Sunday, May 12, 2013

Nightly Battle

* Happy Hour = Snack time before going to bed

I know, Niko. But after I take shower, OK?

Niko waits outside the shower room.
(Makes me take VERY quick shower.)

OK, I'm ready. Let's go.

Niko loves chicken so much...

He always takes over Goro's dish :-)

After Happy Hour, we play.

It's getting late. 
Niko, let's go to bed...

No, no. There is no 2nd Happy Hour.

Then Niko waits on the stairs.

Sometimes Goro joins.

Now, I'm very aware of 
Goro's growing tummy flab.

And Niko's meaty peach.

So, NO more snack...

(Uh-oh, leg rubbing always gets me.)

O...okay, just a tiny bit.


"Snack, more or no more"  
This is the battle I have to fight every night. It's
hard to win when the opponents are so cute.


  1. Binga and Boodie get a happy hour with my human's boyfriend, or at least the treat part. I don't bother 'cause the dog is there too.

  2. It is just this way with our cats! And it is so hard to resist!!! We have had to put our biggest cat on a diet he has gotten so fat. The vet says that cats have a 50-50 chance of diabetes when they get fat. Chicken is good for cats, though.

  3. Niko and Goro are so cute! We think we would lose that battle EVERY time! Happy Mother's Day! :)

  4. Niko and Goro, you is so lucky! Our mom is mean...there are no treats at bedtime. Buts we do get stinky goodness at supper time, MOL

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  5. Haha! It's hard to say no to those faces! Our mom has the same problem with us. We usually end up having a couple of Happy Hours before bed too!

  6. Since your happy hour treat is chicken, that is much better than if it were a cat treat with high calories and no nutrients. We don't see how you could ever say no to those cute faces.

  7. whoa! I got to try Happy Hour! Well, actually I do get treats before bed and sometimes playtime too.

  8. MOL! Same as us! we love that shot of your big furry butt :-)

  9. You are right to fill the boys to the rim each and every night...can you imagine how awful it would be to have 3 AM hungrumblies!?!

    It's a terrifying prospect, we tell you what.

  10. It is indeed very hard to resist such cute furry faces. Perhaps a deal can be made. More snacks but more play time to help work off the extra snacks. :)
    xo Catherine

  11. Dearest Tamago,
    Haha, I too told my furbabies that they can't have snacks 10 x... They never give up and pretend that they never received any; even when still having parts of them in their mouth!
    That's a game they know so well to play and we always succumb to their cat-charm!
    Love your meaty peach label!
    Hugs to you and it sounds like you had a lovely Mother's day. I had with all 8 fur babies around when drinking my green tea in the gazebo... Made me happy!

  12. Nico san & Goro san
    Nico,s lived Chicken so much and also he will eat Goro dish..
    After that Nico san and Goro san growing tummy fur..
    You both have nothing to say to mum
    and you having a Mother days too....
    Love you both!
    Also I has Katie is my love girl too.

  13. Beautiful Niko and adorable Goro!!! N0-ONE can resist both of you! Look at your cute faces, your gorgeous furrs, your perky peaches! LOL!!! Resistance is futile!!! Enjoy your many happy hours! :-) Take care

  14. Hey, thanks for the great idea. I think we need happy hour at my house, too!

  15. too cute, i love calling it happy hour hope you get nightly two for one specials

    urban hounds

  16. Haha! We love your happy hour! We get treats as bribes to come inside when it's bed time, but we don't get chicken...or play time!

  17. I think you two are winning the chicken wars!

  18. Who could resist those sweet begging faces. Those boys sure have their Mom trained....mol I have snacks in our bedroom, so Mom stays in bed in the dark time.
    xoxo Kassey

  19. We have snack time before bed too- there's always a bag of something good in our night tables. Tommie, Gracie and Mickey Mouser line up and shake paws. Then it's lights out.
    I love kitty rituals.


  20. doodz...iz it Oh kay ta say happee hour doez knot involve


    ta eat... ore ta play with

    leest round heer ...we wood call that hell hour

    !!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~ :)

    oh, N ewe both knead ta beef up sum...noe matter waht yr mom sayz two ewe

  21. Oh you two are hysterical. We do that same thing all day trying to get snacks. And we usually do too. Glad you got that second Night cap. Hope all of you have a great day.

  22. Oh, we think you two have it all figured out how to get a second Happy Hour. Are you working on getting a third Happy Hour yet? :) Seeing those sweet faces would for sure make it hard to deny you. Hugs and nose kisses

  23. They are very adorable, I wouldn't be able to resist either!!! Thank you for popping by last week with birthday wishes for Kip and Casper :-)

  24. Oh Tamago,who could resist such cute boys. They would have 24 Happy hours here. And would growing and growing. LOL. Thank you for sharing this sweet adventures.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  25. Dearest Tamago-san,
    Oh My, lovely and adorable fight with you and I can easily get why you have to give in p;) And I vever knew about "the Happy hours" haha, I checked with pc and I think we should have the time here in Japan.
    Sending you and your cute babies lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  26. I am smiling when I see Happy Hour faces!!
    So so adorable~!!

  27. We try to breathe in and hold our tummy muscles tight so we look very hungry.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  28. Cats always win ... too cute to resist :-)
    And as always Goro and Niko are so sweet !
    Nice week,

  29. Hahaha! We do that to Mommy too and you would think with 7 of us AND Whisky, she would give in. But NOOOOOOO. She has a heart made of tin!
    We love you boys!

  30. Ooh... Chickie nom! Hmmm... What if i demand to have happy hour too... Hmmm... Will figure out how to suggest that to momma.

  31. Mom would lose the battle every singlw night if she had your boys! How she love them. Those meaty peaches and tummies...ah... but still Niko san and Goro san, you must not ask Mommy for two Happy Hours because then, your will grow so much you may not feel like playing. I will tell you what. I will y=transport over in my tunnel and we can play chase around the house. It will be fun. I will be the one who is being chansed! How's that? xxxoooxxx <3

  32. Owww...lovely "yummy" cats!

  33. Now that is my kind of Happy Hour! How cool is that! We love the "meaty peach"! We hope you are having a wonderful week boys! (We really appreciate your friendship and your kind comments and purrs for Neytiri, thank you so much.)

  34. Is Goro having something else to eat, or it's the same food and it's just curiosity? My kitties are always jealous of each other's food :).

  35. We know this story well and it's hard to say no to such cuties!

  36. We play the same tricks here. Treats Treats and more Treats. Meow. Dad now makes us good homemade chicken treats as he did not like the bagged ones. Looks like you get the good chicken too! Purrs

  37. We always enjoy your fun photos!...What a great life you handsome boys lead!!...We want to come over and join you guys for Happy Hour sometime!!MOL...Happy weekend, dear friends...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  38. It looks like you two kept Mommy busy with a very fun and chicken filled happy hour!
    Chicken is calling Ash's name now... Uh-oh...

  39. You'll be on in a few hours!