Monday, June 4, 2018

Goro's 9th Birthday

A cup of coffee with Goro

Goro in a wall cup

Got this cup to use in the office

Goro & a cup of catnip

I made chicken cupcakes
for Goro's birthday.

Decorated them with plain yogurt (strained)
and crumbs of freeze-dried giblets.

Here you go, Goro. Happy birthday!

* Snap Snap Snap *

O..OK, Goro!

On May 30th, we celebrated Goro's birthday.
He turned 9 years old!

Happy birthday, sweetheart! We love you!

Monday, April 16, 2018

Gift from Japan

We received this gorgeous gift package
from N-Chan, our friend in Japan!

Goro helped me unpack the box.

Sorry, Goro. This is a dessert for humans.
(He DID try to eat it and I had to stop him!)

And Look! Isn't it the cutest cushion?

Niko loooved it :-)

Niko kneading the bread cushion.

Thank you, N-Chan!
We all enjoyed your wonderful gift!


Have a happy new week, everyone :-)

Monday, April 2, 2018

Nice Weekend

We had a nice weekend!

* Deck time *

Goro enjoyed smell of spring.

Niko was really in good mood.
Do you see his tummy making ♥ shape?

I had fruit salad for lunch.
Yum yum.

* Snack time *

Niko taking over Goro's plate.
(Very usual scene around here.)

Don't worry, Goro got another snack later!

* Nap time *

Niko napped in his cat-shaped cat bed.

Goro & I took a nap together.

I slept total of approx. 15 hours per day.
Yep, it was a very nice weekend!

Graphic with Goro & Niko

Have a happy new week :-)

Monday, March 19, 2018

Furry Artist

The company I work at had a little event,
which included children's art contest.

Since the contest guideline didn't say
"human child only," I asked Goro;

Would you like to enter the art contest?

Um, not that kind of art (although I call
your poop "masterpiece" all the time).

I mean this!

♥Disclaimer♥ This is not ad nor
was I gifted anything for this post!

There was one problem...
Goro wouldn't smack the mouse.

Goro, come on!

Then I got an idea. Goro finds toys more
fun when they are covered with tissue.

So I put tissue over iPad!

It worked :-)

So here it is - Goro's masterpiece!

And he made it!

His painting was used as part of
design of the event poster!

Well, so was every other entry, but still.
I'm a very proud mom of my furry artist :-)


Niko did painting, too!


 Cats are the works of art!

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Niko's 8th Anniversary

Every night when bed time is nearing,
Niko starts a campaign.

His goal is to start Happy Hour
(nightly snack time) as soon as possible.

O...OK, Niko. Let me get ready.

(Awww... He is such a cutie pie.)

(Wow, I can see where
Niko parts his tummy fur.)

Oh! Sorry, I was distracted.

I'd better hurry as
(Niko thinks) he is starving!

Niko's campaign continues.
He meows for snack.

Well, his meow is so sweet and charming.
Niko is like a twinkling fur fairy :-)

Finally, Happy Hour!


On February 28th, we celebrated
Niko's 8th Gotcha Day.

We love you, sweet Niko!
And don't worry - We make sure you
never miss Happy Hour :-)