Sunday, September 22, 2013

Goro's 4th Anniversary

This is sushi, Goro.

No, no, you don't wanna eat it. 
It's got wasabi.

Today, September 22nd, is Goro's 4th Gotcha Day.

We got sashimi for Goro's special day dinner.
And made sushi for humans with leftover fish.

(My understanding is that raw fish should not be
a regular diet but is okay as occasional treat)

Now let's have sashimi!

Do you like it, Niko?

Goro. How about you?

Looks like he likes it, too :-)

Four years ago, we got sunshine in our home.
He is bright, funny, and playful.

Happy Gotcha Day, our sunshine Goro!


  1. (I canNOT let my Horde see this post...sashimi for a Gotcha Day? I'd never live it down...)

    ::sneaks off::


    and we DID see your post and now Mommy has some explaining to do...

  2. Sahsimi? YUM!

    Happy Gotcha Day, Goro-chan! We are so glad you found yourself such a loving and amazing family. Big hugs to you all.

  3. Happy gotcha Day, Goro! Mom sure is nice to make you special food! So did you come as a kitty and are four now? My Sunny and Cher had their gotcha Day abut a week ago. It was one year, and they are four (well, Cher went to Rainbow Bridge but his brother is fine)

  4. Happy gotcha day, Goro! What an awesome treat you got for your special day!

  5. Happy 4th Gotcha Day to my awesome buddy Goro! Love ya buddy and we are so happy you ended up with the fantastic Pawrents you did! What a great dinner you had to celebrate, very cool!

  6. Happy Gotcha Day sweet Goro!! Oh what a happy day when you went to live with your wonderful family. You are one lucky kitty!!
    Lots of kisses and hugs for you!
    xo Catherine & Banjo

  7. Happy Gotcha Day! Wishing you many more days filled with raw fish! Lee and Phod

  8. Happy Gotcha Day dearest Goro san! I know you make your mommy and Daddy very happy as does Niko san. What wonderful handsome and clever boys. You make US happy too. This is your old furriend Admiral Hestorb just dropping by on your special day. xoxoxox

  9. Happy gotcha day, Goro, since the firt day you were cute! I love you guys, I always feel happy when I come to visit you. I hope you can live a long life just like me!
    Licks from Pink

  10. Happy Gotcha Day, sweet Goro. You and Niko are the sunshine of this blog. I love what your mom did for you.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  11. Dearest Tamago,
    Sorry, I'm too late catching up on my blog reading... We got home from Miami yesterday after 8 days being on vacation in Florida. Meeting our friends and having a good time. I did take a nap on the balcony in the sunshine today.
    Congratulations on Goro's 4th Gotcha Day! You mention Sunshine. That is another story of our friends in Lakeland, FL. We had dinner together on Friday and they told us that their sweet Sunshine no longer was with them. She died in July, on her 12th Birthday. She had come into the office where my friend works from home if not traveling to Brazil. There she sat, staring at my friend in a way she never had done before. My friend was thinking what do you want from me; what is this about. She continued with her work and only later found her Sunshine laying dead near her cat bed. She had not gone outdoors for two weeks and they thought, oh she is getting older and its too hot outside. Our felines must sense that their time is ending and Sunshine certainly came to say goodbye to her human Mom.
    Hugs to you,

  12. Happy Gotcha Day, Goro-Chan! You got sashimi to celebrate? You are so lucky! #1 would like to say that she east her sushi without wasabi, so you would have been able to share with her!

    The Chans

  13. Gorgeous Goro!! Happy happy happy Gotcha Day!!! You bring sunshine and endless rainbows to mum and dad and to super duper Niko too! enjoy your yummy treats!! Take care

  14. Oh you are so so lucky that is our moms favorite food for sure! Our cat brother scooter once stole a piece of sushi right of moms plate but it had wasabi on it and he did not like the wasabi

    urban hounds

  15. Happy Gotcha Day Goro, ya done good pal!!!

  16. Happy Gotcha Day, sweet Goro !
    And what a special treat for dinner, I can see Goro and Niko both enjoyed it :-)
    Big hugs,

  17. We're a bit late, but we made it! Belated happy Gotcha Day, Goro! What a fabulous treat for your celebration; yum!

  18. Goro san, Happy Gotcha day precious one. Admiral visited I see. I wanted to as well. xxoo

  19. Happy belated Gotcha Day Goro. Here's to many more (raising a glass of nip cocktail to toast you).
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  20. Happy 4th Gotcha Day dear Sunshine Goro-Chan. You deserve a treat of yummy sashimi which you shared nicely with Niko. Purrs from our boys!

