Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tale of Tail

I don't know if it is said worldwide, but in Japan, 
I hear that kitties born with hooked tail bring happiness.

Hooked tail... Or kinked? Crooked? Curled? I don't
know the proper word, but it is a tail which is not straight.

You can? Niko?

Oh, it is very neatly folded. Well done, Niko.

You can? Goro? reminds me of a candy swirl. Mmm!

You boys bring me happiness every day :-)


Long time ago, when I was still living in Japan,
I had a girl who had a hooked tail.

She was born prematurely and I thought she 
would not make it. But she grew big and beautiful.

She sure brought me a lot of happiness.


  1. I like your tale of hooked tail bring happiness : )
    But I never notice I can do it or not, but I'm pretty sure I can wagging my tail right in front of my mom's face..And I guess that bring her happiness ..heh..heh

  2. We've never heard that about hooked tail cats! I can make mine a curly a pig. My mom stared calling me piggy because of it. I didn't like that.


  3. I think Niko and Goro are cute with their tails curled or straight!!! Sweet kitties make me happy too!

    Hope you had a happy weekend!
    xo Catherine

  4. Well, we've never folded OUR tails before.

    ::stampedes off to commence folding::

  5. Maybe that is why Japenese Bobtail cats are so popular there! They all have little, kinked tails. Mine just waves around.

  6. We think that straight or curled, kitty tails (and kitties!) bring much happiness! :-)

  7. You are both very acrobatic, Goro-Chan and Niko-Chan!

    And that "Mike" girl looks so lovely!

    The (French) Chans

  8. I always say, the curlier, the better!

  9. You both are bootiful - hooked tails or not. he he Mine just waves around like a flag.

  10. Nice pictures fur sure! Hmmmmmm, I hadn't heard that either, I'm off to do so tail inspecting!

  11. I must tell you, you and your kids make me and mommy very happy. We love your style and you.

  12. Your Calico girl was a beauty! Me, my tailio is pretty straight but you would not BELIEVE the shapes I can make it into, MOL!

    You boys have very nice tails too ;-)

  13. Tamago-san,
    I have bobtail, Tom and Mike have knotted tail and Nicole has bobtail (she's my birthmum, maybe that's why I have bobtail too). Oh, Angelina and Brad have long boring tails. I make my Mama happy...I hope. meowww...Nikki

    p.s. I get to blog until Angelina's return.

  14. interesting, i had never heard about this saying before. :)

    your previous cat is beautiful. :)

  15. Folds and curls! Goro and Niko you have exceptional tail-ents!

    What was the name of your sweet lil' girl?

  16. Oh, we like those curled tails! Good job! Have a great weekend. Hugs and nose kisses

  17. Your Calico curl sure was beautiful! Surely the fact that Goro and Niko can fold and swirl their tails is a very good thing. This is sure to bring you much happiness! :)

  18. Goodness,we have a kitty here who has a crook in his tail. We think it was broken when he was born. Glad to know it will bring us happiness or at least bring him happiness. Hope you have a great week end.

  19. We are so behind commenting. I thought of y'all during the storms and glad you all are OK. Those two boys sure bring me smiles.
    I haven't seen any updates lately but Google has been such a mess too.
    I wish I knew about Kassey's tail, if it was cut or some accident.

  20. Your tails are quite darling! Thanks so much for your kind words on our blogoversary!

  21. What lovely tails - we have had computer problems this week and are just catching up!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  22. You two sure have talented tails! We liked your story, it is very sweet. Our special girl Inka (who has passed on) had a crooked tail and she did bring us lots of happiness.

  23. That's interesting! I have a cat with a hooked tail, or more accurately, it seems to be broken in a couple places. He was a rescue kitty, so we can't know for sure.