Sunday, February 12, 2012

Awards & Beef Hot Pot

A little while back, we received a Liebster Blog Award
from Orchid of Orchid's Daily Voice

Orchid is our sweet, dear friend from Japan. She introduces
you to Japanese culture, tradition, history, etc. We always
learn, have fun, and feel good by reading her sweet words :-)

We also received The Versatile Blogger Award

We smile, laugh, chuckle, sometimes cry reading about 
them and rescued animals. Thank you for saving and caring
for those who need help. You are an angel and we love you!

Thank you for sharing these awards with us. Cold weather is
coming in this weekend, but your friendship warms our hearts! 


Now we gotta warm our tummy, too...

Beef Hot Pot certainly does.

Uh... Goro, I'm sorry. 
But this is for your Dad and me.

We are hungry people, Goro.
Now let's add these slices of beef. Yum yum.

Unfortunately, we can't share them with kids.
Goro gets sick if he eats beef.

Don't be sad, Goro.  I will get chicken for you :-)


Now it's our turn to pass the awards. But many of you
already have these awards, so this time we just want to say
we love you all and are truly grateful for your friendship.
Stay warm and we wish you a wonderful week ahead!!


  1. Congratulations on your awards! It looks like mom and dad enjoyed a nice meal. I hope you kitties got your chicken!
    xo Catherine

  2. Concatulations on your great awards, sweet friends! That beef hot pot looks oishii! :)

  3. Concats for your awards !!!!!
    I think you are better stuck with your treats ( beef flavor ) ; )

  4. Those are two great awards! Congrats!!

    We hope you enjoyed your hot pot! We'd much rather have treats ourselves.

  5. The humans here don't eat beef at all, so I am not even quite sure what beef is! I DO love chicken.

  6. Dearest Tamago,

    Congrats with your awards!
    How funny the text with this post. And cute that you have the same cow for your kids as we have. They love it!
    Happy Valentine's Day to all of you (365 days a year of course...) and stay warm.


  7. Congrats on your Awards folks! Oh Goro my boy, you are so cute and you made us smile! We don't blame you for being excited about the hot pot, it looks good! Uh, maybe you should let that little cow go...Have a great week kitties!

  8. You always make us laugh! Such a pity that you can't eat beef though, Goro. We hope you get other treats!

  9. Yum. I love hot pot but I never tried to make it at home. No wonder you guys wanted to try some, but chicken is yummy too

  10. Beef makes me bomit, too. I usually eat just chicken, rabbit or fish!

  11. Congratulations on your awesome awards!...Glad you guys got some chicken=yum!...Happy week ahead, handsome friends...xoox...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  12. Hey, congrats on the furry nice award and we think you are special too!

  13. Conga rats to you on that wonderful award. We really like all of you too. Mom is fascinated with the Hot Pot. We don't think we have seen one of those. Is it like a crock pot?? Good to see you Goro. Hope you get that chicken.

  14. That looks like sukiyaki to us.. IS IT? IF that is the case, we'll al be right over, starting with #1!!!

    The Chans

  15. I think you are special and so are your pawrents, Niko and Goro. You know I have a tiny crush on you. But Boomerang is my main squeeze. xoxox

  16. Happy Valentine's Day, sweet friends...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki, Mommy Cat, Daddy Cat

  17. That looks. . . delicious! Your Mommy should not make that in front of you if the kitties are not going to get any!!

    Happy Valentine's Day, Boys! ♥ ♥ ♥

  18. Dearest Tamago-san,
    So sorry for my belated comment. Whew, I am back!!!
    Thank you for your lovely words for me.
    Haha, you do spoil your love ones; sure looks delicious♡♡♡
    Love you always, xoxo Miyako*

  19. Concats. We love hot pot and ee love you so much, we've added you to our yummy blog roll.

  20. Mmmmm. That beefie still looks tasty! If only they wouldn't put in those yucky vegetables!

  21. Hi - thanks for your comment, thought I would return the favor! Congrats on your awards! Very exciting! Glad to have met Goro and Niko, and I look forward to reading and seeing more of their adventures!!