Sunday, March 16, 2014

Food Game

I think food hunting game is a good way
to stimulate kitties' natural instinct and curiosity.
It's both fun and rewarding.

Here, I put a piece of freeze-dried meat in a glass.

Niko fishes it out of the glass...

Good job!

Now, game with Goro. 
I put this meat...

Goro, calm down.

Go, Goro. You can do it.

(I didn't expect all the whapping!)

Good job, Goro.

Actually, yes. Look how Niko does next time.

So the other day...

Niko fishes the snack.

Out of glass.

After this unfortunate event, 
Niko had to rethink his fishing method.

So Niko began to fish the snack.

And eat it without dropping out of glass.

Sorry, Goro. No more mooching.

Well, later Goro mastered fishing, too.

Even though he is not as skilled as Niko :-)

Food game is fun! Just gotta be careful
not to play too much = eat too much!


  1. Great job Goro...either way Buddy you got it!!! Thanks for stopping by to visit us!
    Purrs & hugs,
    Izzy Ino & Miss Kitty

  2. Awwwwwwwww beautiful Goro! You are determined and very focused and got your well deserved treat! Yay!!

    Awwww lovely Niko! You are the fishing of treats champion! We are in AWE! Take care

  3. Benta is a natural hunter, she fishes her cat food, everything. Mel was a natural, now she is tired and just want to eat faster she can. Clara...well...Clara want to sleep and eventually eat the easiest way possible...hehehe

  4. Gee, well done to both of you, actually. Nicki wouldn't have the patience to learn to fish out a snack and Derry wouldn't have a clue what to do, he'd just sit there and look at me. :-D

    In "real" hunting, Nicki really doesn't have patience at all. He just charges at what he wants and of course he loses it most of the time. (Usually an insect.)

    Derry, however, will sit and wait forever, move ahead centimeter by centimeter, then pounce when he feels he has the best chance.

    But he'd still have no clue how to fish a treat out of a glass or other container! LOL.

  5. Wow, I'm gonna have to try that with my cats, lol.

  6. That was some darn fancy fishing from both of you! We may have to try that here.

  7. Good games pals. I love playing the food game, but haven't tried it in a glass yet. Now that we'll have to try one day soon.

  8. THAT was FUN and MOMMY said we can try that tomorrow. Niko, I am so proud of you. Goro, good job but no no no on the snatching of Niko's treat. But both of you are super duper smart and my mommy totally adores you both! xxoox <3

  9. Niko, your fishing technique was quite impressive! And Goro, you might not have the same finesse as Niko, but you got the job done!

  10. Niko, you are very bright! Binga would have knocked the glass over every time and just whapped any cat that came near!

  11. Well. THIS proves that my cats are utter dolts. They'd never figure it out...except maybe The Baby.

  12. Oh that is so fun! What a cute post. Niko, you are very skilled at this, way to go buddy! And Goro, you did good too! Happy St. Paddy's Day to you all and have a wonderful week!

  13. Dearest Tamago,
    Lovely Food Game and all that whapping was exciting.
    They are so cunning in a way and they keep us entertained every day.
    We have a birthday boy today; he's 10 and the food game will be chicken of course; their favorite snack!

  14. What a fun game and you both are so good at it. Have a great day. :)

  15. Dearest Tamago-san;
    Wow; both of your boys are SO skilled and learned how to tackle the game swiftly♡♡♡ Sweet to see Niko made head start and Goro had Niko's. Niko learned better than that later, I loved to see Goro's 'Tsk' face so much p;)

    先日の夜中2時頃に瀬戸内海で地震があって、山口県もかなり揺れました。何も落ちては来ませんでしたがちょっと怖かった(^^;) 暫く眠れずでした,ハハ。 Not know what mother nature prepared for us!

    Sending you lots of love and hugs to my dear Japanese friend in America, xoxo Miyako*

  16. what fun! we need to try

    retro rover

  17. Haha! This is an excellent game to play with kitties. Oh yes, make them work for their treats! LOL! I have a treat ball that I put a few treats in and Banjo roles it and runs after it until his treats fall out. But you are right. You can't play too much or then there will be too much treat eating!!
    Have a happy week!
    xo Catherine

  18. doodz !!! come on over ta TT any time...we can show ya 80 bazillion wayz ta catch a FISH...then ewe will haz snax reddy 24/9 !!! knot burd tho sorree !!! ♥

  19. That is some fun looking games. Happy hunting!

  20. Goro and Niko are both very skilled at the food game. They have different styles, though! :)

    Niko-chan, we are very impressed by your catching the food, then eating it before it falls on the floor ... jouzu desu ne!

  21. Food fishing is good fun and your boys are experts. I'd worry about broken glass though.

  22. A game with food??...We want to play too!!MOL...Happy St. Patrick's Day, sweet friends=wishing you good luck today and everyday!!...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki, Mommy Cat, Daddy Cat

  23. Oh, what a fun food game !
    Niko is indeed very clever :-)
    They are both so cute ... enjoy your treats, sweeties !
    Nice week,

  24. So Niko is the one with the smarts but Goro is cute too. Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

  25. Goro is determined not to let that snack go and we're sure he'll earn it.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  26. I'll have to try this with my cats. But if they figure it out, do they also assume there is a treat in every glass? I'm envisioning a cat fishing in my water glass...and they already like to drink from it!

  27. Dearest Tamago,
    Tried to email you with some links for being able to 'hear' me speak.
    But the email came back to me... This is what I wrote:
    Dearest Tamago,
    Sorry you couldn't get into my video.
    When we got home from Atlanta today I had no video on my IE and most photos were gone.
    Panicked about it and thought oh no, not again. Checked in Google Chrome and that was fine, also in NetworkedBlogs:
    Did restart my PC and also in IE it worked fine again.
    You also can try on YouTube:

    Or on Ustream TV recorded by the US Embassy in Jakarta: where I'm introduced at 1:45:34
    Barty had a happy 10th birthday yesterday with chicken meat that I cooked us to make some comfort soup. Anytime I cook chicken they all flock into the kitchen; their favorite food and of course we share with them.
    Hugs to you and hope your two boys are healthy and well.

  28. What they will do for food. The pictures are hilarious. Thanks for sharing them.

  29. Very clever boys! They have different techniques but are both successful.
    This blog always makes me smile.

  30. That is a very good way of maing them wrk fr their snack. I shd so that with my kitties. Thanks for stopping by.

  31. I was just hearing that these king of games are so good for cats. Making them work for treats gives them exercise and makes them think. Down at the pet store, they have a little ball that they have to get the treat from, maybe I will buy one.

  32. That is a fun game. We may try it but we have a bunch of whappers here and it may be that then would just whap anything over. Dad has been thinking of putting a weight in a container to prevent this. I will remind him

  33. We were inspired to try the game with Tommie and Mickey Mouser. Maybe you can't teach an old cat new tricks? Tommie wasn't interested. Mickey is a whapper which is fine as long as we play on the rug where nothing gets broken!
    Thank you for the idea!

  34. You two make that look like loads of fun...we are going to give it a try and see what happens. Hugs and nose kisses