  21. Happy Gotcha Day, Goro! What a fun way to celebrate! And lucky Niko got some sahsimi, too!!


  22. happee bee lated gotcha day two ewe dood N heeres ta 4000 mor !!! hope yur day was de best; N ya getted plentee oh toys, treets, nip, grazz, flounder, sea bass, herring, mackerull, salmon, perch, bloo gill, noe burd, ham samiches, cake, donuts, pizza pies, sghetti, toona, trout, shrimpz, a new cat tree witha full lee stocked fridge attached anda 2014 CATillax car........bee sidez de sashimi !!! YAY :) !!!!!!

  23. Happy Gotcha Day Goro!

    We donts know what sashimi is but it looks furry yummy, MOL!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  24. I absolutely think the fish was a HUGE hit! *L*

  25. Oh sweetie!
    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Happy Gotcha day!! and what a wonderful thing to do to celebrate!

  27. Whoa! Raw fish!! Happy Gotcha Day, Goro.

  28. Happy Gotcha Day, Goro. And remember wild cats in the jungle or wilderness eat raw meat all the time. It just needs to be really fresh.

    You are so cute. Enjoy!!

    Pet lovers please check out my homeless cat blog archives for some informative posts and stories about the cat abandoned/feral colony I manage.
    Debby in Arizona

  29. Oh gosh, we are so sorry we missed your Gotcha day. Our Mom is so slack in helping us. We sure hope you had a great day. Looks like the food was so good. Take good care.

  30. I'm so late! But I'm very happy to know Goro through the blog and want to send him Gotcha day kisses.
    Sweet boy Goro!

  31. Sashimi for a Gotcha Day? Oh my Cod, we want to come to your house! Happy Gotcha Day, darling. You are def sunshine and light. And one lucky cat to get sashimi!

  32. Goro san & Niko san!
    Row fish sashimi wa hajimete tabemasu-ka?
    Tokubetu no Gotcha day ...
    Nihon dewa sakanaga totemo yorokobare
    masu cat san no karadani totemo genkini aimasu.
    Have a good time!

  33. Happy 4th gotcha day, goro! Yummm! You're having sashimi... Your humans are having me! Hahaha!

  34. Hey thank you so much for your contribution!! I am so grateful and so is Tiger!

  35. WOW!! Sashimi?? I have never even been OFFERED this fantastic fishie delicacy! The Human has offered me cooked fish (meh, not interesting) . . . . but RAW! Now that might be worth trying.

    Happy Gotcha Day, Goro!

    P.S. You should let poor Niko finish with his fudz before you steals them.

  36. Happy birthday're a lucky have such an amazing mom :)...

  37. Dearest Tamago-san,
    Wow; Congratulations on Goro's 4th Gotcha Day v(^_^)v And how great that you have Goro-chan and Niko-chan, who(haha, not which) are the sunshine to you and your husband♡♡♡

    お刺身、美味しそうに食べて貰えて 良いお祝いが出来て良かったですね(*^_^*) お二人も美味しく召し上がりましたか♡♡♡ 私の旦那様は回転寿司のファンで、良く行きますが。。。 私は少し飽き気味 p;)


    Sending you lots of love and hugs to my dear Japanese friend in America, xoxo Miyako*

  38. Happy Gotcha Day, Goro! Your anniversary dinner looks delicious. It was very sweet of you to share some of the fish with your mom and dad. We hope you had a wonderful day.

  39. Hi Goro and Niko (and Humans), Hope you had a fantastic Caturday! Do you think your Mom might be going to get you some more of that fishie stuff? If she does, can I come over?

  40. Goro, we, cat's mommies, got pure sunshine when we adopt cats. You are a beautiful gray cat and my three furry cuties are sending you a happy happy happy gotcha day!