Sunday, September 28, 2014

Goro's 5th Anniversary

Last month. We were hanging out
on a deck, when Goro spotted something.

A bee! Oh, no!

It happened too fast. Before I could stop him (I
really feel bad that I couldn't,) Goro whapped it.

We checked his paw. Good, no stinger.

But one nap later, we found...

Gasp --- OK...don't worry. I know what to do.

Go panic!

Kidding, I called vet (in panic mode.) Goro got
treatment and swelling was gone by next day.

He isn't the only one who went to hospital.

I recently had surgery. Missed my boys during
stay at hospital, but it wasn't all bad because...

Goro gave me a video call.

(His Dad helped him, I think!)

After my return from hospital,
Niko made me welcome-home biscuits :-)

Glad I could come home before September 22.
That day, we celebrated Goro's 5th Gotcha Day.

Though there were some scary moments (like
bee sting!) it's been such wonderful 5 years.

My dear son, Goro. You bring us smile and
happiness every single day. We love you and
thank you so much for coming into our life!


  1. Happy Birthday, Goro san! And I hope you recover well from your surgery.

  2. Oh, my, there's been a bit too much "adventure" at your home! Happy birthday to Goro, and we so glad that both you and he are okay now. Lots of purrs and headbutts and hugs.

    -Nicki & Derry and Kim too!

  3. Oh Goro, sure glad you and your Mom are doing all right. That paw really did swell up. Don't whap any more bees, please. Anyway, a very happy Gotcha to you Goro. You are such a handsome boy. Have a great Sunday.

  4. Oh my, Goro's paw ! ... glad it's all right now ...
    Sorry to hear about your surgery, hope you are recovering well ...
    Happy Birthday, sweet Goro !
    Have a nice week,

  5. Thanks COD ! You are O.K. !
    But that paw can whack da tennis ball...MOL

    Happy 5th Birthday Goro !
    Me thank you to you to bring laugh & freaking smile :)
    Happy life, Happy Goro
    Have a good one

  6. Happy Happy birthday Goro. So sorry your momma was in the hospital and we hope that she feels better. Also your poor paw. Weasley was stung buy a bee on the face two years ago and he swelled up immediately in the face we rushed to the vet it was very scary
    retro rover

  7. Goro darling, I am so glad you are better. And I didn't know your mommy was in hospital. I am so glad she is home with you and your dad and your brother. xxxoooxx

  8. Happy Gotcha Day sweet Goro! We are so sorry about that ole bee sting...ouch! We are happy the vet took care of you and the swelling went down, we hope all the sting has gone away. Sure sorry to hear your sweet mom had to have surgery, we hope she is healing well. How sweet of you sweet Niko to make her welcome home biscuits. No more bees and everybody stay well, okay? Hugs and nose kisses

  9. Happy Gotcha Day Goro, you are very special. I am sure happy to hear that you are both okay now.

  10. Such a wonderful post...
    Happy Happy Birthday Goro !
    This is were I usually say
    Let There Be Cake"
    but in your case
    "Let There Be Chicken Hearts"
    I am sad about your paw but if anyone can look so handsome with a swollen paw it is you.

    Tell your Mum I posted about her blog on my blog last Wednesday.
    I remember she was going to be away for awhile but I didn't know it was for an surgery. Glad to know your both fine.

    cheers, parsnip

  11. Hi Tamago-san Good Morning from Japan;
    Happy Goro-chan's 5th Gotcha Day♡♡♡ I can see how your boys brought happiness to your life♬♬♬

    Goro-chan, you must have felt terrible for the bee bite. I'm happy to know that the swell got healed soon. Surprised with the swell, my boy.

    Tamago-san, how is your condition, my young Japanese friend. Please do not push yourself with your husband's help until you get perfectly better.

    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear Japanese friend in America, xoxo Miyako*

  12. Hope your surgery recovery has gone well! Can't believe how swollen Goro's paw got; I'd have freaked out too! Glad he's all better now.

  13. Happy 5th Gotcha Day, Goro! Minnie's paw swelled up just like yours when she tried to play with a wasp! We hope you are feeling better and we're glad your family was together to celebrate :) purrs,

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  14. Happy Gotcha Day, Goro! Y'know, I once got stung by a bee too...just like you, my paw swelled up. But I didn't hafta go to the vet. The mom called them and they told her to watch me and that I would probably be okay...and I was. I'm glad you're okay. And we're glad your mom is okay too. ~Wally

  15. Dearest Tamago,
    Oh my, that swollen paw would have panicked me too. One never knows if they would be allergic to bee stings, just like some people are!
    The video call from Goro made me almost choke up; so sweet. Guess now Pieter would know how to handle that via his iPhone and that sure would have been lovely to see them while being in the hospital. We do MISS our babies while we're gone. Yes we love them all the way. We had a great time with our best friends from 3:15 - 7:15 PM and we ate a great meal, I provided the Thai Tom Yam Koeng soup with shrimps for that. But we felt guilty since our 6 babies had late supper instead of their usual 5:00 PM feeding.
    But all is happy now and that makes for a perfect day's ending.
    You rest up and get well soon. Love your post; above all because our kitten love is mutual.

