Sunday, March 9, 2014

Center of Attention

Goro! Look! Here, here.

Smile, Goro. Say cheese!

No, not the villain smirk.
Show your handsome smile, Goro.

I guess Goro is not in the mood for photo shoot.

OK, then...
Let's take photos of Goro & Niko's stuffed twins.

* Click, click, click *


Um, Goro. Don't drop Niko's stuffed twin.

Now that's a handsome smile!

Goro always loves being in the center of attention :-)


  1. LOL!! Awwww beautiful Goro!! Of course you are the centre of attention!! You are a super model kitty and we love your stuffed twin!! And Niko's too!! Yay! Take care

  2. Those stuffed twins are adorable! BTW, we laughed at the villain smirk. We're not very cooperative when it comes to the camera either. :-)

  3. Goro only poses on his own terms - like any decent kitty!

  4. That's a handsome smile for sure :-)
    Goro is great !
    Cute stuffed twins !
    Have a nice week,

  5. lol.. nothing better than inspiring a little competition to inspire a cat to cooperate with what you want..

  6. Haha! I love it that Goro and Niko have twin stuffies! They will always pose even if real kitties will not. Goro is like some of those movie stars that will always pose for the paparazzi! LOL! ;)
    Happy Sunday!
    xo Catherine

  7. Aw, that IS a handsome smile from your handsome Iil' boy! The last photo is absolutely adorable!


  8. Dearest Tamago-san;
    Oh My, how lovely these twin stuffies your boys have♡♡♡ Don't they look alike with them and so adorable♬♬♬
    I got the meaning of the title seeing the last picture; GORGEOUS picture which can be a precious treasure for you. Gave me a warm morning smile(*^_^*)

    ps> 春に向けて忙しくなるので、今から美容院です。 亡くなった母の血を受け継いで、そろそろ染めが必用かもp;) 少しは暖かくなったでしょうか。 

    I hope you, your husband and boys are going to have a wonderful new week♬♬♬

    Sending you lots of love and hugs to my dear Japanese friend in America, xoxo Miyako*

  9. Oh wow those are twins! Were on earth di dyou get them they look just alike

    retro rover

  10. Good job, Goro! We like your blue cheese smile, but the picture of you with stuffed Goro and Niko is very sweet, too. :)

  11. The stuffed Goro and Niko are so cute...but we love the real Goro the best. He wasn't going to let those 2 stuffies show him up!

  12. Dearest Tamago,
    Oh my, you had me laugh out loud. What a handsome pose with his stuffed twin-brother! Those stuffed Goro and Niko are absolutely adorable.
    Hope they don't get roughed up by their life brothers!

    Oh, on top of having the time changed, this morning our Bandido did claw my big toe by poking under the down duvet. They are sometimes so mischievous but we LOVE them!

  13. Oh Goro my boy, you made us chuckle! Love your expressions, you are such a character! We adore stuffed Goro and Niko and that last pic of you with them is so cute. Have a wonderful week, dear friends!

  14. BLUE CHEESE!!!! We make the exact same face and now Mommy knows what to call it.

    Goro, you are like Rupert, a camera ham on your OWN terms. Must be a Gray thing!

  15. Such great photos, you are a sweet boy Goro. :)

  16. We love the pic of you and the twins!!!

  17. Hahaahah! Very funny! I love the photos sequence!

  18. Goro san & Nico san has beautiful
    lettle sister twins!
    Kawaii kodomo desune!
    Tama san mo isogasiku narimasune?
    Have a nice time this weekend ha ha

  19. Those stuffed animals are the greatest.And Goro, that last picture of you is just the greatest. You really did smile. Good boy. Hope all of you have a great day.

  20. These boys are the most dear boys ever. And Goro is acting just like himself there with his and Niko's twins!

    Those twins are precious! I will have to make mommy get a clone for me! xxooxx

  21. I do love your funny photo soap operas LOL

  22. Goro, tell your bean that's not a's the thought of blue cheese...ewww stinky, MOL!

    We lubs your stuffed twinnies. We need some too so the mom bean quits chasing us with the flashy box.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  23. HAH! I do that sometimes. I don’t like the flashy box but I don’t like TW to take pictures of anything else. Way to go, Goro.

  24. Oh how cute. They love the camera. You must have a really fun time with them. Your cats have a lot of wonderful personality.

  25. Love the villain smirk, it made me laugh :-) Super twins, wherever did you find them!!!

  26. Stuffed Goro and Niko look beautifully made- right down to their paws. They are also very co operative models.
    You always make me smile!

  27. I came back because this is so adorable. Goro, you are the boss! xxoo

  28. Ha ha ha! So are the "twins" made to order or just a lucky find cause they are adorable! Yes, Goro is a camera hog--Niko has to fight his way into the pictures ;-)

  29. Hey Goro you are one good looking fellow. And where did those great sfuffed cats come from?