようです。 滝川クリステルさんの”おもてなし”はジェスチャーと共に今年の流行語になるかも(*^_^*)  何度もTVで放映されました。

    Sending you lots of love and hugs to my dear Japanese friend in America, xoxo Miyako*

  30. WE don't blame you boys for not wanting the nip tea. We kitties would rather just have the nip leaves. They are yummy. Have a great day.

  31. We love catnip tea, very relaxing. Purrs to your boys!

  32. I've never had catnip tea!!! Looks like you enjoyed it with lovely cat company :-)

  33. The good company is the best part - and such cute photos!

  34. The Human wants to grow some fresh nip now to see what she thinks of it. She figures the dried stuff wouldn't be very tasty. She did grow a plant for me once, but to tell you the truth. I am not a reliable Nip fan, though sometimes I really like a good nip toy.

  35. °º✿♫
    °º✿ Olá!
    º° ✿✿

    Boa semana!
    Beijinhos do Brasil.
    ♫° ·.¸.•°♡♡♫° ·.

  36. It would probably taste better with some tuna juice!

  37. Hmmmm...need to see if Mama will make catnip tea! Me-Ommmmm

  38. Thanks for sharing.
    I like the cat,it is funny.

    White and Yellow

  39. I knew there was a secret! Mom drinks catnip tea and writes those funny posts! But I think this lovely company is the best!
    Laís & Pink