  16. I had a kitty get stung by a wasp and his foot looked just like that.

    Happy Anniversary, may you have many many more

  17. Happy gotcha day, Goro! I'm glad that bee sting healed so quickly! And I hope your human is all recovered from her surgery.

  18. Happy gotcha day, sweet Goro! We are so glad you were gotcha'd into such a wonderful and loving forever family!

    We are glad your bee sting got better, and we wish Mom Tamago a speedy and complete recovery.

  19. Oh my dear boy Goro, so glad that your paw swelling went down quickly, that must have been scary to see. We wish you a very Happy Gotcha Day! Sorry to hear that your Mom was in the hospital and are glad she is back home now, sending much love and healing purrs to her for a complete recovery with ease. Niko, we love the biscuits you made for her upon her return! Have a wonderful week everyone!

  20. The bee sting is so scary! His paw was huge! So glad he is alright now. Are you alright now? I did not know you were in the hospital.

  21. Happy Birthday Goro. We had a similary experience with our other cat getting stung on the paw. Hope you are recovering well.

  22. Happy 5 years, Goro! We know you must have scared your mom with that bee sting - glad you are okay. How sweet of you to call your mom while she was at the hospital - we know she appreciated that. Glad your surgery went well, Mom!!

  23. We're purring for everyone to rest and get back to normal and no bees!

  24. doodz....hope yur mom iz doin aye oh kay N iz on her way ta ree coveree !! ♥♥♥ may bee her shuld eat sum perch N mackerull ta speed things up...ree cover ree wise ! :)

    N goro a veree happee 5th oh whiskey two ewe :) WEEEEEE....troo lee, happee gotcha day two ewe buddy; heerz ta health & happee nezz in dee yeer a head two ewe.. & niko az well ~~~

    happee yur vet appt wented sew well...

    { bass terd bee }


  25. Parabéns querido Goro, feliz cinco anos!!
    Levei um susto quando vi sua pata inchada, o Galileu foi picado por uma abelha quando era menor, mas graças a Deus não ficou inchado assim. Goro você é muito carinhoso, tenho certeza que isso ajudou a sua mamãe a ter uma boa recuperação.

  26. Love you Goro. Glad the swelling is over. Hope your Mom gets to feeling better. Healing purrz.

  27. Happy 5th Gotcha day to Goro and you! Wow, how scary that must of been; I'm so glad you got him to the vet and he wasn't too hurt. (Yay!). :-) As for you, I'm hoping (and wishing) that you feel better ASAP! And that your little boys help you get well!!

    Hugs & congratulations on your gotcha day with Mr. Goro!

    Ragdoll Mommy, Renato, Star, Saphira, Anya, and Angels Nico&Tadpole~

  28. Oh my goodness! Poor little sweetie with the puffed up paw! I'm glad that nasty bee did not sting you on your sweet little nose and I'm glad the swelling went down the next day.

    And I sure hope mom is OK after spending time in the hospital - not fun! But fun to get a video chat on your ipad from kitties! Haha - cute!

    And wishing you a very Happy Gotcha Day Goro!

    Sending many hugs and kisses from Banjo and I!

    xo Catherine

  29. Goro, I´m purring for you!
    Happy Birthday sweet baby!

  30. That is so sweet! And wow - look at that paw! I just love gray kitties... I think they may be my favorite kind :)

  31. Poor Goro. That paw must have hurt a lot.

  32. Ouch. I am so sorry to hear about the sting. Must have been painful.

  33. Hi Goro San!
    I think you about so much thinking from your Mum and Dad has so much worry and vet has worre then bee sting....
    After became his Dad help him....
    I was very happy with Goro come home.
    Mum has a big things in her harts too..
    Love to see you Both!

  34. Sorry Tamago, haven't visit you for a while. Hope you all are keeping well. Will write again soon, Got to get ready to go out. Poor cat! You take care my friend. Mei

  35. *waves paw madly* Hello! It's so very nice to meet you!!
    And on Goro's Gotcha Day, too!
    Thanks ever so for stopping by our blog and saying hello.
    We wonder how did we not connect before now?? We're adding you to our must-visit list(although we apologize in advance for our mom's crazy schedule that keeps her from visiting as often as WE prefer!!!)

    We wish you a speedy recovery from the surgery - and we're totally telling our dad he hasta do video calls for us if OUR mom ever hasta go away!! That's a pawesome idea!

    Purrs ~ Maxwell, Faraday & Allie

  36. That was very frightening! Glad sweet Goro and sweet Tamago are all feeling better!

  37. We are so glad that paw is better. We have gotten those bees too and Dad worries. None of us had that Big Paw though! You win the prize!
    Congrats to Goro Goro for his 5th Gotcha Day.
    We hope you come by our blog on Oct 10th for a big event
    Purrs to you two great cats and your folks too

  38. I hope that you are feeling much better now...and recovering quickly.

    What a fear that swollen paw must have put into your heart...poor little baby.

    Glad all is well.


  39. Glad your paw is now okay. Happy 5th gotcha day! Glad your Mom is okay too. Bad bee!